Thursday, May 20, 2021

Life on the Rails for Rudy and Natacha

Note: Today two comments were left on the post I made on May 6th, titled: "Rudolph Valentino was Heterosexual - Part 2" which I found very interesting and hope readers will check them out. Thanks. 

I have recently had reason to learn about the luxury Pullman cars of the 1920's. They were the private jets of the era. It is well-known Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova traveled in luxury during the Mineralava Tour in 1923, and I guess some people assume this was something unique to them. It was not. It would be great if interior photos of their private car, “The Colonial” surfaced but some similar interiors can be found on line so we can imagine.

In Ullman's memoir he mentions the interior of the Valentino Pullman on p. 20,

“There was a living room. Nicely furnished, two bedrooms with brass beds and wardrobes and one compartment with regulation sleeping car bunks. There were also two full-sized showers. The bedroom I was to use was adjacent to the Valentino's room, and when Natacha's Aunt, Mrs. Teresa Werner, joined us, she occupied the compartment.”

He goes on to comment,

“At any rate no potentate could possibly have lived in greater comfort on the road!”

There is plenty online about this era, Googling “1920's Pullman cars”... and we can only imagine what these rolling five star hotel rooms looked like.

Rudy and Natacha's bedroom?

George's side bedroom/compartment next to Rudy's and Natacha's room, which he gave to Aunt Teresa Werner when she was on the train?

A sitting room/ parlor?

I think George's description of “The Colonial” has been dismissed by many because he proves Rudy and Natacha slept together so there is that. But I think this is one of the more romantic and visually enticing aspects of Rudy and Natacha's history and by the way some of the old rail lines still offer vacations on the restored Pullmans. For now I can only imagine.