Thursday, May 13, 2021

I Respond to "Data Dumping" in the Valentino World

I recently learned about “Data Dumping”. This is a process by which files and information are passed from one location to another and usually to make them disappear or in the least not easily available. The user doing the dumping will often sell the files to a site or database. It is often done to dispose of illegal data or data which was collected in a security breach. When I learned about this I had to relate this to what is going on in the Valentino world at the moment. Is this not exactly what is going on?

Tracy Terhune has said my work on Valentino will end up in the “trash bin of Valentino history” but in my opinion, this is his expertise... data dumping. I was blown away to learn some time ago how a woman in Texas bought one of Valentino's letters to his friend Bruno. I found out about this because the woman followed my Instagram page and wanted to know if Renato could translate the letter. Which he did.

She had no idea what she had but I sure did; a precious, fragile and historically important document! I shuddered to think if she did not have a connection to me... this letter and its historical data would have been lost in oblivion.

I alleged those letters to Bruno have been dumped because they are proof Valentino had sex with women and was heterosexual. I also allege that this is by far not the only case of data banning our books, banning even the mention of our names and references to our work, Tracy Terhune is furiously data dumping. Only a week or so ago, someone in his Facebook group cited Affairs Valentino in a discussion and Terhune deleted the entire thread. Is this not data dumping?

Why does he do this? There are many answers to that question but the most obvious answer is that he has a false Valentino narrative to maintain; one where Valentino arrives in America with holes in his shoes, picking cigarette butts out of ashtrays and starving for lack of a crust of bread. Absurdly false and the opposite was true.

Terhune must maintain his false narrative where Valentino is such an idiot he surrounds himself with thieves and bastards. Wrong again and the exact opposite was true.

Terhune must maintain his ludicrous narrative that Ullman was a villain and Alberto Valentino a hero when according to a mountain of court records... the exact opposite is true.

I could go on and on but I have made my point. Is this not Tracy Terhune's data dumping Valentino's history; a history he tries to alter/censor.

I think it is fair to wonder how much more he has dumped which we do not know about... including things he has accused me of dumping. We have worked hard to pull documents, share them and prove our discoveries while Tracy Terhune is banning and tossing the actual historical documents into oblivion and in my expert opinion in doing so he is dumping what does not fit his warped and very false narrative about Rudolph Valentino.


The books (see below) which Tracy Terhune does not want you to read, mention or discuss and the books he lies about without mercy.

Below just a few of Tracy Terhune's responses to our books which he has posted on the designated hate blog he runs under the title of my work, Affairs Valentino.