Friday, January 15, 2021

A Comment From Renato Floris

Congratulations Evelyn on defending youself and our work. We have never, ever thought of expanding our audience through the unknown Cindy Martin. I only know that she popped up like a mushroom just to throw me out, for no reason, from Dom Caruso's group and then reappeared with the nickname of Dark Mum to become the heavy artillery of Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret spreading hatred and defamation about us to the 4 winds, then she disappeared to reappear one day with this sentence:

"Fires of Victory"

I have mentioned before how one of the most fascinating aspects of studying Natacha Rambova was learning about the history of the Roerich family, their society, their art, their metaphysical involvements and various mahatmas. Although son Svetoslav was an accomplished and highly-acclaimed artist, I find father Nicholas' works more compelling. His epic scenes of the Altai region are epic. In his early days he was a renown set designer and I think this is apparent in his work. 

The politics of the Roerich Society today reveals a story of deep division internationally. I was in contact with both sides of the conflict while completing Beyond Valentino and had to tread lightly. It seems every country has its members and loyalty to one side or the other determines a great deal. 

For me it is the Roerich art which endures and the sweeping panoramas. 

Above: Nicholas Roerich's "Fires of Victory - Sentinel Lights on the Towers of Gobi", executed in 1940. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

My Statement on “Who is Cindy Martin?”

Cindy Martin, under her alias Dark Mum, has quite the long career of bullying us on that designated hate blog Tracy Ryan Terhune hijacked and has run under my book Affairs Valentino's title for eight years.

On 4/23/2018, she writes how I am not so bright and that Affairs Valentino is, “the worst researched book”, (perhaps a play on Michael Morris writing that Affairs Valentino was the “best researched and best written book on Valentino”) Martin went on that day calling our work, “trash from Italy” and mocking our podcasts as,“hysterical and shrieking”.

On May 27, she files another hate filled rant in which she calls me a “user and a narcissist”; mentioning my deceased parents saying they never instilled any morals in me.

September 5... She writes a long post about my, “mental illness” and goes into detail how my husband Renato is shamelessly taking advantage of my mental decrepitude.

I could cite on and on from the archive of her spiteful diatribes, but to recap:

In the course of her bullying us nonsensically, she has bragged how she personally was “instrumental” in having our books removed from sale (an illegal thing to do as it is impeding our right to do business), told people she knew, “as fact” my defamation lawsuit v. David Bret (which I won) never existed. She spread the defamatory lie far and wide that I fraudulently used Michael Morris' name to put out his posthumous book, Beyond Valentino and that he did not write a word of it and she chimed in with Terhune and Bret on their daily bombardments of lies and insults, such as their claiming I forged documents and had a life of crime. All tremendously false and defamatory.

There are scarcely words to describe the extent of the pain and anguish which Cindy Martin inflicted and inflicts on us with her awful abuse which now has spanned years.

Consequently, I am sure any thinking person could understand how I find her cozy corner chit chat these days about her new Natacha Facebook group, terrifying in light of her documented past. How can someone write such torrents of heinous abuse targeting us with such a seething hatred and then pretend to also be a sweet old lady just launching her research, titter, titter. In explaining her history the following becomes key:

In May of 2019, Cindy Martin wrote Renato claiming she had been brainwashed/fooled/lied to and/or tricked by Tracy Terhune, David Bret and the other horrible people who run those two cult Facebook groups. She claimed they fed her the lies to say about me and indoctrinated her into hating me irrationally.

For a few days she engaged in a lengthy and revelatory exchange with Renato in which among other things she discussed how she could have all those cruel and false posts about me taken down from the deceitful blog Terhune runs under my book Affairs Valentino's title... and in this Cindy Martin toyed with the idea of suing Terhune but assured Renato we had the better lawsuit because of that blog. She went so far in her plans to sue Terhune to mention on June 2, her contacting the FBI, local cybercrime units and law enforcement.. and discussed the possibility of seeking a restraining order against Terhune.  

I excerpt but a few lines from this lengthy exchange under Fair Use guidelines to illustrate my point from her revelations. For example, she writes on May 20, 2019, how Tracy Terhune and Simon Constable, “are now thick as thieves along with Donna Hill, and they are working against Evelyn.” And adds,”Simon is the one for Evelyn to watch out for.” And, “I have a history with Simon. I know the snake he is. David Bret has been masquerading as Albert Morris for quite some time.”

Cindy Martin goes on to call Tracy Terhune,“truly a snake” and says he is a master at manipulation. She admits she knows David Bret, “lied” (about being served with the lawsuit) saying, “He was served those papers.” And she hits Donna Hill many times, saying she will try to “suck up to Terhune forever” and explains how,“Donna talks out of both sides of her mouth. Tracy has always been the puppet master. No one else has ever pulled the strings. Even David (Bret) would read his entire statement for his blog to him before posting it.”

Cindy Martin went on and on relating how she told Tracy Terhune a while ago that she, “refused to be his bully machine against....Evelyn” and refers to Simon Constable by saying,“Of all the people I've dealt with in the Valentino community, he is the slimiest. He is worse than David Bret..” In a longer message about Bret she wrote,“My point is that as there are many of us who detest David Bret, he has done so much damage to our gay and bisexual community.... even Tracy does not want Bret physically in the US.”

None of this information was new to us, but it was heavy to hear Cindy Martin spilling her guts. Now at some point those fiends she was dashing to the rocks, gave her the nod to come rushing back into the fold and she was off lickety split. Back again to insulting me to impress those running the “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn”, as she herself defined their actions. Perhaps they rationalized she was safer as an ally than an enemy.

Meanwhile Cindy Martin opens her own Facebook group, Rudolph Valentino Haven, or some such thing... and begins to take credit for my Rambova discoveries, i.e., telling a member of her group how she discovered the copy of the United Artists' contract. Actually, I did. And with this in mind she now crows how she is free to pursue her Rambova research. What research? Downloading my images and stealing my work? I know of many aspects of Rambova's life which deserve further research... maybe she could ask me about that. Instead, she is bragging how she is off to Salt Lake to cozy up with her 53rd cousin, 85 times removed to I guess compare noses.

To me her shady and latest claim to being a family member has no bearing on her past behavior. If she was Rambova's only sister.. it would make no difference. Her past is documented as well as her terrible words and this is who she is ultimately. I, for one, await a real screenshot of that document she posted so victoriously, one with a proper URL header. I could have made those “word salads” in Photoshop in ten minutes. It is not a legal document. Furthermore, it lends no credibility at all to me because her past of malevolent bullying is her actual identity and her every cruel word hurled our way renders her lavish, self-congratulatory preening over being the 105th cousin of Rambova absolutely nauseating; well actually stomach-churning.

Because her name-calling and vile abuse still rings loud and clear here. So I say that what she refers to as our, “trash from Italy”... all those books, videos and podcasts are doing quite well, thank-you. And for her information my parents instilled the highest of moral standards in me and it is for this reason I call her out. I could do nothing less. My parents taught me well how to stand up for myself, my loved ones and for truth and justice.

In all my seventy-two years, I have never known of a more duplicitous and hateable person. As we survive the hellscape of her years of frightening attacks and her defamatory, ruinous lies intended to wound and impede our right to do business...And with her recent opening of the Facebook group, Natacha's Niche...the skies of Rambova's legacy darken with this malevolent presence of Dark Mum! I assert my authority as the legal custodian of Michael Morris' highly-respected Natacha Rambova archive and as the co-author of his posthumous book Beyond Valentino to issue my official statement:

I deplore and denounce the very presence of Cindy Martin in Rambova's legacy.


Thank-you to a generous friend for sharing this dynamic image. Here, Rambova in her role in "Creoles" which I address in Astral Affairs Rambova. The book is now an audio book on our Youtube Channel @


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Why Do Eleanor Gribbin & Simon Constable Contest the Villalobos Dissertation & Valentino's Own Letters?

It is absolutely astounding to read the ignorant vaporings of Eleanor Gribbin and Simon Constable as they cling desperately to their idiotic premises. What do they have against the Valentino family and Jeanine Villalobos' Phd dissertation anyway? They now accuse even Valentino of lying in his personal letters to his family in which he discusses cures and medications for syphilis. And he admits he contracted this from prostitutes.

Does Gribbin think her own rumor mongering, passed off as fact...and feigned expertise somehow is more authoritative than the word of Valentino himself and his great grand niece, Jeanine Villalobos who cited family letters?

The evidence is air tight and not “negative rumors” as Gribbin tells a member of her group...and the idea that it was gonorrhea and not syphilis is absurdity. One, because if this was the case why would Valentino be writing his own family about cures and medications for syphilis? And two... why is one any different than the other? For me this is an absurd and meaningless differentiation.

The desperate machinations of the cult in this regard speak volumes as to their fear of legitimate research and the truth. This is precisely why we are banned from their groups and why they have mercilessly attacked us and all our 14 books for a decade. And it is one of the defining aspects of a cult to be suppressing literature, which now includes the Phd dissertation of Villalobos and the hand written letters of Rudolph Valentino.

Eleanor Gribbin knows very little in my opinion on the subject and I base this on her steadfast refusal to learn something new. She told someone on her group that Affairs Valentino was the rantings of a “madwoman”... this a book with the stories of Ullman, Mennillo, the settlement of the estate based on the court documents, etc...and for me she has never risen a smidgeon above willful ignorance on the subject. She denies court records on file, letters written by Valentino, etc. and cites as fact the innuendo-ridden meanderings of Simon Constable and second and third hand being more authoritative than the written words of Rudolph Valentino himself.

I am happy to see that the podcast setting this down as fact is doing extremely well and today reached 290 listens. And again I ask why are Eleanor Gribbin and Simon Constable calling the Villalobos dissertation fraudulent? Why do they think they have a square inch of ground left to stand on... on this subject? They don't. 

It is fact Rudolph Valentino suffered from syphilis. He himself wrote about new cures and medications he was taking. Surely he knew what he had. Maybe he should have asked Eleanor and Simon though... because they claim to know more about it than he did or his descendant who had his actual letters in hand.

I think the majority of people see clean through their cult voices any more. Their day of hegemony is over.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Would Be Nice


Born That Way

I based our most recent podcast, “Rudolph Valentino, That Left Eye and More”, on the evidence presented by Ms. Jeanine Villalobos in her Phd dissertation and the research executed by Professor Aurelio Miccoli. I am not surprised to see reports from the two “Valentino was gay/bisexual cult” Facebook groups..of the usual and insidious demeaning of their work, grumblings about the podcast and citing the discoveries without accreditation. But I have to say I am blown away how the very subject of Rudolph Valentino's suffering from syphilis which he contracted from prostitutes and the ramifications of this new information to so many people. Villalobos' dissertation has been out for almost a decade. Why was, and still is... this information so suppressed? This is important information; the illness he suffered from for fifteen years...which impacted so many aspects of his life and which could have contributed to his early death.

I am told that on “Mad About the Boy”, the very subject is shut down by administrator Eleanor Gribbin with a mocking of anyone who might believe such a thing. I remind her Valentino himself wrote about this illness in detail in letters which still exist today; letters Villalobos cited in her dissertation. Is Gribbin accusing Villalobos of faking those letters and more absurdly accusing Valentino of lying in the letters? This is outrageous and censorship.

I am told that on the other cult Facebook group, “We Never Forget”... the subject Villalobos brought forth was discussed minimally. Today I present my theory as to why this suppression of her work is law on those two cult groups.

It is because those letters to Bruno stand as definitive evidence Valentino was “Born That Way” and sexually attracted to women.

Of course I will come under more attack for daring to say the obvious but what else is new...No, I have never had a reason nor interest in proving I was right or wrong or in proving Valentino gay or not gay. Long ago, I set out to find an answer through the prevalent question, "Was Valentino gay?'...and I discovered a hoax; a tremendous lie... but in my exposing this hoax I have been assaulted for over ten years of my life by being called “homophobic”. Here is a news flash for the “Valentino was gay/bisexual cult leaders”... it is not homophobic to say someone is not gay. Someone's truth is just that. And writing endless lies and fabrications will not change the facts.

Valentino was attracted to women, had sex with prostitutes who were women and paid a price and then wrote about it. How much more proof does there need to be? This subject is closed and has been by Valentino himself.

In writing this, the lyrics, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”, come to my mind... because I guess by now I am free because I have been called “homophobic” a million times by the “Valentino was gay/bisexual cult leaders”. So one more time probably will not kill me. But this does not change my reality one bit. I am not homophobic. 

I believe people are “Born that Way” as Lady Gaga sings, “There's nothing wrong with loving who you are...”. And a person's truth is a sacred truth and not open to “opinion”. It is tragic our culture is still so shockingly unaccepting and judgmental about homosexuality but even in my lifetime this has changed considerably and for the better. I have hope.

In this I expose the homophobic cult leaders as they wield the word, “homophobia” as their personal and frivolous weapon of choice to destroy critics. I expose their homophobia for attacking people calling them homophobic slurs... “fat lezzies”, “a man who wears a dress”, “fat lezzie who can't get a man”, “Padre Liberace” and worse. That is homophobia at its worst. And outing celebrities as gay just to sell bad books, based on innuendo is also the worst kind of homophobia; portraying homosexuality as titillating perpetuates antiquated and dangerous stereotypes. And in my opinion those two Facebook groups should be shut down for their obscene homophobia in this regard.

Valentino's letters to Bruno Pozzan are honest and key in the realization of actual evidence as to how he was born. They are not fantasy, trumped up innuendo and ridiculous lies about source materials never presented. These are written in Valentino's own handwriting and were brought forth by his family...letters in which he is admitting he had sex with women..with the “signorine”, the prostitutes... going with one woman and then the other. He writes, according to Villalobos, telling Bruno he was home sick from something he caught from the prostitutes, who were women. I think the subject is closed.

I have written about the censorship on those two groups many times. But isn't it obvious to anyone on those groups that we are blocked, banned from even participating in the conversations which are often about our work? Why are we banned? I believe it is because we refuse to bow before the altar of their homophobic ridden “Valentino was gay or bisexual” hoax. I have searched for decades for a shred of evidence to prove otherwise. None was found. Valentino's heterosexuality was remarkably unambiguous.

I have been hearing from people for years who have been banned from those groups for contesting the Valentino was gay/bisexual tenet. And in almost every case the person banned was called homophobic. That has been their effective strategy which sadly continues. I have been accused of being “obsessed” but what colossal projection is that?... when their rhetoric and their books, and I use that term loosely, are being churned out about “Valentino's Men” and are based on nothing but salacious homophobic lies and innuendo. Their own actions stand as living proof that they are the ones they censor away and enforce their fundamentalist doctrines on those two Facebook groups. Enough already. Everyone deserves their own truth be told and not have this aspect of their history contorted into fiction. Even Valentino.

The letters to Bruno put an end to this subject and I am happy the letter they tried to heave in the trash bin of Valentino history found us as it did. Incredibly, as I discuss in the podcast. In my opinion the “offing” of this precious letter stands as proof of the censorship on those groups and I hope the message reaches people that this takes place. Because God knows we are banned from saying a word there. When Renato requested to join “Mad About the Boy”, Simon Constable told him rudely to “Go Away” and threatened to report him to Facebook. For what? For asking to join in the discussions? Facts are facts and as Villalobos and Valentino himself presented it many years ago... it is not an “opinion”... it is fact...Valentino was having sex with women. Mystery solved.

The translation of Valentino's letter to Bruno which was rescued from the trash bin of Valentino history... and images of the actual letter are included in our book, Rudolph Valentino In English by Jeanne De Recqueville. Which is available here:

**And I add in closing that in my opinion the entire, "Valentino could have been bisexual" is an option for people to say to guarantee they won't be called homophobic, attacked and mercilessly so. 

Said podcast can be heard here:

Monday, January 11, 2021


Me (below) in front of Cole's on 6th street in Los Angeles. Their website says they are open for dining-in which is surprising all things considered. I used to post more pictures of myself traveling way back when. But one day I had lunch with family in a restaurant which was down the street, next door?... maybe in the same building?... as Tracy Terhune's home. This I did not know, had no clue. 

But since I posted that picture of myself, he has claimed I was stalking him that day. Ridiculous. Another magnificent lie. I am not a stalker and actually have lived in hiding from all of them for a long time. 

Had I known I was in any proximity to Tracy Terhune, I would have left immediately. Frightening to think about actually. This was taken a while back after a lunch at Cole's... and I have no idea if any of "them" live near this establishment, but I am sure if they do I will hear about it. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

In the Land of the Hot Canyons

Over the years I have written a lot. Whether it was to process the attacks on me and mine or whether it was in response and as a defense against the all the lies.

I found the following page in my fat files and it was written in 2015 and is somewhat self-explanatory. I titled it, “In The Land of the Hot Canyons”. 

(below) sightseeing in St. George, Utah and a rare sighting of Hala Pickford and yours truly. This photo op was too rich to pass up. 

Saturday, January 9, 2021

How I Feel About This

So the Valentino cult now organizes their full-on assault on Natacha Rambova, spearheaded by "Cindy Martin", the woman who bragged openly she was “instrumental” in having our books removed from sale and who maliciously lied to prospective readers of Michael Morris's posthumous book, Beyond Valentino...a book he was working on when he suddenly died. When asked about the new book by Michael Morris... Martin told the interested person that there was no new book written by Michael Morris. Beyond Valentino, she lied, was fraudulently written by me.

The Valentino cult knows only to tear down with gross fabrications, innuendo and insults and continue their undermining and “ruination campaigns” and all to be free IMO to destroy any truth about Valentino and Rambova. As “Cindy Martin”has a history of taking full claim and credit for my research and discoveries and being consistently more than horrible towards me, Renato and our work... I personally think she is the wrong person to “go to” about anything Rambova or Valentino and can state that most all of what she says about me is a straight up lie.

For the truth is I met and worked with so many memorable and interesting people while I spent that year finishing Michael Morris' posthumous book, Beyond Valentino: the artist in Madrid who restored the image for the cover, the Egyptologists from Yale who wrote an essay about Natacha's Egyptological life's work, and William James, historian on Mallorca who worked so long and earnestly on his essay on Natacha and the Spanish Civil War.

Let's just say this...I am very protective of Michael Morris' archive and his last work... and in this I assume my position as enforcer of his copyrights and legacy. I champion the cause here with all that this entails. And today it entails letting people know how I feel about this.

Michael envisioned Beyond Valentino as a smaller volume and when he died we were struggling to decide which images to include or not. After his death, I decided I would include them all, the book would be a monument to Michael and as his “final word on Rambova” everything had to be included... there would be no revisiting this for Michael.

And I felt strongly that the book, in light of its spiritual significance... be iconic on its own. I really feel it is and am happy about that.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Sacred Territory

Michael Morris and I worked together on Beyond Valentino for a few years before we really became serious about finishing it. He wanted the book to be out on the 25th anniversary of Madam Valentino. He did not quite make it.

His discoveries were many and mighty and when he passed away I negotiated the finalization of some of them; the use of the fabulous Mallorcan images (see below), the essay on the Spanish Civil War with William James as commentary on Rambova's essay, “Arriba España”. I worked with Rambova's god-daughter Maria Salomé and sent her a copy of the book. And together Ms. Salomé and I discovered Rambova's make-up line. Completing Beyond Valentino was an enormous amount of work and a labor of love.

Since I have been custodian of Michael's archive, I have had several occasions to grant permission for use of some of his materials. It is always a pleasure to work with honest people seeking proper attribution and permission.

I think I have made my point here about my guarding Michael's archive and collection. It is sacred territory.

#specialplaceinhellforthieves #honesty

                            The tribute pages in Beyond Valentino. 

One of the images of Rambova's belongings she left behind in Mallorca when she left Spain. 

Natacha & Svetie

Natacha Rambova & Svetoslav Roerich were engaged for three years before he left her to return to India. I was fortunate in discovering more about their love story when I completed Michael Morris' fine addendum to Madam Valentino, Beyond Valentino. Through Michael's contacts I was put in touch with the Russian Roerich Foundation and an historian in Moscow working on Svetoslav's history who generously shared a great deal. Many surprises are consequently revealed in Beyond Valentino. What a fabulously beautiful couple, but more heart break for her. 


Thursday, January 7, 2021

In My Opinion This is Absurd

So Cindy Martin has established a Facebook group for Natacha Rambova. Good grief why? This is the same woman who trashed the launch of Michael Morris' book, his posthumous book, “Beyond Valentino” and who accused me of “never knowing him”, of forging the court records, of taking advantage of his grieving family and posting fake e-mails from him, and swore my lawsuit v. Bret never existed, etc. Wow.

In my opinion, I can not think of a poorer and less informed candidate to run such a group than Cindy Martin. She has attempted to take credit for my research..revealing as her word how Natacha Rambova was not mentioned in the United Artists' contract. Did she find that copy of the United Artists' contract? Did she write it into a narrative? No, she did not. I did. Would it have been the right thing to do to credit me for this? Yes, it would have been just that. 

Now she claims to be a cousin of Natacha Rambova. In my opinion this is absurd. 

And just who is she? I know I stand alone in my belief she is not who she says she is. Yet, I maintain this. Where did she come from? In 2014 or so, Dom Caruso befriended Renato over his order of Affairs Valentino. He was the first person and only person to refer to Tracy Terhune, David Bret, Jeanine Villalobos and Donna Hill as “The Unholy Four”. I did not entirely agree.

But at one point a Cindy Martin joined his Facebook group... and he appointed her an immediate administrator and referred from then after to the “Unholy Three”. When I asked him who he eliminated from his "Unholy Four",  he disappeared. Go figure.

This force of Martin rolled on in and immediately deleted Renato, Michael Morris and from her day one commanded an unquestionable authority.

So I issue my statement to this entity... Cindy Martin... that if I hear she is using Michael Morris' images, letters, correspondence, etc. without my permission....I will enforce his copyright to the letter of the law.

You see this “Cindy Martin” was wrong, wrong, wrong about Michael and I. We were dear friends, working fast and furious on his Beyond Valentino when he died and it is to me a disgusting turn of events that the woman who openly told people Michael Morris' final word on Rambova was a fraud... and advised them not to buy the book... now opens a tributary blog to the woman? 

Poor Natacha.

And I will add that there are actual living blood relatives of Rambova... residing in Salt Lake. I will alert them to this news and hopefully they will oversee the situation. Because they do, they have and are serious about doing this in the future.

St. Michael Archangel

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Wrong Thing was Done

In 2003, I was interviewing Valentino memorabilia collector Bill Self and S. George Ullman's children Bob and Bunny Ullman for my Valentino biography Affairs Valentino. It was inevitable I would be looking for the probate court records of Valentino's estate to verify, with documentation, Ullman's performance as executor. I was somewhat surprised to learn how Bob and Bunny Ullman knew little about the fine points of this time in their father's life. But they knew plenty about how he was attacked and maligned by the Alberto Valentino family. This had been a part of their entire lives and something they hoped I could help them with... to know just what was the truth.

I asked Self for help in finding those records.... because they were “missing” from their rightful location in the LA County Hall of Records. Self was cagey but finally told me how he read those stolen records. He then told me who had the records... another collector... and said he would ask him if I could read them.

Self replied “no” to me by e-mail (which I still have) saying the collector decided to return the case file of records to “where they belong”; and this was the Alberto Valentino family. I was furious. Those records belonged in a public archive. Self knew Bob Ullman was truly on his death bed hoping to know the truth about his father... yet those records were not returned, not shared and hidden away from any public review. And I ask again... why hide if there is nothing to hide?

I have written about this a great deal and will not revisit it all here today. I instead point out how insidious these collectors can be in withholding and parsing out information, sharing one document and not another. And I allege they do this to exploit their market and to elevate themselves as experts in the estimation of the Valentino fans and followers on their Facebook forums. It is easy for me to see how these collectors manipulate their followers, treating them as potential buyers and a way to market the value of their collections. It would not be so offensive if it were not all so calculated, so shady and their interest in Valentino... well commercial.

It would have been the right thing to do... to allow Ullman's son to see those records which he had every legal right to review. But the wrong thing was done and he died not having that opportunity. I was able to recover enough of that file in copies for him to know the truth; his father was the great hero of Valentino's story.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sierra Leone Rudy Tribute

Sierra Leone.... despite being a country the size of South Carolina is considered a trend-setter in the design of postage stamps. The notables honored on their stamps include Alexander Pushkin, Antoni Gaudi, Frida Kahlo, Thomas Edison, Lincoln and Nina Simone. And... Rudolph Valentino with a nod to Natacha Rambova. It is not so difficult to find sheets of these stamps still for sale on E-Bay. How quizzical that a country, which at the time was embroiled in a bloody civil war and with 70% of their population still living in poverty... would be renown among the world's philatelists.


Monday, January 4, 2021

Eleanor Gribbin Takes Credit For My Research Again!

 It has come to my attention that Eleanor Gribbin of the Terhune-run, Madness About the Boy Facebook group, posted my story of the Pound Party attended by Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova during their Mineralava Tour. She cited the article I sourced for the first time in Affairs Valentino and she gave no credit to me or the book for finding this there. This is not the first time she has attempted to take credit for my work. She and Simon Constable tried to take credit for my discovery of Valentino's cousin Cassio.

But the most offensive aspect of this post she made was her posting of two images of Natacha Rambova which she attributes as “Courtesy of Michael Morris”. Let me say this directly to Ms. Gribbin:

I have legal guardianship of Michael Morris' archive and I would have to be contacted for use of those photos. It is the height of inappropriate professional behavior to act as if Michael Morris gave you any permission to use his images. He did not as he passed away three years ago. I find this a disgusting act and very low indeed.

I discovered the article and the story of the Valentinos appearance in the hospital in Seattle and it is not new as I published this in 2011 in the book you dismiss as, “the writings of a mad woman”. Maybe your direct quote was, “the ravings of a madwoman”... Anyway, apparently you do not consider my writings so “mad” as you have readily stolen my discovery made many years ago in order to gain kudos for yourself as if you just found it today.

Do your own research, stop pretending you are the researcher and do not allege Micheal Morris granted you the courtesy of anything. You may take those images down as I did not give you any permission to reproduce them with his name.

No courtesy intended.

George Ullman Was an Honest Man Praised by the Court

The fight has not been easy. The bastards bought the company store long ago and turned it into a slaughterhouse. It is no surprise emotions run so high.

Have I survived their years of unrelenting assaults? (see all previous posts) Good question. Nevertheless, the story is mine to tell now and I intend to do so as a survivor champion.

Those big dogs may still snarl at the end of their short leashes and bark their big, dumb, monotonous lies, lies, lies, years of lies. 

They are in my opinion just ungrateful bastards and I say to them again....take note of all the documents about your “alleged” favorite subject. 

A Page from the United Artists' Contract - 1925

***George Ullman's personal copy of this magnificent announcement in The Hollywood Reporter. George Ullman was an honest man praised by the court. #truth

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Astral Affairs Rambova

Renato and I have just uploaded a new audio book, Astral Affairs Rambova on our Youtube channel @ I am very proud of the research that went into the writing of this book and feel it explains a great deal about Rambova's life after Valentino. We also included the article , “Her Years As Valentino's Wife” because I feel this interview with Rambova to be an important insight into the marriage. I read this article in the last installment, “Part Ten”.

In that article Natacha makes it clear how she was blamed for everything and in that I add that not much has changed. I hope Astral Affairs Rambova will contribute to a broader understanding and appreciation of this fascinating woman. #rudolphvalentinosqueen

Friday, January 1, 2021

On This New Year's Day I Am Grateful...

On this New Year's Day I am grateful... grateful for those enlightened citizens of the Valentino Sphere who support our work, who keep us informed, who send images and screenshots and above all insight. I am grateful for them...those brilliant Valentino scholars who deeply appreciate historical and intellectual honesty, who eagerly embrace corrections in Valentino's story because they truly feel he deserves his honest story be known. I am grateful for those who are not blinded by prejudice or propaganda, who recognize the situation and work for positive change.

On this New Year's Day I remain hopeful for this positive change. I will admit I am not always the most hopeful person but I have my moments of wild belief; some vision of a better way.

On this New Year's Day I am grateful for my husband Renato who protects so lovingly and so rationally and reigns as all our, “Capo di Famiglia” !

And to those enlightened citizens of the Valentino Sphere, I want to say thank-you and reiterate how very much I value every one of your shining selves. I know I have promised to post more of my archive here and I will do so. It is just that we have several projects going on right now, but it will all happen. I hope.

Happy New Year! Peace and Love. Save the Whales. #zen