Friday, May 7, 2021

That Concerted Effort

I can honestly say it did not occur to me when I began my Affairs Valentino discovery process in 2002-2003, that a concerted effort was underway to steal, hide and censor documents. It took me one year to find some of Valentino's probate records; about one thousand pages of the file which George Ullman filed with his appeals. 

In addition to learning the original records were stolen from their rightful housing in the Los Angeles County Hall of Records, I was accused of forging the pages I found. How sickening and absurd... because at one point Tracy Terhune admitted he had seen the stolen case file and knew it had been and still was in the hands of collectors. 

Over time I learned these same people censor the information they share about Valentino publicly, selling off artifacts which dispute their false narrative. I believe this was, and still is, a far greater problem than I ever imagined. 

I have shared most all of the discoveries I made and will continue to do more so. Here (see below) a page from the precious documents I recovered and this where Valentino is transferring/assigning ownership of his United Artists' contract to his corporate alter ego, Cosmic Arts, Inc.