Monday, January 11, 2021


Me (below) in front of Cole's on 6th street in Los Angeles. Their website says they are open for dining-in which is surprising all things considered. I used to post more pictures of myself traveling way back when. But one day I had lunch with family in a restaurant which was down the street, next door?... maybe in the same building?... as Tracy Terhune's home. This I did not know, had no clue. 

But since I posted that picture of myself, he has claimed I was stalking him that day. Ridiculous. Another magnificent lie. I am not a stalker and actually have lived in hiding from all of them for a long time. 

Had I known I was in any proximity to Tracy Terhune, I would have left immediately. Frightening to think about actually. This was taken a while back after a lunch at Cole's... and I have no idea if any of "them" live near this establishment, but I am sure if they do I will hear about it.