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Calling Out Those Villains One More Time

A passage (following) from A Curious Life, by Natacha's friend George Wehner, who was with her when she received news of Rudolph Valentino's death. 

"...Natacha was prostrated by the news. Those who fancy this much misunderstood child to be cold and indifferent should have seen her as I saw her then. Her genuine grief proved her great love for Rudy and her remorse at their misunderstandings and mistakes was heart-breaking to see. I am convinced from my closeness to the true facts surrounding these romantic figures and regardless of what others might say, that Rudy was and ever will be the one real love of Natacha Rambova's earth-life.

I was happy that these two children of the limelight had been reconciled by their exchange of cables before death had stepped in. It made the final separation easier and Rudy made the Great-Change with Natacha's cable under his pillow...." 


A reader of this blog commented about the “villains” of Rudolph Valentino's life. I have said many times that I discovered the villain's in his story as they presented themselves. Characters emerged to take their place in the Valentino narrative and the documentation defined their roles as hero or villain.

One of the more interesting and heroic characters in the story was George Wehner, psychic, deep trance medium and Natacha Rambova's guide, if you will, in the days just prior to and after Valentino's death. Wehner infamously predicted Valentino's death.

He was with Natacha at the Hudnut chateau when she received word of Rudy's passing and wrote the above passage. His account was supported by Baltasar Cue in The True Rudolph Valentino. Cue also relates how Rudy and Natacha reconciled and he died with her cablegrams under his pillow. 

Villains and heroes? Imo I think the worst arch villains of Valentino's story exist today, those who misrepresent and do all they can to act in such deplorable ways and perpetuate a warped version of the actual events. How ridiculous to suggest Rudy and Natacha were anything but passionate lovers. Their suffering and anguish was played out publicly and little doubt remains as to the pain or their separation.

Rudolph Valentino loved Natacha Rambova and she in turn loved him. I think Wehner's passage stands as truthful defiance of all the insults belittling their true love.

When Wehner was traveling with Natacha, he was young, handsome, suave and had a quirky passion for cowboy accessories; bolo ties, cowboy boots and western jewelry. Wehner was gay and remarkably open about it for the day. He lived with his lover Alex Rotov, who was also a friend of Natacha. Rotov was a Russian ballet notable with a long career in the arts. I shared some of Alex and George Wehner's story in Astral Affairs Rambova.

The villains continue to sling their mud, at me, at Renato, at all of you, at Valentino, Rambova, Ullman, Mennillo...the list goes on and on.... but I call them out again in regards to Natacha Rambova by giving a nod to the lovely and very fascinating Mr. Wehner.

Friday, October 29, 2021

In Response to Tracy Terhune's Continued Defamation of Me and My Work on that Blog He Runs Under My Book's Title

In 2019, I was invited to speak at the Convention Valentino in Turin. After my speech, I approached the Valentino spokesperson, Jeanine Villalobos to introduce myself. She told me in front of several people, that if I published the 1975 George Ullman memoir, “It would kill her mother”.

I was a tad confused because there was nothing in the memoir all that upsetting and it was basically a collection of anecdotes about the Mineralava tour, back stage times with Valentino, etc. I could not fathom what Villalobos was referring to that could be so tremendously offensive to her family. I believe I now know.

I believe it possible that Ullman's original memoir, which shortly before his death he gave to collector Bill Self to “read”, could have contained far more than I, or Ullman's children ever had access to. I believe it probable that the original was ravaged the moment Ullman left it with Self/Alberto and Jean. Knowing Self as I did, I am sure he offered cunning promises and excuses as to why he could not return it right away.

I am sure in writing during the months just before he died, Ullman held back no punches in the final telling of the tale. Was this what Villalobos thought I had, the uncensored/original version?

I should have questioned the integrity of my copy after learning Self had it. When I told Self about Ullman's children giving me their copy of the memoir, he looked startled and asked me how many pages I had. I answered, “All of them?” Most probably I did not.

So who ultimately revealed this ravaging? The same person who admitted those court records I was being accused of forging were in fact real....Tracy Ryan Terhune. Tracy Terhune admits he has possession of the original George Ullman 1975 memoir in claiming there is more (which we have yet to see) which was not included in the copy I had.

He admits the original is in his hands in making this claim and incriminates Self and the family for having the document all these years without saying a word of its existence. Terhune also incriminates them all for having apparently ravaged the original.

Ullman's two children were in the belief they had the only copy and as I had never read any of the anecdotes Ullman included anywhere, I was also sure of that. I did not then imagine the subterfuge in the hiding of documents by the family and Terhune.

The Ullmans' copy was a priority mail envelope with a stack of loose pages inside, all old photocopies which Self gave to them after their father's death. I can imagine him saying he had to look for the original, etc. In reading the copy I had, it seemed disjointed at many points, but I attributed this to it not being finished when George died in 1975.

I now believe Ullman probably wrote a great deal more revelatory material which Alberto, who was still alive at the time, Jean and Self quickly deemed banned, in the least from the copy returned to the Ullman children. But I have to wonder and lament....what did Ullman write about? Did he discuss the court settlement, give more insight into Alberto's actions? Did he reveal anything about Jean? What did he write about which could “kill” Jeanine Villalobos' mother?

I ask Terhune why he never contacted us when we published the Ullman 1975 memoir back in 2014 to say there was more we did not have? For years he said nothing about the memoir's existence as did the family, who stayed mums the word on the whole subject.

I allege their hiding the memoir was precisely because to share it publicly would have been an admission of Self, Alberto and Jean's efforts to prevent Ullman's true revelations from being known. The same absconding dynamic applies to those long lost reel to reel tapes of Bee Ullman's interviews. Where are they?

If I had not located the Ullmans, that memoir would still be sitting lost in the heap. What else is there in that heap?

Villalobos said it would kill her mother.. and the original version George Ullman wrote just might have. What I ended up with, courtesy of Bill Self, was the soft and fuzzy remnant which would surely kill no one.

I add in closing that it is mind-boggling that Terhune and Bret continue after a decade to exploit the serious subject of homophobia as a cheap way to try and defame a critic. 

Renato Floris Responds to Simon Constable's Defamation

Today, October 28, 2021, on my seventy-fifth birthday, a good Samaritan sent me screenshots of some comments from Simon Constable. (see excerpts below)

Constable harshly scolded a new member of Mad About the Boy for having dared, twice, to quote a book I translated from French to English, namely Rudolph Valentino by Jeanne de Recqueville. He added that I appropriated the book, for reasons of mere profit and that I also stole the cover photo. (I credited the cover photo and permission to use it in the book)

Maybe Simon Constable is a philanthropist benefactor, on this I have many doubts, who works for free, lucky him I say.

Regarding both the original book and the cover, nothing was stolen or appropriated and what Constable claims is blatant defamation.

However Simon Constable does not excel in tact or intelligence as the banning of unwanted books is an obsolete tradition of both the Catholic Church before Reformation and Nazism.

Constable, by doing so, certainly does not give a good image of himself and, I can well say, that he damages our right to do business.

Yes, I confirm, I do not work for pure charity, but no one is obliged to buy the result of my work. What Constable says is out of the realm of honest and justified criticism and is a public defamation.

I'm glad to be a Martin Luther in Simon Constable's “Nazi-Catholic” world.

He has publicly defamed me and impeded our right to do a fair business.

In Italiano:

Oggi, 28 ottobre 2021, nel giorno del mio settantacinquesimo compleanno, un buon samaritano mi ha inviato delle videate con alcuni commenti di Simon Constable.

Constable ha rimproverato rudemente un nuovo membro del gruppo Facebook “Mad About the Boy” per aver osato, per ben due volte, citare un libro che ho tradotto dal francese all'inglese, vale a dire Rudolph Valentino di Jeanne de Recqueville.

Constable ha anche aggiunto che mi sono appropriato, per puro profitto, dell'opera di Jeanne de Recqueville e che ho anche rubato la foto di copertina. (il credito per la foto e il permesso sono inclusi nel libro)

Forse Simon Constable è un filantropo, su questo però ho molti dubbi, che lavora gratis, beato lui, dico.

Per quanto riguarda sia il libro originale sia la copertina, nulla è stato rubato o sottratto, ciò che Constable sostiene è palese diffamazione.

Simon Constable non eccelle in tatto e in intelligenza poiché la messa al bando di libri indesiderati è una tradizione obsoleta sia della Chiesa cattolica, prima della Riforma, sia del Nazismo.

Constable, così facendo, non dà certo una buona immagine di sé e, posso ben dire, lede il nostro diritto di fare onesti affari ingannando i suoi lettori.

Sì, confermo, non lavoro per pura beneficenza, ma nessuno è obbligato a comprare il risultato del mio lavoro. Quello che dice Constable è fuori dal regno delle critiche oneste e giustificate ed è pubblica diffamazione.

Sono contento di essere un Martin Lutero nel mondo “Nazi-Cattolico” di Simon Constable.

Mi ha diffamato pubblicamente e ha cercato di impedire il nostro diritto di fare onesti affari.

Thank-you From Renato

Today I cross the threshold of three quarters of a century and I want to thank the many dear people who remembered me by sending their wishes, expressions of good will and support.

I'm sorry, once again, to disappoint those who I define as two characters from the story of Pinocchio, the Cat and the Fox; or Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret. They, on many and even daily occasions, have wished both Evelyn and me to kick the bucket.

Surely their wishes will be rewarded, in a day I hope really far in the future, as death is the common destiny of all living beings, including the Cat and the Fox in Pinocchio.

How long life is does not count, only the quality of what we have done will remain; how much honesty and seriousness we have been committed to carrying out in our research, how much honest effort we have made to dialogue with the world. That will remain when all else turns to ashes.

Thank-you everybody for your Happy Birthday wishes.


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Subsequent Chit Chat

Recently, Tracy Terhune hazarded an appearance on his Facebook group to advertise another relic from his Valentino collection: Rudolph Valentino's United Artists' contract. I endeavored to see that original contract throughout the entire year I interviewed collector Bill Self (2003). Every visit, he told me some thing or another. He could not find it, would get some box out of storage but in the end....before Jeanine Villalobos told him he could no longer speak to me... he refused to let me see that very original Terhune was waving about. How satisfying it was for me to find a copy of the entire UA contract included in the Appeals Court case of S. George Ullman which I discovered in 2003.

I published the entire UA contract in the Affairs Valentino Companion Guide and presented information about it in Affairs Valentino. Since Terhune has just spent the past decade of his life trying to bury Affairs Valentino, (and all our books), silence our voices, demean us and our work... in this malicious effort he has also done his level best to bury our work on, and presentation of, the UA Contract.

For years Terhune has openly mocked, bullied and sadistically lied about us and our work and for years Constable has worked in tangent, feverishly working to undo our discoveries in some forced/crazed effort. Terhune as “The Censor”, patrolling his iron curtain he has personally installed against all our work, while “The Executioner”, Constable, pillages decent people's honorable reputations with smarmy and thinly-constructed innuendo.

So it might impress some people to see Terhune's unveiling of that peek at the original UA contract and the subsequent chit chat with Constable....but it infuriated/disgusted me. I am glad we published the entire UA Contract in the Affairs Valentino Companion Guide and I hope it will be shared everywhere. In this way everyone can hold Terhune accountable for at least the content... as the copy I retrieved was legally transcribed and filed with the California Court of Appeals.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Monday, October 25, 2021

Professor Valentino

One of the more surprisingly controversial things I wrote about in Affairs Valentino involved my claim Valentino did not read all those books he owned. According to Ullman, he read mostly sporting journals and auction catalogs. Bill Self told me how Alberto said the only book his brother Rudolph ever read cover to cover was The Sheik.

I think Ullman used the image of a scholarly Valentino, book and pipe in hand, wearing a tweed suit coat, etc., to elevate his image far above the “Sheik” stereotype. “Professor Valentino” was a performance most likely.

Ullman also mentions how Rudy asked him to find some college textbooks for him to read. But Ullman comments they mostly were left unread. I do not think this lack of book reading was anything which diminished his intelligence or knowledge. But there have been people who were angered I reported he was not an avid reader.

I did not say that. Those around him did. He collected books and posed with them but did he read them all? Maybe if he had lived he would have had time.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Take Note Simon Constable

For the benefit of Simon Constable, I post the following (see below). The signature of Rudolph Valentino assigns authority to S. George Ullman (and he did use two "n's" early on). I would advise Simon Constable to respect that signature and respect that it represents Valentino's complete faith in Ullman. 

For Valentino, signing this document would be one of the best decisions of his life. For Ullman it turned out to be a tremendous curse because of people like Alberto Guglielmi and Simon Constable. Sometimes I look at a picture of George Ullman and think what would he do if he knew people like Simon Constable and Tracy Terhune would come along; irrational fanatics hellbent on slandering him based on nothing. 

That July 6th, long ago in 1923... in the office of the newly-minted lawyer Max Steuer, with George and Rudy present the epic story was set in motion.  "The production of this letter by Mr. Ullmann will evidence his authority from me..." Take note Simon Constable. 

Mr. Guglielmi

There is everything so disturbing for me in this image (see below). What is going on? George Ullman was trying to find work for Alberto thinking that would keep him busy and earning a paycheck? I am sure that did not last long. And the pathos of Alberto believing he was the new Valentino is sad and a tad angering. Did he think his brother was some cardboard cutout, a prop? 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

2139 Fairfield Avenue

Another version of Valentino's name on this insurance card. If you Google Map the address you can see how very close this was to Whitley Heights and Wedgewood Place. Valentino kept a legal address on Fairfield, which was an apartment where Paul Ivano lived. Valentino was still married at the time and living with Natacha in the Whitley Heights home but this worked for them for a while didn't it? Its an interesting old neighborhood in Los Angeles and one landmark which I think should be on a Valentino tour. But perish the thought of that "General Accident". Yikes. 

 The street view today of 2139 Fairfield Avenue. 

"When the Sad Sordid Story is Told..."

FYI regarding the tired, tired Valentino Porn Fiction Writer...zzzzzz...., as "VPFW" tweets about our deaths every day... I will not open a comment sent in for submission. I do not read a single word of them and forward them on. 

Regarding "VPFW", that ghoul who loves "widows" and "death" and "pointless drama" (at the expense of others)...I say said ghoul should not waste their time sending those comments in, because I will not read them. They are not part of the sacred medicine. Not at all. 

This is. (see below) Better late than never, I found Michael Morris' e-mail to me about his stolen notes. Note the date. He passed away a few years later and was still trying to get his materials back. 

Friday, October 22, 2021

The Conflict

Sometimes it feels like the “World of Valentino” is engaged in a full-blown civil war. I like to think of it as the “Critical thinkers” versus the “Cultists”. I apologize to those who feel offended by my calling them cultists...but really... if they choose to traipse after the cyber bullies/cult leaders, it is by definition cultist behavior.

The cult, in this instance, exists as more of a blind obedience situation; an adoration of a leader who appears sparingly to shock and awe the flock while hefting a holy relic/ Valentino memorabilia, in order to reestablish the eternal worship of the cultists.

So I guess that level of mind control is like an addiction... so those caught in that situation?... well I can't fault them for an addiction... but I can hope they see some light because a mind is a terrible thing to waste as the saying goes. And when you are not questioning and thinking and asking for proof, blindly accepting... then you are wasting your mind imo.

The problem I see with this stupid civil war is that it is unnecessary and sinister. Sinister because when you demand obedience, such as telling the members of Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget Facebook pages, that they can not even mention us or our work... then it is sinister mind control and cult behavior by definition.

If you look up definitions of cults, you will find one of the most dominant and distinguishing traits to be leaders who censor literature. Book Burning is a thing for them. And the effort that the Valentino cult leader and the devoted acolytes engage in to eliminate a perceived threat... “us”... imo is criminal behavior.

So thank you to all you brilliant and critical minds who leave comments here. And no we do not write the Anonymous comments as we are accused of doing so by that tired, tired Valentino Porn Fiction Writer... zzzzzzz. And the reason some people use the Anonymous alias is obvious. Who needs a bunch of demented cultists terrorizing them online?

I do not think there is much of a possibility to end the civil war. Hala Pickford said it best long ago... “This won't stop until they are dead or we are dead.” And on the subject of Hala Pickford... I will soon tell that story as I know it.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

A Letter - "To The Memory of Rudolph Valentino"

We read the following letter in a podcast, but it merits being shared in writing. Worth a read I think. 

 From The Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Illustrated Review - Official Publication of the International Union of Decorative Arts. 10/10/1928. Translated by Renato.

"The article we published in our last issue, "Rudolph Valentino", has resulted in many letters that show how much interest is attached to the artist's memory. M. Jean de Bord de Labotaria, poet..from the French region of Bretania, writes: "Rudy is immortal and unforgettable in all his kindness, with his whole heart, all of his grace was the result of the unalterable charm of his survival. I know how much he will be loved forever. "

We reproduce here the letter we published in our last issue.

"To the memory of Rudolph Valentino",  is a letter that was sent to the editor of the magazine... LA RENAISSANCE. Here follows:

Dear Editor, 

I ask you if it is possible to print the following in memory of Rudolph Valentino. I want to talk to you about the man whose name I did not even know, when the following happened to me.

Neither had he heard about the people he would save when news of the misery of these people reached him. This story moved his great and generous heart.

Our great Russian tragedy (that is, the 1917 revolution) separated us from my old mother and my nine-year-old daughter during the nightmare of the November evacuation.

Is not possible here to tell all that happened and I’ll try to be brief. So it happened that they, my mother and daughter had to stay and I had to leave. When I was able to organize myself, my only goal in life was to try to get them out of Russia.

I went to Sophia and I had no money. I had to work and send food (because there was starvation going on, with millions dying in Russia) and I hoped that a miracle would save my mother and my child.

As there was more work in Serbia I went there. Having been a nurse during the war, I kept a diary from 1914 until I arrived in Constantinople.

I was desperate and in despair I wrote to a gentleman I knew in America and asked him if he believed that it would be possible to sell my manuscript to a publisher because Mr. U.W. Choulgume, who read it, told me it might be of some interest.

By selling my manuscript and with this money I could get back my little family. This was my fixed idea, I only dreamed of dollars but I did not have much hope. The answer came back to me from my friend, alas, there was nothing to do.

This gentleman I knew in America had no connections in the world of the press. But he had been told about a man, adding that he is a very good being and that he went to visit him. And this man he was talking about was Rudolph Valentino.

My friend told me that he found the way to have my manuscript translated into English along with the letter in which I told about my misfortune. In this letter I asked my friend to send the money, whenever sold my manuscript, to my mother, that may seem naive, but believe me, I had faith in a miracle, remembering that there they were starving.

And the miracle was accomplished.

He said that Rudolph Valentino meditated for a moment, asked to be left with the letter, and told the gentleman to return the next day.

And the next day, my friend learned that the money had already been sent to my mother and that Rudolph Valentino was taking steps by someone influential in Italy for the issue of foreign passports.

And this man who did not know us, had simply, humanly, without explanation, without hesitation, the very same day, did everything possible to save other people on the other side of the world, only because their misfortune had happened to arrive to him, by chance, and touched his noble heart.

Finally the day came when I received a telegram: we leave, that same day towards the border and at last I had the meeting with my mother and my daughter after three years of separation.

And even greater miracle, the day before I left, I received money and a letter written by an unknown hand and thus conceived: "I beg you to accept this money. Your mother and child, after so much suffering, will certainly need care and overeating. They must not be in need. Rudolph Valentino.”

My American friend wrote to me about the result of his contact, saying to me: "If you knew what a man he is. When I told him that such an act so chivalrous in our century of frantic selfishness was to be shouted on the roofs, he said to me vivaciously, 'I beg you, not a word!", it is a condition that he asked, he did not want to make anything of this claim."

The first days when, after three years of separation, we were together again, thanks to the infinite goodness of the one who God called at his side, we wrote to him in America.

Time passed, we came to France. Last winter we were living in Colombes. Rudolph Valentino came to France, and that winter, three times he found a way to spend a few moments to see the people he had saved and rejoice with them in their happiness.

Good, intelligent, subtle, innately delicate, and so natural in each of his words as in each of his movements, this is how he appeared to us.

As I told him he was so great to bring happiness and we owed him our joy, he replied, "You must not now, later, when I am dead tell about this." And he added in a half serious tone, half laughing, "I do not think I will live a long time." Did he feel that before one year he would go to the other world?

Now nobody can say anymore that he wanted to advertise himself. Now, that for a year, when all kinds of nonsense, absurdities have been written about him and only God knows what will be told about his life in the future... that these lines make his true personality understood, and I mean a being of a rare beauty of soul and a rare delicacy of feeling. His memory is sacred to my family. On August 23rd, one year ago, he died. May these words, issued from a soul forever grateful, serve him as crown on the distant tomb where he rests; his soul knows that until the end of our life, I and those who he saved, we will never stop blessing his name.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

I Wonder

Before moving on from this troublesome subject...Alberto claiming for years the family got "pennies" from the Valentino name/brand/estate?  Hard to believe that no one fact-checked that lunacy. Granted they could legally sue, they could collect the monies but lying about it all is the line in the sand for me. Furthermore, their hanging S. George Ullman as the reason for their fake poverty is the breaking point. This is where the story changes and why I will always be the whistleblower exposing the vilification of Ullman as idiocy. 

Did Ed Small pay them the damages? I wonder. (see below)

Sometimes this all seems so tragic to me... because if Rudolph Valentino had lived, these people would not have exploited his good name and memory so mercilessly. And Rudy would not have permitted the trashing of S. George Ullman, Natacha and Frank Mennillo. I think, imo, Rudy would kick Tracy Terhune's ass for his chronic and outrageous defaming of those he loved.

So if this logic follows, then the perpetrators of Alberto's agenda, are exploiting the death of Valentino. Merchants of death. Does Valentino not deserve to rest in peace and not have his earthly belongings, his truth, his legacy be in the hands of greedy merchants and insecure trolls? 

In 1952, $500,000 was the equivalent in spending power of about five million, one hundred and fifty-five dollars... Pennies, Alberto? A lot of pennies. Whistleblowing on this one and game over. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

"All the Blessings"

Well look what I found in my mess here (see below); a Christmas card from George Ullman to a “Tony”. Tony apparently asked him if he had anything Rudy owned he would sell. So Ullman tells him he only has a cane left which he PURCHASED himself at the Valentino estate auction for $75.00. (looks like $75 to me but could be $25) Ullman offers it to Tony at cost so no evidence of profiteering there at all. 

Then Ullman wishes Tony, "All the Blessings of Christmas”.

So I point out for the benefit of “Mr. Black Market”, Tracy Terhune... that Ullman bought things with his own cash which once belonged to Valentino and so they belonged to him. Robert Florey also wrote how Ullman bought a lot of things at the auction. The Valentino estate, mostly Alberto then, put those things up for sale.

And doesn't Ullman's lovely Christmas card, written with a festive red pen...completely refute Terhune's portrayal of Ullman as someone sinister selling stolen goods in some back alley? A cheery Christmas card with the item and price clearly written is hardly a shady deal going down.

And Ullman could sell whatever he owned, whenever he wanted to. In the Black Market there are no receipts, no notes, no Christmas cards … but just a fast exchange of cash with no telltale record.

Monday, October 18, 2021

..."Naturally, I Was Scared To Death..."

From the Photoplay archive, January-June 1922, Mary Winship, Photoplay reporter, recalls some dancing tips from Valentino. I hope this is readable in some fashion. I guess we have to watch those shoulders! 😀

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Another Hero in This Story - Mr. Ullman

This article (see below) is infuriating on so many levels. By the time I found this, I had the appeals court records and knew exactly what Ullman was being ordered to repay; money he dispersed to the alleged "heirs" before that copy of Paragraph Fourth was found. So when the article reports, Ullman, "was discovered spending estate money without the court's direction"... in reality this refers to his giving money in huge amounts to Alberto, etc. 

The shocking thing about this article is the date as December 2, 1952 which was 26 years after Valentino's death. That is a lifetime, Ullman's entire career with this BS legal situation pursuing his every move. It is also reported Ullman did pay a great deal on this amount ($5663.00 by today's rate = $84,945.00) ... but the interest is insanity.

And Jean's lawyer, who worked for United Artists his entire career btw, makes that sickening crack to reporters after they commented it was obvious Ullman was unable to pay Jean. "Maybe he'll strike it rich someday." Who thinks like that? Cruel people imo. 

It is also interesting that Jean is "Guglielmi" and not "Valentino". I believe now they never changed their names legally and if they did it was something they did very late in life. 

Also interesting that Leider left Ullman's debt around $20.000. When the total was a great deal more and by today's exchange rate $160,000 would be $2,400,000.

So when I read the many accounts where Alberto says he never got but "pennies" well frankly it makes me sick. And it also makes me sick that now Ullman has people like Terhune, Bret and worst of all Constable who do little else but carry on the torture of S. George Ullman. 

It is all really obvious. And btw to Tracy Ryan Terhune directly I say... that your latest attempt to criminalize Ullman by saying he should have given a wallet he had back to Albert0? Wow. If that is a logic you are following, then you need to start packing up a lot you have to return. And I have to add that imo "black market" is more than a tad dated and racist. How is something bad necessarily called, "Black". Not great at all on your behalf. Your expertise in said, "Black market" is also obvious. How is that a "black market" exchange when there is written proof of the sale? Its just slandering Ullman on your behalf. 


A tribute to Renato Floris... who has done everything to keep our books alive and available, who has worked tirelessly translating and researching and who supports me with all his heart; which is a very big heart. Grazie! #italiano


Saturday, October 16, 2021

No longer “Awaiting Moderation

I post one more of Bret's comments, “awaiting moderation” and “as warranted”. I will only add that he did sign a statement with the court where next to the recording of “assets” he reported, “zero”. I had to inform them he had written a few books and they asked me, “What books?” So he did not claim them as assets, initially anyway, which I found interesting.

I will save the rest of this particular collection with the other three hard drives full of his torrents of desperate abuse dating back as far as 2010. I could film a five hour movie of all he has written about us. Its quite a body of work and a hateful one at that.

I always find it extra evil that he and Terhune love to claim our books are “flops” and “don't do well”. Is that not like someone shooting someone in the legs and then laughing how they can't dance? Truly wicked.

Here below find one more of Bret's comments for this blog which until now was “awaiting moderation.” And is "go and do one", a death reference? Not sure. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Empty Stalls

And for the record, Alberto "bought" the car on credit from Rudolph's estate. And as he later held Ullman responsible for the disbursement, in essence he tried to get Ullman to pay for the car. Just kind of an odd twist. A poignant commentary from legendary publicist Russell Birdwell. 


An Explanation Why

I take this opportunity to address, David Spurr Bret to tell him that I no longer open his comments for this blog. Neither Renato or I read them, giving them no meaning, no audience and they fall on our deaf ears as the expression goes.

I am saving his many comments, unopened and perhaps will share them at some point... the perfect opportunity has yet to present itself.

He is sending comments every day. The first few we did read were vicious name-calling, insults, hysterical lies, frantic accusations and his usual delusional cruelty.. all in the hopes I will share them with you. I choose not to because this blog is not his bully pulpit.

It's a new day, with a new direction. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

"Won't Share 'Valentino' "

I found this little bit (see below) and had to wonder what Rudolph Valentino would have thought about his own brother doing essentially the same thing. This is from The New York Times, November 19, 1922. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

He "Argued Her Into It"...

This quote (see below) from Natacha Rambova is excerpted from a longer article, but I found this comment insightful. She says Rudy “argued her into” taking credit for her work in his films. What a contrast to the cruel portrayal of her as a grasping woman using the situation to her professional advantage. As has been discussed and commented on here previously she was the star when they met and their marriage destroyed her career entirely.

If Valentino's possible insecurities have been discussed here, I think Rambova was 100% confident and needed no feeding of her ego. I think she had an executive type personality which really is obvious in her Egyptian expeditions. But this was because she was highly organized and not because she wanted glory.

Did Rudy argue her into taking credit for her work? And the last line where she mentions her being known for the work “independent of her marriage”, reveals the problem I think. That became impossible.

Monday, October 11, 2021

A Commentary From Renato Floris

Recently Donna Hill, on her site, added some sort of clause to what she claimed initially to be an exhaustive list of everything written and published about Rudolph Valentino.

She qualified her first statement by declaring her list is not so exhaustive as she previously claimed and I excerpt her qualification verbatim:

The list here is not a wholly complete list of all books published worldwide about Valentino. "

Here she qualifies that she does not include books which are not to her liking and does this without an explanation.

This, in my opinion is an intellectually dishonest approach by someone who claims to be an expert on the life and works of Rudolph Valentino and books which have been written about him.

So Ms. Hill takes pains to point out that the books I have published over the past nine years are not worthy of being on her list and she does so without even giving a reason.

As a reminder of Evelyn and my honest and onerous work, I list below the books which are banned by Inquisitor Donna Hill, to ensure she cannot claim she doesn't know about their existence:

2 Day Dreams by Rudolph Valentino with a foreword by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 4/23/2013

3 Affairs Valentino A Companion Guide, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 7/ 4/ 2013

4 Affairs Valentino – A Second Edition, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on, 8/26/2013

5 The S. George Ullman Memoir, by George Ullman, with annotations by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 10/21/2014

6 The Infancy of the Myth, by Aurelio Miccoli, published on 12/8/2014

7 L'infanzia del Mito, by Aurelio Miccoli, published on 12/12/2014

8 L'affare Valentino by Evelyn Zumaya, Italian translation by Renato Floris, published on 2/18/2014

9 Affairs Valentino - A Special Edition, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 4/1/2015

10 Beyond Valentino - A Madam Valentino Addendum by Michael Morris & Evelyn Zumaya, published on 7/15/2017

11 Astral Affairs Rambova by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 12/3/2018

12 The True Rudolph Valentino by Baltasar Fernandez Cué, English translation by Renato Floris, published on 5/6/2019

13 Rudolph Valentino - In English by Jeanne de Recqueville, English translation by Renato Floris, published on 4/27/2020

14 The Rudolph Valentino Case Files -The Research Discoveries of Evelyn Zumaya & Renato Floris with included the English translation of “Inoubliable, Inoublié Rudolph Valentino Survives his Legend” by Robert Florey, published on 6/16/ 2021

15 Looking for Valentino by Leonard De Fonte, published on 5/6/2021

1 Buddha's Tooth and Morphine by Lord Wilde (pen name of Evelyn Zumaya), published on 10/ 2/2012. This was the very first book I published which is a lovely dedication to a dear friend of ours who was victim of a hateful attack because he is homosexual.

I did send Ms. Hill a kind and professional message, in which I asked her the reasons for our exclusion from her list. She did not dare to answer, leaving the task to one of her malevolent buddies, Tracy Ryan Terhune, who responded on the blog he runs under the title of Evelyn's book.

What a shame for the world of Valentino, this painful situation!

The Facts As I Know Them to Be

Since the subject of my reporting how Donna Hill told me the stolen court records were exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts by Jeanine Villalobos, has been misrepresented and questioned....

I file my report as the facts as I know them to be.

I did not solicit this specific information about the missing Rudolph Valentino probate case file from Donna Hill. I never asked her if the court records were exchanged for a shirt by Jeanine Villalobos.

I did ask collector William Self about the case file's location and because of an e-mail he sent to me, (see below) by the time Donna Hill confessed this to me...I knew the file had already been returned to Jeanine Villalobos from the collector who had them in their possession. According to Self and Donna Hill, the collector was Jim Craig. Self did try to negotiate my access to the records when Jim Craig still had them, but it did not happen. Self did not tell me about the shirt exchange.

Donna Hill volunteered the information to me, in front of a third party, admitting that the case file was exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts.

She never asked me not to report what she said, never said it was classified.

She knew I was searching for those missing records at the time and of course this was a very important bit of information which she certainly knew I would include in the book.

I did not use her name in the book and felt this was a wise thing to do then.

I did not cost Donna Hill “friends she had for 20 years”. She did. Oddly, Cindy Martin has accused me of the same thing when I know for a fact she was not around in the Valentino world 20 years ago.

Reporting on this as factual is not bullying but reporting on a story and defending myself. Over the years, Donna Hill has actively aided Tracy Terhune and David Bret in their campaign against us.

While Donna Hill knew about the existence of the stolen case file, I was being accused of lying about its existence and even forging it. She said nothing in my defense.

I did identify Donna Hill in a blog post sometime in the fall of 2011, when she began to openly contribute to the bullying attacks by Tracy Terhune and David Bret. Recently when Renato sent her a formal request asking why she refuses to include any of our books on her extensive Valentino book list, she did not answer but instead passed the request on to David Bret and Tracy Terhune who posted about it on the hate blog they run under the title of Affairs Valentino.

Donna Hill told me about the deal between Jeanine Villalobos and the collector willfully and with no qualifications.

I think it was a very important thing for her to share and at the time I admired her candor. But as she has proven again and again she wants to destroy the “messenger”.... I have lost respect for her as would anyone in my position.

Maybe those “friends” she lost were not so worth the keeping. In my opinion, they are all a band of shady and cruel people whose egos have long since replaced any sense of decorum and decency.

She might hide her involvement with the lot of them, but she has never fooled me. It was never necessary for her to vilify me because of their horrible behavior.  I share Self's e-mail to me about this (see below) and I add that when he tells me he was not interested in buying the shipping case...fact was he already owned it. I excerpt this specific e-mail to illustrate my point made here.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

A Great Connection Made

While I was writing Affairs Valentino, I worked with a literary agent in New York. He was an exceptionally influential person in the creation of the book and the development of my research. He called me one day to say he was at a party in Manhattan the previous evening where he told people he was working on a book about Rudolph Valentino. Someone overheard him and gave him a story. The eager contributor was the then owner of the Gotham Book Mart, Andreas Brown.

Andreas Brown knew Frances Steloff, the iconic owner of the book store,

Steloff was a fascinating woman who knew Rudy and Natacha well and I believe was the source of most of their book collection. In telling me about their friendship, Steloff's friend and successor as owner of the Gotham Book Mart, Andreas Brown made an important contribution to Affairs Valentino. Frances Steloff told him how she helped Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova find quiet time together in her store while they were being stalked by detectives in the winter of 1922-23.

Mr. Brown referred me to the book, Wise Men Fish Here: The Story of Frances Steloff and the Gotham Book Mart by W. G. Rogers, and sent me a letter which I treasure. I am grateful to Andreas Brown for our conversation, for being there at that moment in that party many years ago and for overhearing my agent talking about Affairs Valentino. So what were Rudy and Natacha doing while hidden in those mountains of books? Oh the trolls hopped on this story when Affairs Valentino came out, but I say what prudes! Leave these two lovers alone. 

The Gotham Book Mart is no longer in existence.

I excerpt Affairs Valentino:

Natacha and Rudy's friend, Frances Steloff in the 1970's. She lived to be 101 years old. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

What the "Stars" Thought of Him

Renato has discovered and translated a quip from the 1923 French press as it appeared in:

The Hard Liner - August 18, 1923 by George Fronval

It reads:

"What do our artists think of the handsomest man in Los Angeles?

Rudolph Valentino, idol of all American women, arrived among us, in the company of his charming wife, Natacha Rambova, the day before yesterday and by plane. He certainly passes for the most beautiful man in the cinema. We asked several of our "stars" what they thought of this reputation.

Here is what they told us:

Geneviève Félix - “Rudolph Valentino is not only handsome by himself but he is also by the way he acts.”

Gina Relly - “Rudolph Valentino well personifies the young first Hispano-American.”

France Dhelia - “What I like about Valentino is his gaze.”

Ginette Maddie - “I only saw him in one movie, Blood and Sand. I was thrilled by him and he is a talented actor.”

As we can see, Rudolph Valentino already has many admirers with us.

George Fronval

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Natacha Rambova Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Rudolph Valentino

Natacha Rambova was the best thing that ever happened to Rudolph Valentino. People who knew them said the same and agreed for a few years they were happy and very much in love. What went wrong, of course, is the subject of endless debate. In my opinion, they would have had more life together as a couple had he not died. I think I provided some new and compelling evidence to that. (see Astral Affairs Rambova and The Rudolph Valentino Case Files)
The weak and jealous may try to demean their love. They fail. One of my favorite photographs...


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

"He seemed ill at ease..."

In thinking about the comments made here regarding Valentino's insecurity, I remembered this item. It is not the highest of quality but Jesse Lasky adds some insight into the “ill at ease” star. (A full transcript can be found below) The story goes that a piece of paper was found in the rubbish which turned out to be Valentino's contract for Moran of the Lady Letty. (see below)

It is interesting to think how many valuable documents from Valentino's life ended up in the trash; or sold to the highest bidder and shipped off into oblivion.

The bits and pieces which survive being destroyed, being offed for a price or secreted away forever in a collector's vault become all the more precious I think.

An insecure Valentino proposing marriage on a daily basis? An insecure Valentino tentatively asking Jesse Lasky for a job? How and why did he become so “ill at ease”?

Jesse Lasky Recalls How Ill at Ease Screen Hero Appeared

Clearing bits of rubbish from a lawn near 1811 N. Las Palmas Ave., the other day, J. Linder, freelance writer, newspaper vendor and World War veteran, picked up a crumpled wad of paper and smoothed it out.

The date on the aged and slightly torn stationary was Aug. 30, 1921 and the two signatures at the bottom were “R. Valentino” and “Jesse Lasky”.

It was a six-paragraph contract between Rudolph Valentino, the handsome Italian actor, who overnight had skyrocketed to screen immortality by his dashing performance in the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and Famous Players Lasky Corp., 1330 Vine Street.

“You are to play the leading male role in the production, 'Moran of the Lady Letty' to be directed by George Melford which production it is contemplated will start on or about September 26, 1921, the brief document read.

“For your services... we agree to pay you the sum of Seven Hundred Dollars ($700) per week.”

Today Lasky viewed the Valentino memento and verified its authenticity, although puzzled as to where it had come from and in whose hands it had been since that Aug. 30, 18 years ago when the future 'Sheik' walked into his office.

“He seemed ill at ease,” recalled Lasky. “I congratulated him on his performance in the 'Four Horsemen' and then he said, “I'm looking for a job”.

It was as if today Clark Gable or Robert Taylor were to walk in and calmly announce they wanted a job. I didn't let him leave the office. The contract was dictated and signed right there.”

Later Lasky recalled a more formal five-year contract with yearly options which raised Valentino's weekly salary to an eventual $2000, was drawn. Lasky and Valentino separated over contract differences before the expiration of the agreement.

In just five years less one week, the most famous of filmdom's matinee idols was dead.

He died Aug. 23, 1926.