Saturday, May 8, 2021

I Respond to Tracy Terhune's Tiring Wrath

Why is Tracy Terhune still allowed to be the emcee at the annual Memorial Service? Anyone else wonder why? I think I do know why. Because in my opinion he is the good and faithful servant of the Valentino family.

Think about it. Whether he paid cold cash for his almighty Valentino collection or not is not the question here. What is the question is that he is the gatekeeper, the man at the toll bridge, the cult leader who knows how to calm the masses by sharing some relic which once belonged to Rudolph Valentino. The followers gasp, and even with the slightest appearance of the master censor there is a hush. This is by definition a cult leader. They remain elusive and appear to share a cult relic. 

Why does he even matter? Oh he bought his way into mattering. But because of that, people mistake his ability to buy every snippet of Valentino memorabilia for knowledge of Valentino's history. The two do not go hand in hand. Poor Rudy. Yet incredibly with this purchased clout, he did not use it for the good... but wielded his store-bought status to lie, defame and work hard for years on end to try and destroy me and Affairs Valentino.

What was it Cindy Martin told us... something to the order of no one gets wigged out about a book like Tracy did over Affairs Valentino. Why? Because he and his ilk got busted by little old me. And this was in great measure due to Bill Self. I think he wanted me to tell the real story of those collectors of Valentino memorabilia. He did not really hold back.

I have now been sitting by for a decade of my life and watching as Tracy Terhune does his very worst. And I connected the dots before he came out publicly as a “buddy” of David Bret.

What will it take to make people realize what Tracy Terhune does behind the scenes. On that sick blog he has run for eight years and counting to pretend to be me and divert web traffic to find his absolute garbage about me, about Renato and about all of our books. My god he sits and greets every book we publish with his malicious, petty and tiring wrath. And this proves his lack of genuine interest in Valentino.

Shame on Hollywood Forever for being complicit and for Hollywood Heritage for stating on their home page how they are so politically correct when they support a very public bully to gain access to his Valentino merchandise.

It kind of makes me sick that things Rudolph Valentino once owned and the archive of his fascinating life... are being held hostage by the worst possible person in my expert opinion and this is sad indeed.

Affairs Valentino is true, it is the book Tracy Terhune does not want you to read. He failed in his effort to destroy it, failed to prevent people from reading it and failed to ruin me.

(see below)... a visual refresher of home page images Tracy Terhune has used on his "Affairs Valentino" blog. Disgusting..... bullying by Tracy Terhune. What does this possibly have to do with Affairs Valentino... here follows from his "Literary Critique"...