Saturday, May 29, 2021


Of all the pieces I have penned and published over the years which came under assault from those who yes called themselves the “team”, as spearheaded by David Bret and Tracy Terhune...the introduction to the first publication of Affairs Valentino would win the prize as most battered irrationally by them. I have written about this and won't reiterate but just say 2010 was complete hell for me as a victim of said “team” and I threw the book away basically, had it uploaded into print mostly for the Ullmans and the Mennillos and left to live in Italy.

I has so beaten and furious about what happened to me in 2010, I felt I had to explain; explain why my Google search included lies about drug busts, incest, homophobia, and why my personal information... phone numbers, addresses, family member's names were all out there with sadistic taunts such as “We are almost there folks!”

So I wrote from the heart and did not hold back. The only actual name I mentioned was David Bret. I wanted the world to know what horror this man had put out there about me and mine on a daily basis for a year then. At that time I knew the members of that “team”...I had my proof in e-mails passed back and forth, information I shared with someone which turned up on Bret's killing bully blogs. But I now have definitive proof of his affiliation with these people in the form of court documents submitted on their behalf.

I wanted the world to know what kind of people they were, the lengths they were and still are going to silence people and how their bullying me affected my life and psyche in such a tragic way. And I do not use that word lightly.

They were so offended and outraged by the intro which I titled, “The Forewarning” they are still weeping copiously about it. Imagine that? The truth about them they consider so awful to read they have cried over it for a decade and more.

Bret was so offended by my truth, he published the Forewarning in little Twitter bites. And he sent it to Michael Morris' superior at the school where Michael taught telling him to have a look at this “filth” Michael wrote. (“filth” being Bret's own actions I was commenting on) Perhaps they had never been exposed to such a high degree but after what they put me through the previous year I had nothing to lose and threw the brick as far as I could.

Would I write it differently today? Of course I would because I have so much more evidence of what goes on. There are no flood gates strong enough to withhold the kind of torrents of abuse that came my way after my truthiness in that intro.

The police in Bret's hometown told him once he should shut up because he was just promoting my book and I do sometimes think if they never said a peep when the book came out it might have sold a few copies and then have faded away and I would have moved on also. But I can not be grateful to them because the trauma they inflicted on me was and is too heavy. And it has gone on for too long.

Did Michael Morris write the Forewarning? No, he did not. I wrote all of it except one small phrase. This said he edited a great deal and made some suggestions. But that one phrase he inserted was so brilliant and nothing I would have thought of that I left it. The phrase was “Magus of the Cult”.

In this sordid history I learned one thing about the “team” and that is they project so wildly. They call my posting any defense against their unthinkable cruelty... they call that bullying. And pretty much whatever they say about me is the absolute truth about themselves. Even when Bret repeats how I called him a rapist when in fact (and I have the proof) he called himself that.

So we have a new one to hang on that projection lamp post... the slur or attempted slur that Renato and I are crass merchants chuckling as we ring up another sale on our “RVG” embossed cash register. Boy, who just laid out a sad little description of himself there?

Do I regret the Forewarning? Not one bit. If other people chose to ID themselves from that intro then there you go. It was all true and still is.

I feel most injured in this by the silent sycophants who continue to chant their praise of and genuflect before the magus and his beast... despite knowing what they have done and continue to do to me and mine. Hear the opening of that Forewarning here...