Saturday, December 4, 2021

All Things Considered

It has been obvious since my first peep in the “World of Valentino” some time around 2003, that a target was slapped on my book, my back and then on my dear husband Renato. My point being that if I proved someone was a hero in Valentino's story, such as George Ullman, Natacha Rambova, Frank Mennillo...those targeting the bulls-eyes would make them all villains. And conversely they did and still do the same with those people in Valentino's life we proved to be actual villains... “they” made them instant heroes such as Mahoney, Alberto, etc. For them it is not about expanding Valentino's history in an honest way, or contributing to a documented body of knowledge, it is about destroying Affairs Valentino, me, Renato and all our books for that matter.

I am pleased to read the recent comments here regarding Tracy Terhune and Lou Mahoney specifically. This is a perfect case in point. And his attempt to provide any other vantage on Natacha Rambova is more than a tad hypocritical imo as one of his oft repeated party lines is that she was, “the worst thing that ever happened to Valentino.” Fact is... she was the very best thing that ever happened to him.

Thank you to a reader who sent me this photo of the lovely lady (see below) where she is with Zela and wearing her wedding dress. An interesting piece to date all things concerning. What do you all think?