Friday, January 15, 2021

"Fires of Victory"

I have mentioned before how one of the most fascinating aspects of studying Natacha Rambova was learning about the history of the Roerich family, their society, their art, their metaphysical involvements and various mahatmas. Although son Svetoslav was an accomplished and highly-acclaimed artist, I find father Nicholas' works more compelling. His epic scenes of the Altai region are epic. In his early days he was a renown set designer and I think this is apparent in his work. 

The politics of the Roerich Society today reveals a story of deep division internationally. I was in contact with both sides of the conflict while completing Beyond Valentino and had to tread lightly. It seems every country has its members and loyalty to one side or the other determines a great deal. 

For me it is the Roerich art which endures and the sweeping panoramas. 

Above: Nicholas Roerich's "Fires of Victory - Sentinel Lights on the Towers of Gobi", executed in 1940.