Friday, May 7, 2021

I Respond to Tracy Terhune's Tiring Wrath

Why is Tracy Terhune still allowed to be the emcee at the annual Memorial Service? Anyone else wonder why? I think I do know why. Because in my opinion he is the good and faithful servant of the Valentino family.

Think about it. Whether he paid cold cash for his almighty Valentino collection or not is not the question here. What is the question is that he is the gatekeeper, the man at the toll bridge, the cult leader who knows how to calm the masses by sharing some relic which once belonged to Rudolph Valentino. The followers gasp, and even with the slightest appearance of the master censor there is a hush. This is by definition a cult leader. They remain elusive and appear to share a cult relic. 

Why does he even matter? Oh he bought his way into mattering. But because of that, people mistake his ability to buy every snippet of Valentino memorabilia for knowledge of Valentino's history. The two do not go hand in hand. Poor Rudy. Yet incredibly with this purchased clout, he did not use it for the good... but wielded his store-bought status to lie, defame and work hard for years on end to try and destroy me and Affairs Valentino.

What was it Cindy Martin told us... something to the order of no one gets wigged out about a book like Tracy did over Affairs Valentino. Why? Because he and his ilk got busted by little old me. And this was in great measure due to Bill Self. I think he wanted me to tell the real story of those collectors of Valentino memorabilia. He did not really hold back.

I have now been sitting by for a decade of my life and watching as Tracy Terhune does his very worst. And I connected the dots before he came out publicly as a “buddy” of David Bret.

What will it take to make people realize what Tracy Terhune does behind the scenes. On that sick blog he has run for eight years and counting to pretend to be me and divert web traffic to find his absolute garbage about me, about Renato and about all of our books. My god he sits and greets every book we publish with his malicious, petty and tiring wrath. And this proves his lack of genuine interest in Valentino.

Shame on Hollywood Forever for being complicit and for Hollywood Heritage for stating on their home page how they are so politically correct when they support a very public bully to gain access to his Valentino merchandise.

It kind of makes me sick that things Rudolph Valentino once owned and the archive of his fascinating life... are being held hostage by the worst possible person in my expert opinion and this is sad indeed.

Affairs Valentino is true, it is the book Tracy Terhune does not want you to read. He failed in his effort to destroy it, failed to prevent people from reading it and failed to ruin me.

(see below)... a visual refresher of home page images Tracy Terhune has used on his "Affairs Valentino" blog. Disgusting..... bullying by Tracy Terhune. What does this possibly have to do with Affairs Valentino... here follows from his "Literary Critique"...


That Concerted Effort

I can honestly say it did not occur to me when I began my Affairs Valentino discovery process in 2002-2003, that a concerted effort was underway to steal, hide and censor documents. It took me one year to find some of Valentino's probate records; about one thousand pages of the file which George Ullman filed with his appeals. 

In addition to learning the original records were stolen from their rightful housing in the Los Angeles County Hall of Records, I was accused of forging the pages I found. How sickening and absurd... because at one point Tracy Terhune admitted he had seen the stolen case file and knew it had been and still was in the hands of collectors. 

Over time I learned these same people censor the information they share about Valentino publicly, selling off artifacts which dispute their false narrative. I believe this was, and still is, a far greater problem than I ever imagined. 

I have shared most all of the discoveries I made and will continue to do more so. Here (see below) a page from the precious documents I recovered and this where Valentino is transferring/assigning ownership of his United Artists' contract to his corporate alter ego, Cosmic Arts, Inc. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Rudolph Valentino was Heterosexual - Part 2

I will explain why I eagerly welcome and quickly publish comments posted here from “Anonymous”. I understand completely why people remain anonymous because David Bret has made this a dangerous situation.

In the past when people have publicly supported us, he has attacked them in his vile, low life way. Michael Morris supported me and he contacted Michael's superior at the school where he taught. Michael had to work that out. When a woman contacted me some time ago and Bret learned her name, he contacted her employer to try and have her fired. He did the same with my ex-husband. I realize my stating Valentino was heterosexual is like tossing a steak to a starving dog... he lunges at the mere implication, so people commenting as Anonymous is perfectly understandable.

When I say Valentino was heterosexual it is not an attack on homosexuals. Obviously. But Bret has his bellowing, “homophobic” as his only strategy... and this incredibly after he publishes book after book crammed full of antiquated homosexual and very homophobic stereotypes as well as cruel prejudice. He exploits the subject of homosexuality to titillate and my god this is such a homophobic thing to do. How is he even allowed to do this? Who needs abuse like that today? Certainly not the homosexual community.

Homosexuality should not be David Bret's literary leitmotif. And last I heard he was a happily married man and married to a lady. So is this not wild appropriation? I think so.

All he can do is cry, “homophobes, homophobes, you are all homophobes!”...And try to rally people who do not know better. But I think people do know better. Eleanor Gribbin, Tracy Terhune, Donna Hill... and lets toss Emily Leider in there for putting her two cents on those awful forums... where is your public outrage?

Do you know what I think? I think they all fear David Bret so much they allow him to skulk about on their forums under his aliases because they see what he did and does to us and know he would do the same to them.

David Bret was condemned by a court of law in Italy and found guilty of defaming me. Damages were awarded to me of which he has yet to pay one dollar. All of his arguments were ruled false and yet he continues to try and try. Who is left in this world that does not see who he really is and what he is doing at Valentino's expense? It is just a cheap revenge against me. 

He has never proven Valentino was gay and never will because it is not true. Valentino was heterosexual and that has been proven and by Valentino himself. Refer to those letters he wrote to his friend Bruno reporting he contracted syphilis from prostitutes... female prostitutes. Subject closed actually. But this subject has gone far beyond that statement and is now about the injustice, the tyranny and cruelty perpetuated by David Bret and now involves why people must use aliases to comment so they do not come under his vicious attacks.

David Bret is the greatest homophobe in this saga. I have hundreds of screenshots where he uses the word “lesbian” to demean for god's sake. And lest we forget he is a straight man who appropriates the subject of homosexuality to write his porn fiction books. He was not even so interested in Valentino until I called him out publicly in 2009. It was then he decided this would be his life cause.

David Bret has been found guilty in a court of law and the entire verdict can be read here @

I encourage people to read the verdict in its official English translation and share the link. Meanwhile an excerpt from the verdict (see below) and thank you all for your excellent comments!!! 

And in my opinion David Bret never knew Dietrich, Milva, Daven, Mank, etc. You get my point. Enough already. Excuse my English but this man is so full of shite. 


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Rudolph Valentino Was Heterosexual

As I mentioned in my previous post, there were characters I “met” while writing Affairs Valentino. As I worked through the construction of the story and all the documentation I discovered, heroes and villains made themselves known. One of the villains was a man named Chaw Mank. Why do I call him a villain of Valentino's history? Because Mank betrayed Valentino so very badly, exploited him, sensationalized the story and heaved Valentino into a pit of sickening innuendo which filled the swamp of misinformation still being cited/touted as fact.

I wrote about Mank's insulting decimation of Valentino's truth in Affairs Valentino and spoke about him in the speech I delivered in Turin in 2009. As I said, Mank did have some personal correspondence with Valentino but spliced Valentino's gracious comments into an obscene book he wrote with Brad Steiger titled, The Intimate & Shocking Expose of Rudolph Valentino. I say obscene because that is what the book truly is. In addition to being wildly false factually, the book is a hot mess of contradiction, historical errors and homophobic slurs. The back cover of the book screams, "Was he Sheik or Sham?" 

So the opposite of a Sheik was “Sham”? How does that work? This implies that if Valentino was not a "Sheik" then he was a fraud. Is Mank implying that someone being a homosexual is a “Sham”? Sure seems that way to me. This is grossly demeaning of homosexuals but then again the book is full of homosexual slurs... at one point Mank and Steiger refer to a gathering of homosexuals as a gathering of “deviates”. The book is also horrendously misogynistic in that women appear to disgust Valentino and they have him so afraid of Rambova, he vomits.

My point is this...This ridiculous book became the foundation for David Bret's horrible book on Valentino and in this I have always been blown away. Because Bret presents himself as a champion of gay rights while he praises and copies a book loaded with disgusting antiquated homosexual stereotypes and slurs.

The villains of Valentino's history made themselves known and I stand by my judgment in that. Chaw Mank in portraying Valentino as a sexually confused homosexual who feared and hated women did his subject no favor because it was all false and based solely on innuendo and supposition. Edel Man David Bret adopted the same inexcusable marketing strategy and parroted the tired old anecdotes which are nothing more than the author's fantasies.

Rudolph Valentino was heterosexual and this statement is not based on a dream, a vision but documentation, serious research and many discoveries. Why does Bret continue to perpetuate as fact Chaw Mank's fantasies? In my expert opinion it is because he went so far out on that “Valentino was gay”, limb he can not find a way back. Bret has defined himself by his claim Valentino was gay and despite never presenting one single shred of actual evidence this was true, he continues because to do otherwise would make all his sorry effort a complete waste of time. Which it has been.

Rudolph Valentino was heterosexual. I am not homophobic for discovering that. 

Here a photo of Mr. Mank, amid his archives.. about the time he wrote his “Shocking Sheik or Sham” book on Valentino. Not a great image but you can see how well organized he was. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

A Game Changer

Alberto Valentino was not the only character in the Valentino/Rambova saga who would pose side by side in a before and after nose job photograph. I guess this was a popular news ploy to show readers how a hideous nose was grafted into perfection by a plastic surgeon. The tragedy of Alberto Valentino's nose is infamous at this point but the other notable nose job I came across worked out considerably better.

One of the more interesting characters I learned about while researching Astral Affairs Rambova was Alex Rotov. He may seem to be a peripheral personality in the Valentino/Rambova story but not entirely. Rotov was the lover and life partner of the psychic George Wehner. Wehner plays a major role in Astral Affairs Rambova and was with Natacha at the chateau in Juan les Pins when Valentino died. 

Wehner and Rotov lived together their entire lives but began their love affair during the time frame when Natacha was living in New York and engaged to Svetoslav Roerich. Rotov and Wehner at one point lived in the Roerich Master Building as did Natacha and Svetoslav and they all shared an address.

Alex Rotov was a Russian born, comedic ballet dancer; classically trained but too short at five feet play any lead roles. He was cast as the imp, the elf, the ever athletic jester. He enjoyed a successful career in New York into the 1930's and his last appearance incredibly was on the children's show Captain Kangaroo.

George Wehner and Alex Rotov traveled to Europe together several times and spent considerable time at the Hudnut chateau in Juan les Pins. Until I discovered Wehner's story and family history, Rotov's existence was unknown. I found he was not only a close friend of Natacha Rambova but a popular member of New York's artistic bohemian community in the 1930's and 40's. His resume of performances is extensive and mind-boggling in this respect.

Alex had a nose job, (see below) And this was the game changer which launched his career. 

In his later life George Wehner, a trained musician and orchestral composer, wrote a ballet for his beloved Alex. This image (see below) was taken in the 1950's but certainly captures some of his energy. There is a box of his personal papers in the Billy Rose Theatre Division of the New York Public Library but I never did access that... I still should. I was told it contained mostly Playbills and reviews from his ballet performances. As Natacha Rambova was in almost constant contact with George Wehner when he was living with Rotov, it surprised me this intriguing artist never deserved a mention until Astral Affairs. Surely Natacha knew him well and appreciated his ability and no doubt his comedy.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Two Definitions

May 29, 2019, “Tracy has always been the puppetmaster. No one else has ever pulled the strings. Even David would read his entire statement for his blog to him before posting it...Tracy is calling the shots, and he is also controlling what Simon and Eleanor Gribbin from Mad About the Boy put out there.”

The previous citation is from Cindy Martin in regards to the Valentino Facebook groups, Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget. I believe in her all too brief window of right thinking, she was candid and truthful because nothing she shared with us was breaking news and it was more an insider's confirmation of what we already knew. In this we can state Tracy Terhune controls both groups as censor whether openly or in a deceitful manner.

Today I address the use of the word “mad” by Tracy Terhune and Eleanor Gribbin on both groups, which they use to describe me and have done so for many years, i.e., “The Mad Woman of Turin”.

In English the word “mad” has two definitions... being anger or mental illness. Mad is not a technical word used to describe mental illness and refers to unrestrained reason and judgment and being unable to think in a clear or sensible way. I think most people today realize abusing someone by calling them “mad” is considered reprehensible behavior. Mocking people's torment and suffering, whoever they are, demonstrates a lack of empathy and it is not considered a humorous topic.

In my analysis here, I first of all question Terhune calling me “mad”... with the definition being “angry”... because his own trenchant anger towards us has been evident and consistent for well over a decade.

As we worked to build up and expand our work on Valentino and Rambova, publishing interesting books which were sourced and being excited to share those sources online and in podcasts, Tracy Terhune has been mad...and angrily all about tearing that down. He rules by his angry ruining and in my expert opinion this makes him a destructive force in Valentino's legacy. In response to his being so “mad” about our work and his angry ruining attempts I say the following:

As much as he has lied, defamed and mocked us and our work over the years while preening in his holy vestments of Valentino memorabilia, we have just worked harder.

As many times as Tracy Terhune has sold off valuable Valentino artifacts into oblivion to censor his fabricated narrative of his idol, we have been busy discovering even more.

And while his anger has made him conspire, campaign and intimidate to ruin us, we have been victorious.

This brings us to the second definition of the word “mad”. Terhune's being “mad” at us has also spawned his endlessly referring to me and permitting people on his two groups to refer to me as a “mad woman”.

With his running both Facebook groups as censor (note just last week he deleted an entire thread when someone posted an excerpt from Affairs Valentino) it is not surprising administrator on his Mad About the Boy group, Eleanor Gribbin is permitted by Terhune to also refer to me as “mad”.

It was not so long ago when she told someone inquiring about Affairs Valentino that my book was just, “the ravings of a mad woman”.

I have to question their insistence on calling me seriously mentally ill and/or angry. In light of their own very public behavior is this not just obvious projection on their behalf? One more case in point:

Last week Eleanor Gribbin related, and with immense pride, a dream she referred to as “a precious memory”. In her dream she revels in her “precious memory” how she had been impregnated by Rudolph Valentino multiple times having had several children by him with some mentions of her shredding lettuce, a bowl and a “little Rudolfo”.

So I muse.... my “mad ravings”?... according to her being my rather large, and now thankfully well-respected biography of Valentino based on evidence which is documented. I will not call her dream “mad” or even “ravings”.. we all have dreams... but I will call her bragging about her fond “precious memory” of being impregnated by Valentino multiple times on her public forum...something to consider as, “mad ravings”.

Perhaps the ever so “mad” and angry Terhune can find some peace of mind and extend a hand of tolerance and perhaps if Gribbin is going to rave on about her multiple pregnancies after having had sex with Valentino... they should both tend to the weeds in their own garden and above all cease using the subject of mental illness as humor. Maybe they can also check their calendars because it is 2021 and not 1421 when the mentally ill were publicly taunted and abused.

Because I proved Rudolph Valentino was heterosexual, do they consider this a “mad raving”? Because I proved Valentino's brother Alberto took obscene advantage of his heritage to ruin lives without a care, do Terhune and Gribbin consider this “mad ravings”? Because I proved Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova loved each passionately would this be a “mad raving” to them? Do they consider my discovery that Valentino's entire probate case file was stolen, just more, “mad ravings”? I could go on and on but I think I have made my point.

I do know why they are so mad at me...because I believe I am fated to be a posthumous author. In the future I will be recognized as the true serious researcher of Valentino who brought my work forward with no prejudice of any kind. And they will be remembered for their being "mad", angry people whose “ravings” contributed nothing to Valentino's memory but delusional fantasies and dreams.