Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Some Justice for George Ullman and for Affairs Valentino!

I could not be happier with the news I share today. Back in 2003, I managed to find the Appeals case filed by George Ullman...in a law library in San Francisco. When I reported on this entire story in detail in Affairs Valentino, Tracy Terhune ramped up his, “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” and allowed the claim to run rampant how I wrote “trash fiction”, his followers chiming in how I forged those court records I claimed I discovered. Cindy Martin would tell Renato how she believed I forged those court records and wondered why Terhune never told her this was not true. Eventually Terhune admitted the records existed but not before years of damaging attacks flooded my online search and created a popular belief I was somehow, incredibly capable of forging California Appeals Court records.

I published the records in an Affairs Valentino Companion Guide but the “trash fiction” tag from Terhune continued. I was portrayed as a liar, a fraud, my work belonged in the trash bin and accused of just about everything else.

Throughout that time I hoped no one would manage to steal the original records of George Ullman's Appeals Case and the Appeals ruling because this was the only proof existing that I was telling the gospel truth.

Today I am very pleased to announce that the Appeals ruling is now online through the link @ https://cite.case.law/cal-app/138/80/ and is safe from any pilfering. I am ecstatic and feel justice for Affairs Valentino has been handed down with this one document being so authoritatively available online. I know it might be confusing to read but for me it is pure vindication.

Included in this document is the text of “Paragraph Fourth”, (which I first brought forth in Affairs Valentino) in which Valentino appointed George Ullman to continue to manage his Rudolph Valentino Productions Company and in which Valentino laid out the terms of those weekly stipends for his brother, sister and Aunt Teresa.. and in which Valentino stipulates that when Jean Valentino turned twenty-five he would inherit the profits. Alberto Valentino claimed in court that “Paragraph Fourth” was a forgery and that it never existed. I was accused for years that I forged this and it was all “fiction” and that it never existed.

I am very happy to finally share this link! Victory!!


  1. Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.

  2. The truth always comes out eventually.