Friday, May 14, 2021

That Unreadable Letter

I was informed yesterday that on April 27th, Eleanor Gribbin made a post on Tracy Terhune's Facebook group, Mad About the Boy concerning the recording Valentino made. Her first image is an excerpted transcript of a letter which was written by Jean Valentino to Valentino memorabilia collector, Bill Self. In this first image, Jean relates how his daughter found the recording and he gifts the recording to Self.

Gribbin's second image is of Jean's actual letter which she is excerpting... but it is unreadable. I ask why? Was this done intentionally?

I was able to decipher a bit of the last paragraph of the letter and read how Jean tells Self that George Ullman “attempted to commercialize” the recording after “Rudy's death”. Gribbin did not include that little last paragraph in her post excerpt.

I have to comment on Jean's thinking Ullman's “commercializing” was somehow a bad thing at the time. Did he not realize Ullman was doing everything he could to pay off Valentino's enormous debt so the estate, which was willed by Valentino to Jean... would not slide into complete insolvency and bankruptcy?

Ullman took a salary for his work as executor of Valentino's estate and reported this to the penny to the court. All of this is accounted for in the court records I discovered. Those precious copies of the entire case file of Valentino probate court records which were somehow stolen from their rightful housing and passed between various collectors (three according to Tracy Terhune) and the Alberto Valentino family.

“Commercializing” means Ullman was raising funds for the estate which Jean inherited. Ullman's “attempts” to “commercialize” the recording were done to make money for Jean Valentino. In my opinion this comment by Jean demonstrates complete lack of appreciation for Ullman's work increasing the value of the Valentino estate and it demonstrates complete ignorance of the actual situation and the Alberto Valentino family's revolting attempts to impugn the hand that was then feeding them.

Jean and Alberto's continual attempts to smear Ullman reveal much more about them than Ullman. The man who singlehandedly paid off Valentino's debt and increased the value of the estate... did not deserve their lies, snide remarks and irrational defamation.

So I ask...why is the image of that letter unreadable? I call on Eleanor Gribbin to repost a readable image of that letter.

And perhaps she can listen to the last podcast we posted on the Youtube channel. (see previous post) for the truth about Ullman and those “attempts to commercialize”. Jean makes it seem Ullman was pocketing the money for himself when any monies received in fact went into Jean's pocket.

As excerpted from Eleanor Gribbin's post, Fair Use guidelines apply: