Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Why Do Eleanor Gribbin & Simon Constable Contest the Villalobos Dissertation & Valentino's Own Letters?

It is absolutely astounding to read the ignorant vaporings of Eleanor Gribbin and Simon Constable as they cling desperately to their idiotic premises. What do they have against the Valentino family and Jeanine Villalobos' Phd dissertation anyway? They now accuse even Valentino of lying in his personal letters to his family in which he discusses cures and medications for syphilis. And he admits he contracted this from prostitutes.

Does Gribbin think her own rumor mongering, passed off as fact...and feigned expertise somehow is more authoritative than the word of Valentino himself and his great grand niece, Jeanine Villalobos who cited family letters?

The evidence is air tight and not “negative rumors” as Gribbin tells a member of her group...and the idea that it was gonorrhea and not syphilis is absurdity. One, because if this was the case why would Valentino be writing his own family about cures and medications for syphilis? And two... why is one any different than the other? For me this is an absurd and meaningless differentiation.

The desperate machinations of the cult in this regard speak volumes as to their fear of legitimate research and the truth. This is precisely why we are banned from their groups and why they have mercilessly attacked us and all our 14 books for a decade. And it is one of the defining aspects of a cult to be suppressing literature, which now includes the Phd dissertation of Villalobos and the hand written letters of Rudolph Valentino.

Eleanor Gribbin knows very little in my opinion on the subject and I base this on her steadfast refusal to learn something new. She told someone on her group that Affairs Valentino was the rantings of a “madwoman”... this a book with the stories of Ullman, Mennillo, the settlement of the estate based on the court documents, etc...and for me she has never risen a smidgeon above willful ignorance on the subject. She denies court records on file, letters written by Valentino, etc. and cites as fact the innuendo-ridden meanderings of Simon Constable and second and third hand being more authoritative than the written words of Rudolph Valentino himself.

I am happy to see that the podcast setting this down as fact is doing extremely well and today reached 290 listens. And again I ask why are Eleanor Gribbin and Simon Constable calling the Villalobos dissertation fraudulent? Why do they think they have a square inch of ground left to stand on... on this subject? They don't. 

It is fact Rudolph Valentino suffered from syphilis. He himself wrote about new cures and medications he was taking. Surely he knew what he had. Maybe he should have asked Eleanor and Simon though... because they claim to know more about it than he did or his descendant who had his actual letters in hand.

I think the majority of people see clean through their cult voices any more. Their day of hegemony is over.