Wednesday, May 26, 2021

More "Pennies"

Between April and July 1926, Rudolph Valentino gave his brother Alberto a total of $6150. (see below) Spending money? This was money not included in the total Ullman advanced to Alberto being $37, 411. Again x 15 by today's currency exchange and inflation rate this $6150 would today be $92,250.00.

Just to put this into the time, the average U.S. family annual income was about $2000.00. You could buy a family car for about $300.00.

In my previous post I shared the total of the monies Alberto received from Ullman as being almost $600,000 by today's inflation percentages and today I will add just a bit more to that with the pocket money Rudy gave Alberto during his stay in Falcon Lair... bringing the total of his “pennies” now up to $43,561.00 calculated to today's spending value that would be $653,415.00. Bearing in mind this is all the documentation I have access to and I am sure there was more which was not included in the audit records of Ullman's appeal's case.

I do not judge people for how they want to spend their money or for even having a great deal of it. But I do find it offensive that Alberto and his offspring continue to polish his halo when he lied mercilessly about the facts of the settlement of the estate. He did his best to garner sympathy by saying how sad it was he only got “pennies” and that all the money went on lawyers... and blah blah blah. Well no one could really fact-check Alberto's statements because the court records proving otherwise turned up missing. They never counted on anyone... let alone me... finding copies of enough of those records to learn the truth.