Friday, January 15, 2021

My Statement on “Who is Cindy Martin?”

Cindy Martin, under her alias Dark Mum, has quite the long career of bullying us on that designated hate blog Tracy Ryan Terhune hijacked and has run under my book Affairs Valentino's title for eight years.

On 4/23/2018, she writes how I am not so bright and that Affairs Valentino is, “the worst researched book”, (perhaps a play on Michael Morris writing that Affairs Valentino was the “best researched and best written book on Valentino”) Martin went on that day calling our work, “trash from Italy” and mocking our podcasts as,“hysterical and shrieking”.

On May 27, she files another hate filled rant in which she calls me a “user and a narcissist”; mentioning my deceased parents saying they never instilled any morals in me.

September 5... She writes a long post about my, “mental illness” and goes into detail how my husband Renato is shamelessly taking advantage of my mental decrepitude.

I could cite on and on from the archive of her spiteful diatribes, but to recap:

In the course of her bullying us nonsensically, she has bragged how she personally was “instrumental” in having our books removed from sale (an illegal thing to do as it is impeding our right to do business), told people she knew, “as fact” my defamation lawsuit v. David Bret (which I won) never existed. She spread the defamatory lie far and wide that I fraudulently used Michael Morris' name to put out his posthumous book, Beyond Valentino and that he did not write a word of it and she chimed in with Terhune and Bret on their daily bombardments of lies and insults, such as their claiming I forged documents and had a life of crime. All tremendously false and defamatory.

There are scarcely words to describe the extent of the pain and anguish which Cindy Martin inflicted and inflicts on us with her awful abuse which now has spanned years.

Consequently, I am sure any thinking person could understand how I find her cozy corner chit chat these days about her new Natacha Facebook group, terrifying in light of her documented past. How can someone write such torrents of heinous abuse targeting us with such a seething hatred and then pretend to also be a sweet old lady just launching her research, titter, titter. In explaining her history the following becomes key:

In May of 2019, Cindy Martin wrote Renato claiming she had been brainwashed/fooled/lied to and/or tricked by Tracy Terhune, David Bret and the other horrible people who run those two cult Facebook groups. She claimed they fed her the lies to say about me and indoctrinated her into hating me irrationally.

For a few days she engaged in a lengthy and revelatory exchange with Renato in which among other things she discussed how she could have all those cruel and false posts about me taken down from the deceitful blog Terhune runs under my book Affairs Valentino's title... and in this Cindy Martin toyed with the idea of suing Terhune but assured Renato we had the better lawsuit because of that blog. She went so far in her plans to sue Terhune to mention on June 2, her contacting the FBI, local cybercrime units and law enforcement.. and discussed the possibility of seeking a restraining order against Terhune.  

I excerpt but a few lines from this lengthy exchange under Fair Use guidelines to illustrate my point from her revelations. For example, she writes on May 20, 2019, how Tracy Terhune and Simon Constable, “are now thick as thieves along with Donna Hill, and they are working against Evelyn.” And adds,”Simon is the one for Evelyn to watch out for.” And, “I have a history with Simon. I know the snake he is. David Bret has been masquerading as Albert Morris for quite some time.”

Cindy Martin goes on to call Tracy Terhune,“truly a snake” and says he is a master at manipulation. She admits she knows David Bret, “lied” (about being served with the lawsuit) saying, “He was served those papers.” And she hits Donna Hill many times, saying she will try to “suck up to Terhune forever” and explains how,“Donna talks out of both sides of her mouth. Tracy has always been the puppet master. No one else has ever pulled the strings. Even David (Bret) would read his entire statement for his blog to him before posting it.”

Cindy Martin went on and on relating how she told Tracy Terhune a while ago that she, “refused to be his bully machine against....Evelyn” and refers to Simon Constable by saying,“Of all the people I've dealt with in the Valentino community, he is the slimiest. He is worse than David Bret..” In a longer message about Bret she wrote,“My point is that as there are many of us who detest David Bret, he has done so much damage to our gay and bisexual community.... even Tracy does not want Bret physically in the US.”

None of this information was new to us, but it was heavy to hear Cindy Martin spilling her guts. Now at some point those fiends she was dashing to the rocks, gave her the nod to come rushing back into the fold and she was off lickety split. Back again to insulting me to impress those running the “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn”, as she herself defined their actions. Perhaps they rationalized she was safer as an ally than an enemy.

Meanwhile Cindy Martin opens her own Facebook group, Rudolph Valentino Haven, or some such thing... and begins to take credit for my Rambova discoveries, i.e., telling a member of her group how she discovered the copy of the United Artists' contract. Actually, I did. And with this in mind she now crows how she is free to pursue her Rambova research. What research? Downloading my images and stealing my work? I know of many aspects of Rambova's life which deserve further research... maybe she could ask me about that. Instead, she is bragging how she is off to Salt Lake to cozy up with her 53rd cousin, 85 times removed to I guess compare noses.

To me her shady and latest claim to being a family member has no bearing on her past behavior. If she was Rambova's only sister.. it would make no difference. Her past is documented as well as her terrible words and this is who she is ultimately. I, for one, await a real screenshot of that document she posted so victoriously, one with a proper URL header. I could have made those “word salads” in Photoshop in ten minutes. It is not a legal document. Furthermore, it lends no credibility at all to me because her past of malevolent bullying is her actual identity and her every cruel word hurled our way renders her lavish, self-congratulatory preening over being the 105th cousin of Rambova absolutely nauseating; well actually stomach-churning.

Because her name-calling and vile abuse still rings loud and clear here. So I say that what she refers to as our, “trash from Italy”... all those books, videos and podcasts are doing quite well, thank-you. And for her information my parents instilled the highest of moral standards in me and it is for this reason I call her out. I could do nothing less. My parents taught me well how to stand up for myself, my loved ones and for truth and justice.

In all my seventy-two years, I have never known of a more duplicitous and hateable person. As we survive the hellscape of her years of frightening attacks and her defamatory, ruinous lies intended to wound and impede our right to do business...And with her recent opening of the Facebook group, Natacha's Niche...the skies of Rambova's legacy darken with this malevolent presence of Dark Mum! I assert my authority as the legal custodian of Michael Morris' highly-respected Natacha Rambova archive and as the co-author of his posthumous book Beyond Valentino to issue my official statement:

I deplore and denounce the very presence of Cindy Martin in Rambova's legacy.