Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Re: The Abominations

How many people have sat by, shaking their heads in disgust as they watched the abominations targeting Renato and I as issued by Tracy Terhune, David Bret and their obedient sycophants? Have they deleted their memberships in the forums they run where all of our work is banned, lied about and mocked as the subject of their pathetic and failed attempts at humor?

Did these silent, yet disgusted watchers open their own forums to expose this behavior? Did they react with fury that such people could have a word to say about Rudolph Valentino? I think in some cases it was complicity for the sake of a new picture of Valentino. And also the distinct delusion that it was not such a big deal.

It was and still is for Renato and I... and I carry the torch now; high and proud and blazing. I call on those with a conscience to speak up, stop the shunning, the abuse, the idiocy of those people who reject all of the new material we brought forth. And cease supporting in any way those who steal the work we completed honestly. 

Granted many if not most people are unaware of the actions because for years on end while Terhune taunted Renato and I with tick tocks and wishes for our deaths, and ageist mocking about us "sipping Ensure"...etc.. madwoman of Turin... saying no one would miss us when we are gone... he has hidden those posts and never once promoted them on his forums, Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget. 

Hypocritical of him and his little posse of folks who traipse along doing their best to please him. 

And not so admirable of those who do know about it all and hide in the side lines hoping for a new picture of Rudy or a nod from the magus at the crypt in August.

There have been spies in the world of Valentino who came along to feign a friendship with Renato and I, then to disappear cruelly without a word of explanation. That is their priority it seems. Priorities are an individual thing I guess but respect is earned imo and some folks' priorities get little respect from me today. 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Book

I first posted this image some fifteen years ago... "The book" obviously was Affairs Valentino. I had a literary agent way back when who told me that some books have a "fated journey" and I think that could well be said about Affairs Valentino

I always knew it would generate discussion but never in my wildest dreams did I fathom the degree of resistance and uproar/furor it caused. It still blows my mind. Those who were exposed for their behavior in the book did not take it so well and instead of blowing it off and moving on, they devoted themselves to trying to ruin the book, me and my dear husband Renato Floris.

They failed. What I wrote in the book has and still is being proven to be true. Their sad claims it is all fiction fool and fooled no one who has ever read the book. Logic and sources trump their gaslighting BS. 

Perhaps Tracy Terhune is still laboring to portray Renato and I as exactly what he is but I do not know. I quit reading their feasts of insults served up here and there. I guess Renato and I just flew too high for their puny barbs to reach us.

Affairs Valentino is still a good read imo and has stood the test of time. 

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Read, Study and Know

Renato Floris devoted himself to perfection and in this the Valentino World owes him so much. He was never satisfied to leave a subject or a question without an exhaustive research process and one clue would lead to another. How far he took the study of Valentino and his endless research.

He fought the fight to defend our integrity and our work in the face of outrageous aggression and barbaric abuse by Terhune and his minions and in the face of the frustrating silence of those who chose to say nothing.

Renato... as the great hero of the Valentino legacy leaves a tremendous body of work and contribution and there is more to come. His final and now posthumous book will be out soon. 

And.... more....


Sunday, March 19, 2023

It is a Very Big Deal

Where is the shame in the Valentino world that they tolerate the abusive actions spearheaded towards Renato and I from Tracy Terhune? Must I continue to point it out? 

I know Terhune has some litany of perceived insults from comments previously left on this blog and by people who are fed up, disgusted and full of angst about it. But his grasping gaslighting fools no one who sees the entire picture. 

I guess it is tolerated because they believe his propaganda and do not think it is such a big deal. It is a big deal as he baits his surrogate loyalists into doing his bidding. Does he think this is not something I can prove. Hardly....he knows the horrors he committed over the past 12 years. It is no secret he has us banned on his Facebook groups and that his surrogates post shitty one star smack downs on all of our books and with glee. Mindlessly pleasing the leader is their modus operandi. 

Renato worked tirelessly to produce his perfect books, full of ground-breaking new research, discoveries about Rudolph Valentino's life which were documented, fascinating and presented with a mind-blowing clarity and brilliance of mind. 

Did he receive the kudos of Terhune for his efforts? Was Renato embraced and praised? No he was not. Terhune mocked him mercilessly for years, tick-tock referenced his old age with jokes about sipping Ensure, saying no one would miss him when he was gone. Well fact... everyone Renato knew misses him with all their hearts. 


So what now I ask Tracy Terhune? What now in the wake of Renato's tragic passing? Do you continue in your idiotic shunning, your insults and filth? Or do you grovel an apology issued too late? 

And why is there a single person in the Valentino world who still finds a way to respect the emcee after all he did to Renato?

Is this a threat? It is... a threat of justice long, long over due. 

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Called Out By Everyone

I could post every wicked thing Terhune ever said about my beautiful husband Renato. Not wasting a minute of my life on that. But I do have a mountain of Terhune's vile spewings. Imagine anyone mocking Renato, tearing his epic soul down, demeaning his honorable and valiant work in the name of Valentino? And imagine that person who orchestrated that barbaric behavior to be the one person who considers himself the "King of Valentino"? What a sick joke. 

I rise to call him out again and again in his pathetic gaslighting... hoping the world will see it all his way. But facts are facts and Renato and I never ran a blog under the title of his book, where we posted as him, and ran sick narratives about Satan and lies about him for years on end. 

What will justice be? I will envision it now... exacted on the King of the Haters, the King of the Lies...will he be wearing the sack cloth... being banned from ever visiting Valentino's tomb? Called out for exactly who he really is and by everyone.

The beauty and love Renato brought to his Valentino work shines through it all and always will. He endures. The tawdry Terhune in his banal weakness is vastly and further diminished in Renato's absence. 

Renato's force is multiplied infinitely and driving me on to JUSTICE.

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum. 

Friday, March 17, 2023


At the end of all of our podcasts, Renato would say, "Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum" Latin for "Let Justice be done though the heavens fall"... Justice over all. He said this because he sought justice for the atrocities done to us by Tracy Terhune and his minions over the many years.

While Renato and I worked to research, write, publish and share our own passion for Valentino in as honest a way as possible, Terhune ran his wicked ways for years on end... lying about us, defaming us, recruiting others in his evil cause to ruin our book sales, portray us as people we never were and still are not.

I do not read his filth any more and have not for a long time. But I offer this food for thought... If Terhune thinks we are gone with Renato's passing he is a fool indeed. No one on earth would tolerate the injustice he has wrought on us. 

Is this a threat? It is. A threat that justice will be done and I am more focused than ever in that cause. There will be a price to pay for the lies and abuse and it will be steep.

I found this little clip today. It might have to be listened to a few times to grasp what Renato is saying but the nod to "Papal authority" is so spot on.