Thursday, December 23, 2021

How It All Began

The lie that Alberto never received his “fortune” from his brother Rudolph's estate is so pervasive. I wonder why no one bothered to tally up the actual numbers of the advances and other monies he raked in and squandered. Was I actually the first to do that?

Maybe he thought generating pity would make him more attractive or appealing. And it is not so surprising we find little to nothing about this from sister Maria. This is because it was not true at all.

By today's exchange rates Alberto and Co. received over a half a million dollars which he obviously burned through immediately. I have itemized this in The Case Files.

But here we see a new mention, claiming Alberto was a “talkies extra” and a "part-time book-keeper" and that his “pennies” were being spent putting Jean through college to become a “surgeon”. What next? This excerpt from an article published in 1936, titled, “1926 – Valentino's Memory Fades – 1936”