Saturday, January 30, 2021

Some Unfinished Business

I continue to await Cindy Martin's public retraction of her telling people Michael Morris did not write his fine addendum to Madam Valentino and that I took advantage of his death. Imagine my reaction when I saw someone ask her about Michael's new book and she told them, “There is no new book out by Michael Morris.” Even during her brief escape from those miserable haters...she did not state publicly she lied about Beyond Valentino and did so to deter sales and respect for Michael Morris' posthumous book. I believe this retraction should be forthcoming, sincere and apologetic. This is long overdue. 

Within a few weeks of sending me this e-mail, (below) Michael Morris would pass away. We thought we had much more time to complete our work on Beyond Valentino. I completed the book according to his outline, with his writings, his images and through his amazing contacts who were all stricken with news of his passing and eager to help me in any possible way.

 Le Grand St. Michel by Rafaello Sanzio