Friday, January 1, 2021

On This New Year's Day I Am Grateful...

On this New Year's Day I am grateful... grateful for those enlightened citizens of the Valentino Sphere who support our work, who keep us informed, who send images and screenshots and above all insight. I am grateful for them...those brilliant Valentino scholars who deeply appreciate historical and intellectual honesty, who eagerly embrace corrections in Valentino's story because they truly feel he deserves his honest story be known. I am grateful for those who are not blinded by prejudice or propaganda, who recognize the situation and work for positive change.

On this New Year's Day I remain hopeful for this positive change. I will admit I am not always the most hopeful person but I have my moments of wild belief; some vision of a better way.

On this New Year's Day I am grateful for my husband Renato who protects so lovingly and so rationally and reigns as all our, “Capo di Famiglia” !

And to those enlightened citizens of the Valentino Sphere, I want to say thank-you and reiterate how very much I value every one of your shining selves. I know I have promised to post more of my archive here and I will do so. It is just that we have several projects going on right now, but it will all happen. I hope.

Happy New Year! Peace and Love. Save the Whales. #zen