Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"Court Denies Valentino Kin"

So (see below) we are to believe that because someone made a bad fictional movie on Rudolph Valentino, this caused Jean Valentino to lose almost a half a million dollars and his “privacy” was invaded? How would that work anyway?

Let's say someone sees that bad movie, do they think... Oh, I need to cancel that contract with Jean Valentino for that sound system he was going to install because of that bad movie?  How naive did Jean think people were?

By the time he filed that lawsuit, people were able to differentiate between actors and real life people. And even if someone was so utterly naive to believe a film like that completely and then disdain Jean Valentino because of it... is not that part of his heritage which he so eagerly embraced and something Jean should expect?

Bill Self told me (lamented to me) how Jean carried an actual list with him at all times... a list of the things (Valentino relics) which were missing and obviously of great value to him...he carried that list because he felt it alllll belonged to him. I know that list was not something Self liked and it must have made him very nervous. With such an epic sense of entitlement, it is not surprising Jean would feel he alone owned not only all of Valentino's “stuff”... but Valentino too.

I refute that figure of $400,000 which Jean claims that movie cost him personally. So obvious. It would be interesting to see the court records for that case to see how Jean itemized that figure.