Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Voice of Rage and Ruin

It seems there was an attempt made to hack this blog. I think anyone reading this blog knows we would never attach malware to phish our readers. 

You know this is not the first time this has happened. I was once hacked and had a professional Italiano cyber tech wizard go deep into my hard drive and he found the evidence. I have that hard drive but as it is an international case I am hedging for the cost involved. But he traced the attempted hacking to some IP in Illinois. How random is that. Go figure.

So I just want to share the following. I will have a professional cyber investigator track the evidence and footprint of any attempted hacking. It is really easy to do these days.

Then when I have that evidence I will have a judge issue a search warrant to reveal the ID of the IP address and I will file criminal hacking charges and contact the FBI. I could still do it with the previous hacking job.... or attempt thereof...

Amazing that they do not think there are people out there who are way more tech clever than they are. Sad.

Meanwhile #freedomofspeech and then there is this: