Sunday, December 26, 2021

Modesty or Scars?

Michael Morris claimed Natacha Rambova covered her legs with long dresses and robes because she was self-conscious. He said her cousin Ann Wollen told him Natacha did not have thin legs and for this she did not follow the flapper trend of shorter hemlines.

But I always thought she was hiding the scarring from Theodore Kosloff's attack. Ann Wollen also said Natacha's leg was left severely scarred when Kosloff shot her in the leg with buck shot. It could be a little bit of both.

I also always believed Rudolph Valentino encouraged Natacha to dance professionally. How could he not? And I believe Kosloff got away with the crime and no doubt because Natacha never reported it.

In the photos of Rudolph and Natacha swimming in the falls in Palm Springs, (see below) which we included in The Rudolph Valentino Case Files...Natacha stands with her legs again obscured in the water.

Self-conscious of her legs? Scarred for life? And how obvious in this picture (see below) Rudolph's joy to be dancing with his lady.