Saturday, April 30, 2022

Putting That Into Perspective

One of the more fascinating aspects of researching Norma Niblock was learning a great deal more about the business of Mineralava. It is astounding that Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova were paid what they were at 7000$ a week for those three months. By the current inflation calculator that would be 119,700$ a week today. 

I found this little chart of the cost of living in 1924 which puts that into perspective. 

The ramifications of such expenditures for the manufacturer of Mineralava clay are also interesting and I will be talking about all of that in a podcast very soon. Many more Mineralava discoveries and anecdotes! 

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  1. I believe the Mineralava Tour was a great move for Valentino, career wise. Despite those who think Valentino was haplessly pushed into making a boneheaded decision, he certainly was going to be paid more on the tour than Famous Players - Lasky was giving him. His public would actually see their film idol in person, and Valentino could take Natacha Rambova along, as his dancing partner and soon to be legal wife. He could also make his case during the tour as to why he went on strike against FP-L. Some say the Mineralava Tour took two years from his career when he could have been making films. However, his last two films had been bombs and who is to say any future films with FP-L would have been successful. Any more money losing duds would have effectively ended his career. So I fall into the pro-Mineralava camp as far as it being a very smart move for Valentino.