Friday, January 29, 2021

Catch Lines

In a recent post, I cited Baltasar Cué's passage from The True Rudolph Valentino where he explains how reviews and advertisements were dispersed by a film's producers. He explains how reviews for a movie were written long before the movie was shown. In this piece (below) which appeared in the Exhibitor's Herald (a trade publication), F. B.O. (Film Booking Offices of America) instructs prospective theaters how to promote their film, When Love Grows Cold, starring Natacha Rambova.

She was furious over the change in title and F.B.O.'s usage of her name as “Mrs. Rudolph Valentino” and this ad, designed to exploit her divorce at the time, stands as proof of their intentions. Much more about this film in Astral Affairs Rambova.

I guess it was as easy as filling in the blanks and making sure to include those “Catch Lines”.