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The Empty Stalls

And for the record, Alberto "bought" the car on credit from Rudolph's estate. And as he later held Ullman responsible for the disbursement, in essence he tried to get Ullman to pay for the car. Just kind of an odd twist. A poignant commentary from legendary publicist Russell Birdwell. 


An Explanation Why

I take this opportunity to address, David Spurr Bret to tell him that I no longer open his comments for this blog. Neither Renato or I read them, giving them no meaning, no audience and they fall on our deaf ears as the expression goes.

I am saving his many comments, unopened and perhaps will share them at some point... the perfect opportunity has yet to present itself.

He is sending comments every day. The first few we did read were vicious name-calling, insults, hysterical lies, frantic accusations and his usual delusional cruelty.. all in the hopes I will share them with you. I choose not to because this blog is not his bully pulpit.

It's a new day, with a new direction. 

The Fishing Trips

I always liked this eulogy (see below) and as I read it again today, I realized something. On his death bed, Rudy invited Dr. Meeker on a fishing trip.

I got to thinking about Rudy and his love of going on a fishing trip with a pal, a buddy, someone he wanted to converse with and know more. He wanted to sit and cast his line into the water and hang out with a friend. 

So it seems more evidence he loved to go fishing and considered it an honorable and enjoyable thing to do with comrades.

It really emphasized to me, how sad it is that Rudy's love of a fishing trip has been contorted into something farcical and false. Of course I am referring to the innuendo ridden accounts of his fishing trip with Andre Daven. The fishing trip with Daven imo was the same gesture as it was with the invite for Dr. Meeker; something Rudy enjoyed doing with a comrade.

If Rudy had lived and Dr. Meeker accepted the invitation to that fishing trip... oh let's say to Florida...would this also be presented as a sex-fueled orgy between Rudy and Dr. Meeker by those ever projecting porn fantasists/serial liars? How absurd.

It would have been an honor to be invited to go fishing with Valentino. It sure seems he considered it an honor.

I do not have a date or citation for this one:

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

"Won't Share 'Valentino' "

I found this little bit (see below) and had to wonder what Rudolph Valentino would have thought about his own brother doing essentially the same thing. This is from The New York Times, November 19, 1922. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

He "Argued Her Into It"...

This quote (see below) from Natacha Rambova is excerpted from a longer article, but I found this comment insightful. She says Rudy “argued her into” taking credit for her work in his films. What a contrast to the cruel portrayal of her as a grasping woman using the situation to her professional advantage. As has been discussed and commented on here previously she was the star when they met and their marriage destroyed her career entirely.

If Valentino's possible insecurities have been discussed here, I think Rambova was 100% confident and needed no feeding of her ego. I think she had an executive type personality which really is obvious in her Egyptian expeditions. But this was because she was highly organized and not because she wanted glory.

Did Rudy argue her into taking credit for her work? And the last line where she mentions her being known for the work “independent of her marriage”, reveals the problem I think. That became impossible.

Monday, October 11, 2021

A Commentary From Renato Floris

Recently Donna Hill, on her site, added some sort of clause to what she claimed initially to be an exhaustive list of everything written and published about Rudolph Valentino.

She qualified her first statement by declaring her list is not so exhaustive as she previously claimed and I excerpt her qualification verbatim:

The list here is not a wholly complete list of all books published worldwide about Valentino. "

Here she qualifies that she does not include books which are not to her liking and does this without an explanation.

This, in my opinion is an intellectually dishonest approach by someone who claims to be an expert on the life and works of Rudolph Valentino and books which have been written about him.

So Ms. Hill takes pains to point out that the books I have published over the past nine years are not worthy of being on her list and she does so without even giving a reason.

As a reminder of Evelyn and my honest and onerous work, I list below the books which are banned by Inquisitor Donna Hill, to ensure she cannot claim she doesn't know about their existence:

2 Day Dreams by Rudolph Valentino with a foreword by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 4/23/2013

3 Affairs Valentino A Companion Guide, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 7/ 4/ 2013

4 Affairs Valentino – A Second Edition, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on, 8/26/2013

5 The S. George Ullman Memoir, by George Ullman, with annotations by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 10/21/2014

6 The Infancy of the Myth, by Aurelio Miccoli, published on 12/8/2014

7 L'infanzia del Mito, by Aurelio Miccoli, published on 12/12/2014

8 L'affare Valentino by Evelyn Zumaya, Italian translation by Renato Floris, published on 2/18/2014

9 Affairs Valentino - A Special Edition, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 4/1/2015

10 Beyond Valentino - A Madam Valentino Addendum by Michael Morris & Evelyn Zumaya, published on 7/15/2017

11 Astral Affairs Rambova by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 12/3/2018

12 The True Rudolph Valentino by Baltasar Fernandez Cué, English translation by Renato Floris, published on 5/6/2019

13 Rudolph Valentino - In English by Jeanne de Recqueville, English translation by Renato Floris, published on 4/27/2020

14 The Rudolph Valentino Case Files -The Research Discoveries of Evelyn Zumaya & Renato Floris with included the English translation of “Inoubliable, Inoublié Rudolph Valentino Survives his Legend” by Robert Florey, published on 6/16/ 2021

15 Looking for Valentino by Leonard De Fonte, published on 5/6/2021

1 Buddha's Tooth and Morphine by Lord Wilde (pen name of Evelyn Zumaya), published on 10/ 2/2012. This was the very first book I published which is a lovely dedication to a dear friend of ours who was victim of a hateful attack because he is homosexual.

I did send Ms. Hill a kind and professional message, in which I asked her the reasons for our exclusion from her list. She did not dare to answer, leaving the task to one of her malevolent buddies, Tracy Ryan Terhune, who responded on the blog he runs under the title of Evelyn's book.

What a shame for the world of Valentino, this painful situation!

The Facts As I Know Them to Be

Since the subject of my reporting how Donna Hill told me the stolen court records were exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts by Jeanine Villalobos, has been misrepresented and questioned....

I file my report as the facts as I know them to be.

I did not solicit this specific information about the missing Rudolph Valentino probate case file from Donna Hill. I never asked her if the court records were exchanged for a shirt by Jeanine Villalobos.

I did ask collector William Self about the case file's location and because of an e-mail he sent to me, (see below) by the time Donna Hill confessed this to me...I knew the file had already been returned to Jeanine Villalobos from the collector who had them in their possession. According to Self and Donna Hill, the collector was Jim Craig. Self did try to negotiate my access to the records when Jim Craig still had them, but it did not happen. Self did not tell me about the shirt exchange.

Donna Hill volunteered the information to me, in front of a third party, admitting that the case file was exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts.

She never asked me not to report what she said, never said it was classified.

She knew I was searching for those missing records at the time and of course this was a very important bit of information which she certainly knew I would include in the book.

I did not use her name in the book and felt this was a wise thing to do then.

I did not cost Donna Hill “friends she had for 20 years”. She did. Oddly, Cindy Martin has accused me of the same thing when I know for a fact she was not around in the Valentino world 20 years ago.

Reporting on this as factual is not bullying but reporting on a story and defending myself. Over the years, Donna Hill has actively aided Tracy Terhune and David Bret in their campaign against us.

While Donna Hill knew about the existence of the stolen case file, I was being accused of lying about its existence and even forging it. She said nothing in my defense.

I did identify Donna Hill in a blog post sometime in the fall of 2011, when she began to openly contribute to the bullying attacks by Tracy Terhune and David Bret. Recently when Renato sent her a formal request asking why she refuses to include any of our books on her extensive Valentino book list, she did not answer but instead passed the request on to David Bret and Tracy Terhune who posted about it on the hate blog they run under the title of Affairs Valentino.

Donna Hill told me about the deal between Jeanine Villalobos and the collector willfully and with no qualifications.

I think it was a very important thing for her to share and at the time I admired her candor. But as she has proven again and again she wants to destroy the “messenger”.... I have lost respect for her as would anyone in my position.

Maybe those “friends” she lost were not so worth the keeping. In my opinion, they are all a band of shady and cruel people whose egos have long since replaced any sense of decorum and decency.

She might hide her involvement with the lot of them, but she has never fooled me. It was never necessary for her to vilify me because of their horrible behavior.  I share Self's e-mail to me about this (see below) and I add that when he tells me he was not interested in buying the shipping case...fact was he already owned it. I excerpt this specific e-mail to illustrate my point made here.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

A Great Connection Made

While I was writing Affairs Valentino, I worked with a literary agent in New York. He was an exceptionally influential person in the creation of the book and the development of my research. He called me one day to say he was at a party in Manhattan the previous evening where he told people he was working on a book about Rudolph Valentino. Someone overheard him and gave him a story. The eager contributor was the then owner of the Gotham Book Mart, Andreas Brown.

Andreas Brown knew Frances Steloff, the iconic owner of the book store,

Steloff was a fascinating woman who knew Rudy and Natacha well and I believe was the source of most of their book collection. In telling me about their friendship, Steloff's friend and successor as owner of the Gotham Book Mart, Andreas Brown made an important contribution to Affairs Valentino. Frances Steloff told him how she helped Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova find quiet time together in her store while they were being stalked by detectives in the winter of 1922-23.

Mr. Brown referred me to the book, Wise Men Fish Here: The Story of Frances Steloff and the Gotham Book Mart by W. G. Rogers, and sent me a letter which I treasure. I am grateful to Andreas Brown for our conversation, for being there at that moment in that party many years ago and for overhearing my agent talking about Affairs Valentino. So what were Rudy and Natacha doing while hidden in those mountains of books? Oh the trolls hopped on this story when Affairs Valentino came out, but I say what prudes! Leave these two lovers alone. 

The Gotham Book Mart is no longer in existence.

I excerpt Affairs Valentino:

Natacha and Rudy's friend, Frances Steloff in the 1970's. She lived to be 101 years old. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

What the "Stars" Thought of Him

Renato has discovered and translated a quip from the 1923 French press as it appeared in:

The Hard Liner - August 18, 1923 by George Fronval

It reads:

"What do our artists think of the handsomest man in Los Angeles?

Rudolph Valentino, idol of all American women, arrived among us, in the company of his charming wife, Natacha Rambova, the day before yesterday and by plane. He certainly passes for the most beautiful man in the cinema. We asked several of our "stars" what they thought of this reputation.

Here is what they told us:

Geneviève Félix - “Rudolph Valentino is not only handsome by himself but he is also by the way he acts.”

Gina Relly - “Rudolph Valentino well personifies the young first Hispano-American.”

France Dhelia - “What I like about Valentino is his gaze.”

Ginette Maddie - “I only saw him in one movie, Blood and Sand. I was thrilled by him and he is a talented actor.”

As we can see, Rudolph Valentino already has many admirers with us.

George Fronval

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Natacha Rambova Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Rudolph Valentino

Natacha Rambova was the best thing that ever happened to Rudolph Valentino. People who knew them said the same and agreed for a few years they were happy and very much in love. What went wrong, of course, is the subject of endless debate. In my opinion, they would have had more life together as a couple had he not died. I think I provided some new and compelling evidence to that. (see Astral Affairs Rambova and The Rudolph Valentino Case Files)
The weak and jealous may try to demean their love. They fail. One of my favorite photographs...


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

"He seemed ill at ease..."

In thinking about the comments made here regarding Valentino's insecurity, I remembered this item. It is not the highest of quality but Jesse Lasky adds some insight into the “ill at ease” star. (A full transcript can be found below) The story goes that a piece of paper was found in the rubbish which turned out to be Valentino's contract for Moran of the Lady Letty. (see below)

It is interesting to think how many valuable documents from Valentino's life ended up in the trash; or sold to the highest bidder and shipped off into oblivion.

The bits and pieces which survive being destroyed, being offed for a price or secreted away forever in a collector's vault become all the more precious I think.

An insecure Valentino proposing marriage on a daily basis? An insecure Valentino tentatively asking Jesse Lasky for a job? How and why did he become so “ill at ease”?

Jesse Lasky Recalls How Ill at Ease Screen Hero Appeared

Clearing bits of rubbish from a lawn near 1811 N. Las Palmas Ave., the other day, J. Linder, freelance writer, newspaper vendor and World War veteran, picked up a crumpled wad of paper and smoothed it out.

The date on the aged and slightly torn stationary was Aug. 30, 1921 and the two signatures at the bottom were “R. Valentino” and “Jesse Lasky”.

It was a six-paragraph contract between Rudolph Valentino, the handsome Italian actor, who overnight had skyrocketed to screen immortality by his dashing performance in the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and Famous Players Lasky Corp., 1330 Vine Street.

“You are to play the leading male role in the production, 'Moran of the Lady Letty' to be directed by George Melford which production it is contemplated will start on or about September 26, 1921, the brief document read.

“For your services... we agree to pay you the sum of Seven Hundred Dollars ($700) per week.”

Today Lasky viewed the Valentino memento and verified its authenticity, although puzzled as to where it had come from and in whose hands it had been since that Aug. 30, 18 years ago when the future 'Sheik' walked into his office.

“He seemed ill at ease,” recalled Lasky. “I congratulated him on his performance in the 'Four Horsemen' and then he said, “I'm looking for a job”.

It was as if today Clark Gable or Robert Taylor were to walk in and calmly announce they wanted a job. I didn't let him leave the office. The contract was dictated and signed right there.”

Later Lasky recalled a more formal five-year contract with yearly options which raised Valentino's weekly salary to an eventual $2000, was drawn. Lasky and Valentino separated over contract differences before the expiration of the agreement.

In just five years less one week, the most famous of filmdom's matinee idols was dead.

He died Aug. 23, 1926.  

Monday, October 4, 2021

Anabel Henderson Tells All

In the continuing documentation of the first-hand testimony of women who were Rudolph Valentino's lovers, we present Ms. Anabel Henderson. Her identity is valid as she checks out in ship registries and census records. The first article posted (see below) reveals some of her history, i.e. her divorce at 17 from a fake “Lord” who danced the tango in New York at the same time Valentino was doing the same.

Anabel wrote her account in “Love Revelations” magazine published in 1941. I am able to share some of the first installment (there were five) which is worth the read! She was a beautiful, young heiress who would certainly have been Valentino's “type”.

I think the best way to read the pages would be to download them, so “Buona Fortuna!”... and Enjoy. 

Saturday, October 2, 2021

"A Small Appetizer" by Renato Floris

Not long ago a "Good Samaritan" sent me a screenshot of a post by David Bret in which he exalts the book "Dark Lover" by Emily Leider with the following words: “The Valentino Widows hate it, which means it must be good!”

Driven by Bret's song of praise, I make some considerations. I begin with the title of the first chapter: "Mercurio".

In Italy, Mercurio is a surname and also the name of a poisonous and heavy metal which at room temperature reverts to a silvery liquid form. The word is translated as “Quick Silver” or “Argento Vivo”. The young boys in Italy with very active temperaments are called “Argento Vivo” and never “Mercurio”.

Perhaps Leider took this misstep in translation from My Private Diary where the pseudo-Valentino defines his nephew Jean as “Mercurio”. No one in Italy would attach that nickname to a lively child. “Argento Vivo” is what is meant and is the commonly used nickname in this instance.

Moving onward:

Some of the mentions concerning both the origin of the Guglielmi family and the events regarding the parents of Rodolfo Valentino are significantly wrong.

In reference to Valentino's mother, Marie Berthe Gabrielle Barbin, whom Leider claims was known in Castellaneta by the nickname of “Donna” Gabrielle;

In Italy, the appellation “Donna” was and still is only given to notable women of the upper class, such as the spouses of the presidents of the Republic. But Gabrielle was the wife of a veterinarian who was not considered a high bourgeois. I think this was a strategy by Leider to elevate the family socially.

Emily Leider, among other things, tells us that Castellaneta was part of the province of Taranto. This is incorrect because at the time of the birth of Valentino the Province of Taranto did not exist. That territory was part of the Province of Terra d'Otranto, with the capital Lecce. The Province of Taranto, came into existence as it is known today only in 1951.

Marie Berthe Gabrielle Barbin was born on May 8, 1856, in France in Lure, in the province of Haute-Saône. She was not born, as Leider claims, in Vosges near the town of Domrémy, where Joan of Arc was born. This is false.

Leider, perhaps in an attempt to "ennoble" Valentino's ancestry, defines all the women of the family with the nickname “Donna”, including Grazia Ancona, Rodolfo's paternal grandmother, a person who died quite young and was of humble origins and illiterate.

Some of the more erroneous aspects of Leider's family history are those about Gabrielle's life before the wedding.

As mentioned Gabrielle was born on May 8, 1856, and her father died in 1868, when Gabrielle was 12 years old.

After the death of her father, Gabrielle, along with her mother and sister Léonie, returned to France for a brief while. They went to the area of origin of the Barbin family in Picardy. From this location it is extremely unlikely that they were in Paris during the Franco-Prussian war at all. It is also equally extremely unlikely that Gabrielle was fed dead rats. She was living during that short time with relatives.

Another absurd aspect in this regard in Leider's narrative is that Gabrielle, when barely a teenager at 12 years old, made the decision herself to stay in Taranto when her father died. Perhaps if Leider consulted a good calendar she would have understood something was wrong with that statement.

Regarding Valentino's father Giovanni, a veterinary surgeon and director of the civic slaughterhouse of Castellaneta, it can be stated that Leider is factually wrong in reporting he was part of the anti-brigandage militias. This was a violent rebellion which was crushed in 1865. Leider could not have done the math here because Giovanni was born in Martina Franca on January 8, 1853. I can't even imagine a 12-year-old boy fighting ferocious brigands.

Giovanni was also never an artillery non-commissioned officer at the Royal Military Academy. On his military conscription, on November 18, 1873, he was enrolled in the 1st category private in the District of Lecce, Taranto district to serve regular compulsory military service. In this regard, I recommend she and all readers, carefully read Aurelio Miccoli's books, especially “The Infancy of the Myth”, a well-documented book which dispels these ridiculous and inaccurate myths.

As you can see, a full analysis of her narrative would be complex. I will just say this is but a small appetizer of Leider's assumptions and incorrect data.

If I were to compare “My Private Diary” to “Dark Lover”:

Michael A. Romano wrote in the introduction to his publication of My Private Diary, that the book was intended for the “shop-girl and debutante”. While Dark Lover shares the exact same information, she feigns sophistication. Leider attempts to sell the same content which was intended for flappers of the 1920's, to an audience she imagines as being gathered in some elegant parlor, sipping a cup of tea while conjuring their image of Valentino.

A Good Vetting is Long Overdue

I apologize for my absence the past day or so; extenuating circumstances. But Renato is doing some deep fact checking on Dark Lover which I will be posting here. David Bret enjoys accusing me of "hating" the book. I would not go that far but I think a good vetting is long overdue. 

I have previously written how Michael Morris was upset his book was not included in Leider's bibliography. And Bill Self told me he could not finish reading the book because it was "the same old thing" and he did not like the title. 

"They" beat me over the head with Dark Lover when I knew the actual story she entirely missed about the man. And I also was surprised she relied on endless movie magazine fodder and My Private Diary. I found so many factual errors which are forgivable to me because they are in all books.

What I did not find forgivable was her pandering on the "bisexuality is always an option", etc. Based on nothing but innuendo and David Bret's tired old fantasies. 

So stay tuned. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Rudolph Valentino's First Flight

Renato discovered the following article (see below) in a French newspaper The Hard-Liner. It presents a question about the claim Valentino took flying lessons in Mineola, Long Island before he left for the West Coast in "The Masked Model". Perhaps he took some classes in flying at the Mineola air field but seems he never flew in an airplane at all until 1923. This is a fascinating account of Valentino's actual first flight and his impressions. Thank you Renato ! The author is a journalist and actor. Here follows the English translation:

L'Intransigeant, 08/18/1923

Published in the "Sports Life" column

The Star's First Flight”

It was Port wine time last night in a palace near the Champs-Élysées. People were curious and eager to see a young man and his wife, who peacefully sip their aperitif in a small group; in the group, Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova, Jacques Hébertot, André L. Daven, Oscar M. Sheridan and myself. Valentino tells us amazingly interesting things about his life, about his profession, about sport. This man who, as we know, is an athlete and a trained boxer is, moreover, a remarkable motorist. Besides, isn't it true that the “stars” of the cinema all have many different arrows to place in their bows? But there is one thing Valentino related to me, about something I have wanted to try for a long time; traveling by plane. I am now satisfied. 

“Was your trip by plane the day before yesterday your first one?” I asked.

“Yes,” Valentino replied, “and I chose the wrong day for a first flight! What a storm and finally, it turned out beautifully and neither my wife nor I were indisposed. We rode with the wind at our back and only took two hours to make the crossing.”

“What was your impression of this first flight?”

“Not bad at all! As we took off, I had the impression of being in a car, on a hill, then, once in the air, nothing more, nothing moved. It was absolutely wonderful. The landing gave me a chill in the back. When the throttles were cut, I thought the plane had fallen into an air hole. But the contact with the ground was made as if on velvet … In short, I had a good impression. Excellent! I will do it again and when we will return to London we will go by the same route. Besides, it is not impossible that I will shoot a film on aviation before next year. Because that interests me enormously!”

Rudolph Valentino is an eclectic sportsman.


Paul Olivier

Croydon Airport 
First Flight in 1923

Monday, September 27, 2021

"I'm Just Sayin' ..."

There has never been one minute, one single second when Tracy Ryan Terhune was the victim. How he howls that he is. He launched the attacks on me, my work and after 2011 against Renato because he did not like Affairs Valentino. By the time I published the book in 2011, Terhune and Bret had all but destroyed me already. I had little left to lose at that point.

In 2011, as I have mentioned many times, I was terrorized into closing my Affairs Valentino blog by David Bret's threats to open hit blogs on my family. Terhune seized that tragic moment for me and opened my blog and has run it as a bully weapon ever since.

He does not seem so proud of his actions there now and I don't see him linking it anywhere on his Facebook groups...Its kind of like a cat covering its poop with litter. ... but in the past he linked it to the other members of the teams sites; mostly those being run by David Bret. For all these years, Terhune has cried he is being abused when I believe no one but his sorry self believes that.

He likes to show a picture of some fat folders containing all of my defenses written against him... I say wow. Publish all the contents. I have been defending myself for a decade and do so now. Those folders are full of the same things I say today. I stand proudly behind my efforts, Renato's too and our restraint and demeanor throughout this ordeal. 

Terhune likes to find a little hook to grab onto and twist it into his hysterical ravings. One of his most insidious tactics was to meld me with the woman who published the first edition of Affairs Valentino, Ms. Hala Pickford. She would say something and the next day Terhune was saying I said it. I corrected him but he took this tactic even further. Thrilled with his capture of my web traffic, he posted headlines like this on my blog. I excerpt a small sample of his hatred under Fair Use Guidelines to illustrate my point.

I never had a single arrest warrant out on me, was never a fraud and never stole anyone's identity. Actually he did on that very blog by writing in the first person pretending to be me.

Although he says now it is a general “Literary Critique”, I ask him why then has he gloated over the years that he is getting all of my traffic? Again an excerpt under Fair Use Guidelines:

His hatred is and always has been palpable. (Below) He expresses outrage that I wanted to disrupt his bully service at the crypt? Who wouldn't after being subjected to such abuse by him? I think I said I felt like showing up with a stack of Affairs Valentino to pass out. Again excerpts from Terhune's Affairs Valentino blog reproduced under Fair Use Guidelines posted back in 2014:

Tracy Terhune often writes in CAPS because he is YELLING I guess. I find it the very definition of projection that he would be issuing an "untruthful blistering attack" in CAPS while accusing me of doing so. (And my book was being sold in that Turin bookstore after we provided the copies.)

One of his favorite tactics on that blog was to interject his quest to bury Affairs Valentino into his legal case against Ms. Pickford. In one deposition which is on file in the Burbank Courthouse, dated May 22, 2012 under the heading of “Declaration of Tracy Terhune”, he swears as truth that Ms. Pickford “self-published” Affairs Valentino. From the document which is public record:

What a complete falsehood, what an insinuation. She never owned my book and there would be no way for her to "self-publish" my book. The book was always mine and this is a prime example of how he melded Ms. Pickford and my identities as one.

Terhune and Bret used the identity and words of someone else as a weapon against me and I believe attempted to use Ms. Pickford to secure a court order for me to stop publishing Affairs Valentino. It did not work! 

Ms. Pickford and I parted ways professionally in December of 2011 and Terhune knew that. It was then I took the book out of print hoping he and Bret would stop. They got way worse and are still at it.

I have several hard drives of his rantings on that sick blog and again every single post he makes there is bullying because of that URL... his motivation from day one has been to post his lies and defamation there, along with David Bret, to bury the book he hates so dearly. He was never a victim in this, how absurd... he was and is the censor, the aggressor and as Ms. Cindy Martin told us, “It has always been Tracy's show”.

The blog he runs under Affairs Valentino is a living monument to his cruelty and duplicity. And it represents a decade of lies, falsehoods, brutal assaults on our truth and he has never been anyone's victim but his own.


Rudy with a "Y"

For the past three years, I diligently kept two Instagram accounts going. One is under Beyond Valentino and the other account under Affairs Valentino. I have somewhat them go because at some point (a few thousand posts) enough is enough. Some Rudy with a "Y" Instagram creations. #goodenergy

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Fur, Frocks & Frohman

Rudolph and Natacha attend an “Actor's Fund Benefit” planning meeting, (see below) on Staten Island in January 1923. Natacha is really pushing the envelope with that outfit and what a wall of fur coat. 

The gentleman is Daniel Frohman, who was a partner of Adolph Zukor and would produce some 70 films with Famous-Players.

The two ladies are:

Left to right (above): Frohman, Natacha Rambova, Nora Bayes, Blanche Bates and Valentino. (Below)...the fabulous frocks underneath those coats.

More of Rambova's Art In Situ

Natacha Rambova's bedroom in the Chateau Juan le Pins. Notice the artwork over the lamp on the far table. It is one of Natacha's costume design sketches. I also like the framed pictures of her on the table in the forefront...from her Aztec Dance days. 

More From "Page Z"

 There is a minimizing of the abuse inflicted on Renato and I from some in the Valentino world, i.e. those administrators on Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget. I say this because the word “adversary” is creeping in and I have to respond. It is insidious. It is not a tit-for-tat thing. They are predators of the worst kind and I am no adversary who would frivolously play the situation in some simplistic social media way.

Bret lies as he breathes, concocting impossible scenarios which do not merit the dignity of a tiny response. Yet fact is he spent the past 12 years attacking me and Renato...with sick posts about my father within hours of his death, he published my actual obituary with accompanying articles about my death, he explained how any one who would, “Slit my worthless throat” would be “rewarded by him forever”, he posted my personal information (doxing) with an enticement of “We are Almost There Folks!", and he posted how one day we will meet face to face and “only one of us will walk away” and added it "would not be you Evelyn".

Some people say to ignore it, that he is nothing to think about...but if someone is walking down the street and they see two big goons beating up an old lady... would they laugh at it, cheer the goons on and call the goons her adversaries? I would hope no one would.

It kind of sickens me when people minimize what they do to us and other people, their perceived “adversaries” who quickly become their prey.

It has never been an authors war and I am not and never have been in competition with them. It is abuse that can not be tolerated, not made fun of and they are not my “adversaries”.

The alliance in this between Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret has been a "thing" in the "team",  since about 2010. Bret pining for Terhune and Terhune, for a long while hiding his relationship with Bret. But not anymore. Now they openly preen on that blog Terhune runs to bully us under the title of my book Affairs Valentino.

Here as far back as 2010:

And Bret pining for Terhune about the same time:

FYI about Bret's claim to Michael Morris' e-mails to me: I never forwarded Michael Morris' e-mails to anyone. I once posted the entire emails on my Tumblr account and he downloaded those. 

Terhune and Bret have been running the show against us in tight formation for eleven straight years and counting. And I add there is a long, long trail of documentation of that statement. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Natacha's Favorite Painting?

Over the years I began to notice the art in many of Natacha Rambova's images.  This one painting, as one of a set, appeared in several of her homes. Did it travel with her?

It appears to be one of a set of Chinese 19th century reverse paintings on glass called Églomisé.

The painting first appears on the right side of the door at the Valentino's Whitley Heights living room:

Here it is installed, as the set, in the library at the Hudnut Chateau at Juan les Pins:

Natacha poses in yet another setting with her favorite painting:

*The two ceramic heads on pedestals in the Whitley Heights image also appear in her home in Mallorca.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Some Words On It All From Michael Morris

I thought I would let my friend and mentor Michael Morris weigh in on some things being discussed and commented on recently. (see below) 
Here he refers to Bill Self and the letters written by Natacha Rambova to Rudolph Valentino. As the mention was ambiguous whether they came from Ullman or Alberto, I found this reference relevant:

Further commentary:

Here (below) Michael refers to his editing Affairs Valentino. He made editorial notes and a few brilliant suggestions. For a while Terhune and Bret tried to claim he wrote the Forward to the book. He did not but he sure read it and supported my every word.... and added four words: "Magus of the Cult". 


Thursday, September 23, 2021

The "43 Club" Today

This photo below was sent to me from London a few sunny days ago. They snapped the image as they passed "40 Gerrard" Street, which once housed the "43 Club" where Rudolph Valentino partied whenever he was in town. The photographer said the top of the building remains the same. Thanks for sharing this!


"What Books?"

*(see update below) In a discussion on this blog about Andre Daven, I left a comment expressing my opinion that David Bret did not have personal godfather connections to Daven. He wrote the following to me today requesting it be published so here it is:

I was informed he was telling people Andre Daven was his “godfather's godfather” and here is my source from Cindy Martin as she told Renato about this, extracted:

I add that the reason Bret has not given me a “penny” on the court awarded damages is that he told the court he had zero assets. I told the court he had many books in print and they asked, “What books?” So logically I sent them a listing and the links for over one hundred titles he has in print. I guess one must presume he never sold a copy of any of them if he can not declare a single one as an asset.

And I did get much more than a penny from him... the judge awarded me some 30,000$ which by now with all the added legal fees and interest has nearly doubled. This is his court-awarded debt to me.

I have received several comments for this blog from David Bret which I have not published because they are open threats in which he always mentions, and wishes for, my death. 

*** David Bret sent another comment (see below)  I do not lie, post his latest comment submitted for this blog and say "Yay" to his comment we will not hear from him again... and I intended to post the verdict link: