Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Musing

Well there has been some exchange here about what I knew and when. I will be the first to admit I have learned a great deal since I first published Affairs Valentino. And some things are about to be corrected, some additions made.

I stand by the story as I uncovered it and sent it out as Affairs Valentino in 2011 amidst a horror of abuse online. I did not then realize the gravity of Valentino's suffering from syphilis, and did not know a few more key things which I am about to change.

I am excited about the new projects which are finding their way to completion. And we are working hard. Soon come.

And no I did not exactly piece together the drastic consequences of Valentino suffering from syphilis. When Renato was saying that is how he died, for a while I disputed him. I see it now and many clues were certainly left.

I was also skeptical about the love child theory. Renato was not. I think it is an Italian trait to be convinced. They are not a timid people in general and his confidence is inspiring and challenging.

Valentino's story certainly took a new direction and the tired old studio-generated version has run its course. The new truth about Valentino is running free and unimpeded and his true story imo is more amazing than it ever has been. No longer a mannequin vulnerable to any hack's fictional take...talking to you Tracy Terhune, Simon Constable, David Spurr Bret, Eleanor Gribbin, Donna Hill.... as you carry on doing your best to keep that mannequin alive.