Sunday, May 30, 2021

That Frayed Myth

Accepting documentation.. it is a normal thing to do within the civil non-psycho world or not biased world... Michael Morris used to call “it” the tired old myth. And shortened that to T.O.M. It is such a prevalent problem in the Valentino world that we spoke of it so often we shortened for the sake of convenience.

But as Franklin Roosevelt infamously said, (see below) repeating something a billion times does nothing to make it true.

Renato refers to this as “intellectual dishonesty” and I say a nice way to scam folks and play them for fools.

I use the word liar. Because that is what is going on … a whole lot of lying. For example...Michael Morris called me one morning to say he read what I said on a witness stand on David Bret's (Kim Edelman's blog). I had to tell him I never took the witness stand it was a total lie.

How long the list would be here if I began a tally of all the lies purported in the name of Rudolph Valentino by these same liars. The last thing a liar wants is someone disputing their lies with facts and documentation. They cry, “Get Thee Back Satan!” (see below where Tracy Terhune attempts to get my documentation out of sight). How many layers of disturbing is this image he posted as a home page illustration on that "Literary Critique" hate blog he runs under the title of Affairs Valentino. So Jesus here would be Terhune? And I would be the cowering Satan? Wow. 

Jesus and Satan are fairly important characters so why would Terhune want to bother them just to protect his innuendos and fantasies. Just an FYI to Tracy Terhune about this image...Tracy, you are no Jesus Christ. 

I am happy to say that the comments left on this blog reveal many people are also recognizing the lies. The documentation is the force here, a wall of pain for them because it makes their feeble, tired old lies become frail. Evidence v. innuendo.

Bill Self once told me when we were discussing the rampage to make Valentino gay and bisexual...that everyone who knew Rudy would say the same thing about it, “Poor Rudy.”

I have to join the chorus. Because it is just a lie. 

Sickest thing about this is that they know its a lie. Buyer beware I say....check under the hood.

It is my opinion there is nothing in the world more dishonest than a liar acting it out with authority.