Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Rudolph Valentino Love Child Theory

A Little Clarification

For years Tracy Terhune has accused me of calling him a “Bible Belt Boy”. I never did and to clarify just who the, “Bible Belt Boys” are/were... I share a few pages from my work in progress which I title, Die, Evelyn Zumaya, Die, (and yes, that is a direct quote from an e-mail sent to me from David Bret).

The “Bible Belt Boys” were two of my dear friends who called themselves this moniker affectionately. They were both from the same small town in southern Illinois. I am not quite sure why Tracy Terhune made this mistake but in his endless quest to blame me for everything I guess he went a bit too far on this one. Perhaps he made this mistake because on that designated hate blog he has run under the title of my book, Affairs Valentino... he has often posted both pictures of belts and bibles. Who knows?

For his information:

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Coalition

It is not that these foes of Valentino's documented truth make historical missteps now and then. It is not that they show zero interest in the exciting and new discoveries we make about Rudolph Valentino... it is that these people lie aggressively and conspire to make honest people suffer and all to maintain their hoax.

The mind-blowing aspect of these people's presence in the world of Valentino, i.e. the service at the crypt, those Facebook forums they run We Never Forget and Mad About the Boy... is that the Valentino family, via their lack of condemnation of this behavior and their frequent visits to these two Facebook groups... appears to accept this situation without question.

Why? Based on my many years of personal experience and the evidence we collected, the radical, “Valentino was gay”, contingency of innuendo hoaxers... provide a convenient strategy for the Valentino family. They know this is not Rudolph Valentino's truth, yet these people's malicious and reprehensible behavior provides the Valentino family with energetic foot soldiers in a campaign to ruin us, impede the distribution of our books and discredit our research. They have a common enemy, us.

We discovered many facts, which we presented with documentation refuting key points of the Valentino family's version of Rudolph's life story and the settlement of his estate. The documentation we brought forth disproved the version of events purported as gospel for years by Alberto Valentino.

His tremendous lies ruined lives and legacies and his false narrative is now just a part of the broader false narrative about Valentino espoused by those innuendo hoaxers who torture dissenting voices as a blood sport. In assaulting us and our work they benefit the Valentino family and safeguard the falsehoods Alberto first launched so many years ago.

They have acted collectively; from Alberto on down to the innuendo peddlers David Bret, Simon Constable and Tracy Terhune... to their handmaidens Eleanor Gribbin, Donna Hill and Cousin Cindy.. pursuing their conspiracies, subterfuge, deception and censorship.

I sincerely hope these people read this blog and study every word....for this is exactly what has been and is going on in their utterly failed, “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” (as Cindy Martin informed us they actually call it). Hopefully, this blog will educate and if anyone wants more proof, I will gladly provide.

If history is written by the winners, Alberto won the war way back when and his version of the “truth” stood for a long time unchallenged. Yet what he was hiding so desperately and what they hide today, is precisely the absolute and emerging truth which we are documenting.

It may not seem such an important thing to some people but having our work and reputations defamed and our books banned and censored for a decade now by that coalition determined to hide the truth and suppress documentation about so many aspects of the history of Rudolph Valentino...well it is the definition of an Orwellian nightmare.

Orwell's insights are recalled every time there is an assault by authoritarian individuals, states and ideologies on freedom of thought and action, basic rights and human decency. The very word, 'Orwellian' has come to denote so many things-tyranny, oppression surveillance by intrusive states and totalitarian systems and fear of conformism and much, much more.” (cite: The International News, “An Orwellian Nightmare” by Aijaz Zaka Syed, February 22, 2020)

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The World's Most "Unhappy Hater"

David Bret has responded to my previous post in which I referred to Renato and I as the "Happy Lovers". How sad indeed that he found this something to mock because in doing so he has, in fact, declared himself the, "Unhappy Hater".

To the "Unhappy Hater" I send him my pity for his dire plight in life. He should be so very lucky to find such a love as Renato and I have. 


Back to Reality!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

We Are Blessed

"The Happy Lovers" by Gustav Courbet - 1844

 "The Happy Lovers" by Evelyn & Renato - On the New Year's Eve of 2011
Happy Anniversary to Us!


Monday, February 22, 2021

When Paper Combusts

I imagine most people have read the novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The book was published in 1953, with a plot revolving around book burning in a future world where reading is against the law. The title reflects the temperature at which paper will combust without being ignited.

The characters in the book who do the book burning are called, “Firemen”. My point in referring to this novel is that I find a chilling similarity between Bradbury's dystopian scenario and the two Valentino Facebook groups, We Never Forget and Mad About the Boy. I accuse the administrators Simon Constable, Eleanor Gribbin, Tracy Terhune and Donna Hill, et al, of being “Firemen”... with all of our books being burned...outlawed if you will, with even our names banned from any mention.

There is little difference in my opinion between those two groups and the censorship and oppression in Bradbury's grim, yet actually realistic vision of the future. How is it possible these people run Facebook groups dedicated to Valentino while they censor what their members see, read and discuss and worse still they lie about us and our books with impunity.

The “Firemen” of We Never Forget and Mad About the Boy heave our books and our truth in their fires and suppress any distinctive ideas or honest exchanges. These “Firemen”, in my opinion, represent the worst element of social media as they enforce the opposite of free exchange, generate fraudulent conversations with themselves under their various aliases and conspire to create an environment similar in my opinion to Fahrenheit 451; steeped in their deceit and willful effort to keep their members less informed.

Conversely, I applaud the Rudolph Valentino Facebook groups which do encourage open discussions such as, Rudolph Valentino – Forever in Our Hearts... and hope people will support this energetic and intelligently administrated forum.

Friday, February 19, 2021

The True Legacy

Renato and I have been privileged in our Valentino experience. As much as I write here to address the not-so- pleasant aspects, there are so many beautiful and incredible twists and turns it frankly boggles our minds at the moment.

Rudolph Valentino affected the lives of countless people and some who took great pains to document their stories. The history of Valentino is told through so many people's varying vantage points and personal interests and we feel blessed to be hearing about some notable accounts.

The disbursement of Valentino's personal belongings after his death, to me, represents only the beginning of what this man left to the world. The true, “Valentino Effect” settled over his fans and admirers after his death as his ultimate lasting legacy.

An object once belonging to Valentino might have its effect in marketing and influence peddling, but it is the sentiment which endures I think. While the collectors of Valentino's earthly remains shuffle their wares between them, the essence of the true Valentino legacy has no price tag and stands as the actual solid gold left by Valentino.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

More Oddments

I guess it depends on who you ask when it comes to the romance of Rudolph Valentino and Pola Negri. In my opinion she worked the situation and it was not so serious as she would claim later on. This said I don't think she was any villain and this woman's life story was so fraught with difficulties, she had every reason to sob and keen if she felt like it. (see below)

 You have to love the arrow directing all attention to the word, "Heavies". I would say so, at least in January of 1921. (see below)

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Standing My Ground

For many years I have watched David Bret, along with Tracy Terhune and Simon Constable drowning the legacy of Rudolph Valentino in a sea of their lies and innuendo. It feels unending, it feels unimpeded and it feels destructive. As Renato and I have worked hard to establish documentation about this icon, these men have done the opposite and worked feverishly to undo Valentino's documented truth.

I have called them out for passing innuendo off as fact so many times, for contorting innocuous situations into their false narrative in an intellectually dishonest way and for lying about sources to an unsuspecting audience for years.

Today I call out David Bret for more contortion and slight of hand if you will.

On December 18, 2020, Bret writes the following:

“...Simon, who in 1926 witnessed Rudy and his great love Andre Daven emerging late at night, arm in arm from a London restaurant.”

He then posts as proof of this statement an article which he misquotes, leaving me wondering if he even bothered to read it. Did he assume no one would? The author says he saw Rudy in Paris and not London coming out of a Bistro. This is the height of innuendo passed off as fact to assume two men leaving a bistro arm in arm are lovers. Bret apparently knows little about customs for Italians where men and women, especially in the south of Italy often walk arm in arm and even hand in hand. And any one knowing the true and documented history of Valentino and Daven knows that by 1926, they had nothing to do with each other. Not at all. 

The more disturbing thing about this article he attached was that the author admits David Bret's book “shattered” his illusion Valentino was the great lover. "Shattered” would be the word as this is what Bret does to every single one of his subjects. He shatters any truth because he presents lies and innuendo as fact while citing sources that do not exist. I have proven this many times and will no doubt have to do it again and again.

The wild claims by David Bret are just that and in my opinion a desperate effort to keep his one and only premise alive. I quote the author Thomas McNulty, who once wrote about David Bret alleging he, “wallowed in homosexual innuendo”. 

The more perilous aspect of Bret's "wallowing" in innuendo and authoritative lying... is that he has for years cited non-existent sources and attacked to the point of torture anyone who dares to question him. This also holds true for Terhune and Constable and Gribbin.

David Bret claims he owns taped interviews he made with Marlene Dietrich. He claims he has letters written by Andre Daven and some Valentino diaries. I do not believe this is true. I know because I sued him for defamation and won being awarded damages which he must legally pay. He was recently required to submit a detailed record of his assets to the court, in which he alleged he has exactly, “zero”.

Logically, if he had those Dietrich tapes he would have been required by law to report them as an asset and he did not. The same is true of any Daven letters. So either he broke the law and deceived the court or, as I believe... they do not exist.

Andre Daven was not Valentino's lover @ ...and men leaving a bistro together is not definitive evidence of those two men's sexual orientation in any way.

David Bret has also shattered any truth about me, about our work and Renato too. This is what he does... shatter truth and lie about sources. Maybe he should read the truth about who Andre Daven really was and take a closer look at that article he attached. 

Valentino Predictions

The press second-guess Rudolph Valentino's next move. I guess he changed his mind about the "phonograph records." 


Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Value of Truthfulness

While Edel Man, (a.k.a. David Bret) thanks Eleanor Gribbin for her support, I shudder. I shudder because she does this while assuring her members how she would never allow David Bret to be a member of her group. This, while he is a member.

Eleanor Gribbin knows who she is talking to... she knows Edel Man is David Bret. The calculated bashing of Bret on her forum serves its purpose; further assurance he is no where near. Yet he is right there chatting away.

I would be surprised with such a high degree of double-dealing, but not so regarding Eleanor Gribbin. For this is a woman who is comfortable stealing other people's images and discoveries to post on her forum. This is a woman who thinks it acceptable to call me insane and tell interested people on her forum that my books are the “ramblings of a madwoman”. This is a woman who does not miss the tiniest opportunity to demean me and our work.

Why? What is the reason behind her irrational hatred of us? She does not have to like our books or us but to defame us, ban our books or even mention of them in her forum, well that says more about her than us I think.

This is a woman who in my opinion knows very well who Edel Man is but fears exposing him as they all do. Do I blame her for fearing him? Not really. But maybe she should not lie to the well-meaning members of the forum and rub their faces in the charade by chumming around with Bret/Edel Man.

I have not heard from Edel Man but he did post a screenshot of the home page of this blog. I thank him for reading!

And to Donald Garner:

I respond to your snide and mocking comment to the account run under the name of, "Beverley Mason" the other day on how you welcomed her to some club consisting I guess of people who I mention in this blog. You found it hilarious to jibe that perhaps the people I mention will all now be wearing club jackets. Since you seem to revel in the honor of being mentioned here, I will give you further cause to celebrate.

I guess I should remind you exactly what this blog is and what it is I write about. Because you seem to be missing the point entirely. This blog is my voice, my opportunity to have my truth be known. This blog is a place where I fight back against the nightmarish cruelty inflicted on us for over ten years now by Tracy Terhune and David Bret and their frightened sycophants... It is here on this blog where I expose the sickening bully behavior of those who openly trash well-meaning people and conduct their Valentino business with a ruthless and malicious intent. If you want proof of this let me know I have a great deal of it...including the entire defamation lawsuit we won against Bret which is posted here @ .

I had high hopes for you Donald long ago before they told you not to speak to me. You were a follower on my Instagram account and we were friends for a while. Then one day you posted a picture of a copy of our book of Daydreams and thanked me for “putting it together”. I braced for exactly what happened. Within hours you blocked me everywhere. What did I do to you? Are you that obedient to these monsters who routinely torture us?

I think you must know who you are walking with and I can send you screenshots of Tracy Terhune's worst posts targeting us for your review. I know you would have the right reaction to seeing those.

I was offended and disappointed by your disrespectful comments to the account run under the name of, "Beverley Mason"...and I wonder what did I ever do to you to deserve this?

Donald Garner it is here I fight back to survive. This blog is my reality. For the past decade of my life, I and my husband Renato have been the target of Tracy Terhune's “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn”.  One aspect of his campaign has been to flood the internet with lies about us and our work. Consequently, I intend to leave truth about us and all our work everywhere I can and you, young man should show some respect for that.

And if you are the true fan you claim to be of Rudolph Valentino... you would have nothing to do with not only these awful people but you would do all you could to ensure Valentino's ring be housed in a safe film archive or museum. It is not a toy to buy allegiance to the leader. It is in my opinion beneath you to pose with this museum artifact. If you are not careful you will appear to be seen as just a Terhune sycophant.

So I can not offer you a club jacket, nor a few minutes wearing a ring once owned by Rudolph Valentino. I can only offer my sincere and documented Valentino research which I am sure you would find valuable.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Few Tips on Recognizing David Bret's Fake Aliases

As I have mentioned in previous posts on this blog, over the years we have been tortured by David Bret (winning a defamation lawsuit against him), we have become adept in some odd things out of survival. One of these is learning how to recognize David Bret's fake Facebook accounts. As a public service to the Valentino community, I will share some of the more obvious ways to spot them, his tried and not so true methods and do so for my reader's consideration.

Bret will typically hail from a European country and I think his fake account of “Albert Morris” is the only one to my memory located in the U. S. where he claimed he lived in Miami in a crematorium. (see my previous blog post titled, “Home, Sweet Crematorium”)

He will often have no friends or purchase an impressive friends list, (more or less a few hundred friends in a typical list). Lists can be purchased at sites such as @ ...where you can buy up to 100 “friends” for as little as $1.95.

Perhaps Bret was convinced by the appalling blurb on that site telling prospective buyers the advantages of a long list of non-existent friends... which I excerpt,

“ ...Any other user who comes across your profile would then be your friend as soon as they see the number of friends. Therefore, it is necessary to buy Facebook friends initially to get organic followers later on.”

Is that what real friends are now called, “Organic”? I personally would rather have no friends than a morass of fake ones that do not know me nor know their profiles are being sold for $1.95 to the likes of David Bret. I have also found in the past that many of the fake accounts for sale are those of people who have died.

As most of Bret's fake accounts show no personal information at all, it is another obvious tip off when some of these empty accounts have hundreds of “followers”. Few people who have personal accounts have any followers, unless they are a celebrity. And people with no presence other than generic images would not logically have hundreds of followers.

Bret also begins posting immediately after his request to join a group is accepted and the images he posts (and his commentary) are signature. They are mostly salacious and one of his favorite images to drool over, for example... is the image of Valentino being dressed taken from Blood and Sand. The wrapping of the sash captioned with the predictable lip smacking... well as they say in Italian, “Che Schifo!” (How disgusting!)

Above all Bret's fake accounts are foreign, with sparse conversations cobbled together with the help of online translators. His characters typically have some celebrity connection and he hopes in this way to be infamous. Even his own alias of David Bret follows this guideline in that he claims to have been friends with a long list of celebrities.

I add if you Google his character's names and find nothing, they do not exist. Edel Man has no Google presence at all.

Yesterday I went to look at the account of Mr. Edel Man and found a connection to a new Valentino group, Rodolfo Valentino – Brasil. This run by an account under the name, “Lillian Barutti”. It took us about five minutes to see through that one with the flash construction of the entire set up. In two days, February 3rd and 4th... some fifty posts were uploaded there and all from either We Never Forget or Madness About the Boy.

I do not share this information in any effort to say fictitious aliases online are illegal or inappropriate because at times they are truly necessary. It is that in the case of Bret and that extensive catalog of poisonous mushroom accounts popping up on those two groups... I feel it is a form of Valentino Facebook racketeering, a business which is executed in a malicious and underhanded manner and in my opinion is a part of a group effort to deceive well meaning people.

And to the account run under the name of, “Beverly Mason”, I say this... “the Zumayas” did not ban you. Renato Floris banned you and for kissing the asses of the very people who bully and torture us with their vicious name-calling and sick, ageist countdowns to our deaths with their sneering, “tick-tocking”. If you find what they do and have done to us and others for over a decade acceptable behavior... then you are complicit and not welcome.

I hope this is all helpful information in connecting the dots and prevents people from not being deceived by this Valentino Facebook racketeering. 

Those Poisonous Aliases

Does it make any difference for me to continue to expose the poisonous mushrooms which seem to crop up over night? This is how someone referred to the rapid fire fake aliases appearing as of late on the two cult Facebook groups, We Never Forget and Mad About the Boy. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe not...but I will report what I know because it enlightens those people on those groups who might care.

It seems David Bret has a new alias; Edel Man. I am informed this name relates, in German, to a man of aristocratic origins. #$@#&%^!! I have made my feelings well known on this blog in as far as David Bret is concerned. I think he, of all people, should use his real name and not hide under an infinite string of fake, corny aliases attempting to deceive people who would never be there if they knew who they were really hanging out with. The truly sad thing in this situation is that he knows he can not be there if he tells people who he is. Fancy that.

Yet he is not so great at fooling people with his signature propaganda and those welcoming him to their groups, namely Simon Constable.. well in my opinion they know exactly who he is. They want David Bret there in any format. Why? Ask them.

Now David Bret (actually being another alias) is someone who has accused me of a great deal (everything bad actually) over the past ten years... with one of those lame accusations being the lie that I use many aliases and post good reviews of my own books under fictitious names. David Bret makes this accusation of me because that is precisely his reality.

Stay safe out there everyone and look out for those poisonous mushrooms. They are just popping up everywhere these days.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Alberto's Facial Preview

Alberto Valentino would later admit he never had any intention to replace his brother Rudolph. I guess back in the day before online archives this was an easier thing to do; to erase your past. I have no doubt Alberto was pressured into replacing Rudolph because there was money to be made. But if you think about it, Alberto even entertaining the idea diminishes the profession of acting. Is acting something anyone can just do without talent, without a knowledge of the profession?

George Ullman wrote how Alberto's first comments on his arrival in New York after Rudolph's death shocked him. Alberto asked how big was the estate and then told George not to worry because he would take Rudolph's place.

If someone suggested I replace my sibling in their profession I would think they were crazy. If I announced upon their death that I was going to take their place in their chosen profession, I think everyone would think I was crazy.

Alberto soon discovered it was not all that easy a thing to do to try and become your brother. This take on the new face as published on October 19, 1927.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Another Snippet

Aileen Pringle starred with Rudolph Valentino in Stolen Moments in 1920 (billed as Aileen Savage) and was said to have brokered Valentino's meeting with H.L Mencken in 1926. This enigmatic actress was known for her sharp wit and I share this charming snippet as evidence of this which I found in an old file.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Natacha Rambova, Egypt, The Men & More

As Omar the Tent Maker?

Thank you to the friend who spotted this item (see below). It appears Rudolph Valentino was pondering accepting the roll of Omar the Tent Maker.

The cast of the movie includes Doug Gerrard and Patsy Ruth Miller interestingly. It might not have been such a bad fit for Valentino.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Some "Raw Data"

Michael Morris referred to his archive as his "raw data". By far one of the most spectacular aspects of his "raw data" would be his collection of photographs. By the time he was working with me on Beyond Valentino we had access to digital images but in the 1980's when Michael was working on Madam Valentino, he bought these photographs from film archives. The negatives are many and in perfect condition and I will see that this data is housed in the safest possible location. I am still debating over a couple of different final locations for his archive and have also scanned it all to upload on soon. 

The "fierce defilement"

The following document is a publicly available record which can be accessed through the Court of Asti. It is an excerpt of the case as filed in the defamation lawsuit I won v. David Bret in 2016.  

So I am referred to as the "unfortunate writer"  facing the "fierce defilement" of one David Bret. I will never be silenced, coerced into complacency until there is justice, atonement, apologies and amends. Today someone told me I paid a "high price" for what I do and I applaud their assessment of that. Thank you. The judge who handed down the verdict in the lawsuit I won v. David Bret wrote a concise piece about what happened and is still happening. The "trickle down theory"? .... David Bret is supported by Tracy Terhune who provides a platform for Bret to violate the verdict and Terhune is supported by the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and Hollywood Heritage. I say cancel all of them for their fierce defilement affiliations. #hollywoodforever #hollywoodheritage #stopbullying  


Saturday, February 6, 2021

An Exotic Tang

The artist Rolf Armstrong paints in words...

 Said sketch...

The Portrait....

More about the artist:

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Lessons Learned

Bullies will always say you are bullying them if you defend yourself.... at all.

Bullies will pounce upon any fresh tidbit of personal information about their victim... an outfit they saw them wearing in a photo online, a meal they ate... and with sheer glee the bullies will roll that on over into some deep mocking.

Bullies will weep on piteously for years, like giant infant babies, wailing over the meekest sign of retaliation from their victim.

I have learned a lot about such things as bullying, specifically gas-lighting techniques, psychological warfare, etc. because I wrote Affairs Valentino... a book in which I dared to say that Valentino was not gay, that his brother Alberto was not some saint, that the handyman was also not perfect, and that George Ullman became the ultimate red herring, etc.

I could never have imagined that because I reported on that true story, I would become an expert on being bullied. Oh I can hear them scoffing reading that sentence and rushing to confab with that clack, clacketing away of their keyboards determined to cry one more time how I am really the bully … for not taking their abuse silently! They fool no one with that.

Are they winning in their perceived, decades long war to “ruin” me? Not at all and I spit on their idiotic war. They might want to know they lost this one long, long ago.

I have a great and admirable life, a beautiful inside and out, loving husband, four fabulously entertaining fur babies, a supportive family... and extremely exciting new projects which seem to fall out of the air. How could I not feel blessed? 

I am sorry for those bullies apparent inability to stop being horrible towards us. Their unhappiness seems unalterable. It must be very strange to live your life being multiple people. Keeping up the outer facade of niceness while suffering so feverishly behind that facade to ruin people and in such an evil way. A treacherous dichotomy to uphold I would think.

When they began to throw their stones at me, online bullying was barely a thing. It sure is now and it is heartening that people recognize those signature bullying techniques: the deeply personal insults, the cruel mocking and attempts to be funny with a constant mention of their victim's death...these are hallmarks of bullying behavior. And boy are those bullying us...seriously invested in that behavior. They are scarcely capable of doing anything less than to be their most wicked.

For today, Renato is cooking and it smells wonderful in here, the puppers are sleeping after keeping us awake half the night and I am feeling grateful.

I am not sure who to give credit to for this great art. It was an ad for the typewriter which I just love. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Some Justice for George Ullman and for Affairs Valentino!

I could not be happier with the news I share today. Back in 2003, I managed to find the Appeals case filed by George a law library in San Francisco. When I reported on this entire story in detail in Affairs Valentino, Tracy Terhune ramped up his, “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” and allowed the claim to run rampant how I wrote “trash fiction”, his followers chiming in how I forged those court records I claimed I discovered. Cindy Martin would tell Renato how she believed I forged those court records and wondered why Terhune never told her this was not true. Eventually Terhune admitted the records existed but not before years of damaging attacks flooded my online search and created a popular belief I was somehow, incredibly capable of forging California Appeals Court records.

I published the records in an Affairs Valentino Companion Guide but the “trash fiction” tag from Terhune continued. I was portrayed as a liar, a fraud, my work belonged in the trash bin and accused of just about everything else.

Throughout that time I hoped no one would manage to steal the original records of George Ullman's Appeals Case and the Appeals ruling because this was the only proof existing that I was telling the gospel truth.

Today I am very pleased to announce that the Appeals ruling is now online through the link @ and is safe from any pilfering. I am ecstatic and feel justice for Affairs Valentino has been handed down with this one document being so authoritatively available online. I know it might be confusing to read but for me it is pure vindication.

Included in this document is the text of “Paragraph Fourth”, (which I first brought forth in Affairs Valentino) in which Valentino appointed George Ullman to continue to manage his Rudolph Valentino Productions Company and in which Valentino laid out the terms of those weekly stipends for his brother, sister and Aunt Teresa.. and in which Valentino stipulates that when Jean Valentino turned twenty-five he would inherit the profits. Alberto Valentino claimed in court that “Paragraph Fourth” was a forgery and that it never existed. I was accused for years that I forged this and it was all “fiction” and that it never existed.

I am very happy to finally share this link! Victory!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Before the Great Court of Asti

Affairs Valentino on the book's day of victory before the Court of Asti. The verdict was in my favor and justice for Affairs Valentino was handed down. I won my defamation lawsuit v. David Bret; an historic day. 


Monday, February 1, 2021

My Sweet Shadow