Thursday, April 29, 2021

Not Taking it Lying Down

From my personal experience, the worst thing to say to someone who is being bullied is to just ignore the bullies. How does that help? It forces the victim to internalize the abuse and that is not empowering. Someone being bullied must, in my opinion, speak up and fight back. The expression not to take it “lying down” comes to mind.

This said, expect always for the victim's defenses, i.e. not taking it lying down... to be called bullying by the actual bullies. Oh how they weep and wail. That strategy might have worked about 2003 but not today thankfully. People can see pretty quickly what is going on.

I thanked someone for their support on my Instagram account and they wrote me saying how it was the least they could do after, “all the hate we have had to endure”. That's basically it, “enduring the hate”.

How ludicrous it is that because I wrote a book on Valentino, that this would even been an issue for me. But bullying has become entrenched in the Valentino Sphere. (see previous posts)


The master bully knows what to do in the event of any unrest among his followers. He removes a sacred relic from one of his treasure chests and calms the situation with the DNA, the scent of Rudy. Anyone not swooning into obedience is bullied, deleted, mocked, lied about and maybe a hate blog in their honor appears, i.e. text book bullying.

Its nice to know these days that more and more people are seeing what that act is in reality. It is no different than kissing the pope's ring, supplicating in fact it is. I will never genuflect over a shirt Rudolph Valentino once wore. I can appreciate the history, the element of that but all of those things belong in a museum. Rudolph Valentino was an historical figure and many people study his life and influence. Their source material is being parsed out and in a most evil way. I say evil because I believe it is evil to mock and harass two seventy-year-old people, it is evil to run hate blogs at all, it is evil to hoard historical archives and it is evil to lie with impunity. Oh I could go on.

For me I only supplicate before discovery, before true stories which blow my mind.

Thank you to these actual Valentino heroes (see below) for all they did for one Rudolph Valentino. To acknowledge but a few.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


I have always liked this picture of George Ullman which I do not think I have ever shared. Not sure. He is just chilling with his children in his back yard. Not sure what is up but it is a casual portrait of the man I think. Rest in Peace Samuel George Ullman and thank-you for all you did for Rudolph Valentino.

Rudolph Valentino, Romance Novels & More

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Hollywood Connection

I always found this photograph (see below) interesting in regards to the settlement of Rudolph Valentino's estate. The impact of banker A.P. Giannini on Valentino's legacy can not be underestimated as he became the estate executor after Ullman resigned. As the founder and owner of the Bank of Italy... which about that time became the Bank of America, Giannini assumed control of Valentino's estate and in short order dispersed what was left of Valentino's belongings. The estate which Ullman successfully built up nearly vanished under Giannini's tenure.

Giannini was also the ruin of Valentino's beloved godfather Frank Mennillo. Such was the bad blood between Mennillo and the banker that when I met with Mennillo's family, they told me it was still Mennillo family policy to never set foot in a Bank of America. Find that story in Affairs Valentino.

In this photo we also see Joe Schenck, the man who ruined George Ullman. Ullman held Schenck to contracts signed with Valentino before the star's death which cost Schenck a great deal of money. In retaliation, Schenck funded Alberto Valentino's legal assaults on Ullman. Ullman inferred this in his 1975 memoir and I proved this was the case by connecting Alberto's lawyers to Schenck's United Artists. Between Giannini and Schenck, Mennillo and Ullman would be ruined financially.

I found this image in a biography of Giannini titled, A.P. Giannini, Banker of America, by Felice A. Bonadio.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Tracy Terhune Censors Mention of Affairs Valentino

In response to a comment left on my previous post titled, “A Rare and Wonderful Citation”, regarding the “despotic administration, etc.”, I am sorry to say Tracy Terhune deleted the citation to Affairs Valentino which was posted on his forum “We Never Forget”. No sooner had I thanked the person who posted what I called a “rare and wonderful citation”, Terhune swiftly deleted the entire post.

In doing so he has provided us with evidence he censors not only what his followers see but in doing so attempts to maintain his outdated version of Valentino's history. What does he fear?

In my expert opinion, he fears the truth quite obviously and he fears honest discussions. The pages posted were of the letter Dr. Meeker wrote to George Ullman after Valentino's death. This is not something new. Terhune deleted the post because the person posting mentioned it was from “Affairs Valentino.”

Terhune's decade-long “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” (as Cindy Martin told us it is called) has failed because he underestimates the intelligence and knowledge of so many people in the Valentino world. They see what he does and do not appreciate censorship. Most people interested in Valentino do appreciate new discoveries and discussion thereof.

Yesterday, someone posted two pages from Affairs Valentino and when it was pointed out to him, the entire post was deleted. This is the open mind of Tracy Terhune and I say evidence of his dogma. We have no dogma and I can change my mind, and have, if I have evidence.

So there has been no change in policy for Terhune and I guess he feels he can keep his hand over his followers mouths forever and just hope we and our books and all our research will somehow go away. In fact, I am happy to say the opposite is happening. Thank-you everyone!

Below I share just a few of the images Terhune has used on his “literary critique” blog under the title of this book he fears so much, Affairs Valentino. What do these images and that blog possibly have to do with Rudolph Valentino? I say it has everything to do with Tracy Terhune and his bullying of us and in my opinion... a great display of a fragile ego and loyalty to the Alberto Valentino family. They have no objection to such censorship of their relative's history?

Based on just this one action...his deleting that post, I can say his claims he has an open mind are not sincere and followers of “We Never Forget” should know they do not have freedom of speech. Maybe Terhune should change the name of his group to, “We Never Tolerate” or “We Always Forget the Truth”. Maybe he can call it what it is, “My Way or the Highway”.

Below, a few of the “tolerant” images Terhune has used as home pages on that hate blog he runs targeting us with Edel Man David Bret and a few of his “tolerant” quotes. And his claiming to be interested in Rudolph Valentino? How genuine is that when legitimate discussions about Valentino are just erased according to his whim?

Terhune has bragged in the past how there is room for everyone at his “Valentino table” and that he welcomes discussion. Today we know this is far, far from the truth.

In a day when books are being censored, banned and torn from the shelves, I say this has been happening to us and our books for many years... and at the hands of collector Terhune. I remind him directly he may own Valentino relics but he does not own Valentino's history.

Some quotes as excerpted under Fair Use guidelines from Tracy Terhune:

Some of Terhune's "Valentino Literary Critique" home page images used over the years:

To end for today on a high note... I share the following (below) in saying these are just some of the books Tracy Terhune does not want you to read. And... More to come!!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Rare & Wonderful Citation!

It still blows my mind those few notables, claiming to be experts on Valentino, still mewl the tired old studio generated/Alberto Valentino version of the story. The following people have steadfastly ignored all the new documentation we uncovered, continue to shun all our books, ban the mention of our work and names on their forums and I have made my opinions about that fairly widely known.

Tracy Terhune, Donna Hill, Cindy Martin (Cousin Cindy), Simon Constable, Eleanor Gribbin and Edel Man David Bret (in the background because they won't allow him to post on their forums under his own name)... in my expert opinion these people hold the false narrative party line for the Alberto Valentino family. In exchange for what? Rudy shirts and relics?

Why do they forbid, banish and lie about our books? Because doing anything else would mean they incorporated the new documentation into a revised narrative. It would mean embracing/respecting us and our work. This would mean they would be openly accepting Valentino was not gay, that George Ullman was an honest man, that I am not homophobic and that Valentino came to America with some serious jingle in his pockets which were far from threadbare. And more.

I will continue to call these people out for their behavior. And as quiet as Tracy Terhune feigns being at the moment... that heinous bully blog he runs under the title of Affairs Valentino is still online. He has used that blog to harass and bully us for eight years, diverting my web traffic into finding that crap while joking about our deaths with his “tick-tocking” and telling people all of my work will end up in the “trash bin of Valentino history”. It speaks volumes about him and his jealousy of our work because why else would he do that? Every day that hate blog is online, his jealously gets louder and more obvious.

By the way (see below)... this is currently posted on Terhune and Hill's forum, “We Never Forget”... Is this a change in policy? Are they now allowing Affairs Valentino to be cited and discussed?  A very rare and wonderful citation to Affairs Valentino indeed! Thank you to the person who posted this and also to readers of this blog... thank you for all your great comments!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Greatly Appreciated!

I am happy to see comments being left on some of my posts. And I personally find nothing wrong with posting as “Anonymous”. I think it is no different than using any other alias if needed. I know I have been accused in the past by the “bastards”, as Renato calls them... of posting my own comments and my own reviews on our book's Amazon sales pages. I never have and never would. I have left two reviews for books on Amazon, under my own name and they were not our books.

I also perfectly understand the use of Anonymous in leaving comments on this blog. I have little doubt, “They” are “monitoring” which is what they call trolling and stalking... and are not nice people at all as I think most readers know by now.

Thank you commentators. Greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Natacha Rambova - The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Rudolph Valentino

It always amazes me that those who make the claim Valentino and Rambova's marriage was loveless and arranged and lavender, manage to ignore all the evidence to the contrary. Evidence of their love, their pain at having to separate and the anguish for both with their separation is everywhere. This is not a mystery and no ambiguity at all. 

Perhaps those who mislead and misread the love between Rudolph and Natacha have never been in love so they have not the slightest knowledge of sweet talk, sweet nothings and pet names. What a pity for them to not recognize love when they see it. 

And to those who like to parrot that Natacha was the "worst thing that ever happened to Rudolph Valentino", I say how is that? Look at his career during the time frame they were together; how very far he came from 1920 -1925. How was his career anything but stellar when he died? Look what this great woman did for him. I agree with Michael Morris in thinking she made the man! 

Natacha crosses the country headed to Foxlair:

Monday, April 19, 2021

That is the Question

 Do I post more wild flowers?

...or do I open fire by posting something like this (below) from Eleanor Gribbin and Simon Constable?

Or do I post something like this (below) with a collage of images used to harass me lo these many years by Tracy Terhune?
Hmmmm... that is the question. They and all of their fake aliases surely deserve another barrage or a hundred. But at the moment I am deep in the stories of my lifetime and my time must be spent efficiently.

But sometimes an environment gets so complex and heavy, the only thing to do is nothing at all and just light some sage.

Saturday, April 17, 2021


Today someone remarked to me how sad it was the Valentino world was so poisoned. In many respects it is. I have written at length on this blog explaining how I believe this came to be and how the poisoning of Valentino began during his earliest days in Hollywood. The poisoning continued with Alberto's endless ego fest where he lied and lied about how he was some victim who did not get a red cent from his brother's estate. We know now he received a fortune in cash, goods and the ability to exploit his brother's popularity and success forever.

The poisoning continued in the studio's fictional versions of Valentino's life story and this melded with the fiction from Alberto. The poisoning in the Valentino world took a turn for the worse with the lies that George Ullman was a thief, that Natacha was a ruthless bitch and that Valentino was a closeted gay man. It is sad that despite my presenting proof to the contrary, the poisoning remains entrenched on all of this.

The current poisoning in my expert opinion is being done primarily on those two Facebook groups Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget. These are run by Tracy Ryan Terhune and Donna Hill, with the sycophant obedience of Simon Constable, Eleanor Gribbin, Edel Man David Bret and lastly Cindy Martin. All of their poisoning behavior is approved of by the Alberto Valentino family..... at least to date this is the case. 

They all, in my opinion poison, because they edit the truth discovered about Valentino to maintain their version of Valentino, one I believe to be self-serving, fraudulent and in the best of circumstances, highly censored.

It is poison to run hate blogs in the name of Valentino, poison to shun new research, shun the books which are based on the stories of those who lived their lives with Valentino, poison to steal and hide Valentino's court records and poison to bully and attack critics of their poisonous behavior.

It is sad the world of Valentino is poisoned by these few who have convinced many they are upright citizens. I dispute that entirely as upright citizens of any world do not conspire to ruin people, do not throw research/progress in the trash and do not desperately block any avenue for the truth to come out.

Poison is the word... which I looked up for a bit of insight. The chemical definition refers to a substance which reduces the activity of a catalyst. Boy, is that the case in the Valentino world.

The anecdote? Some glorious detoxification. Just as the world wakes from its long and horrible poisoning... I would hope something like that could happen in the Valentino world.

I think it is and am happy to say.... I am optimistic.



Every once in a while I think it is important to repost this letter from the archive of Michael Morris. It is just incredible that the myth persists about the death of Ramon Novarro. Proof matters and this is a mighty piece of evidence. Thank you Michael for asking the question and saving the answer.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

For Your Consideration

Valentino took advantage of the gesture of kissing ladies' hands on screen and in The True Rudolph Valentino by Baltasar Cué, Cué referenced eye-witnesses who spotted Valentino a few days before he fell fatally ill in New York, walking down Broadway with his lips pressed on the hands of his first wife Jean Acker. And the discussions have been had about exactly what was up with that. Had they reconciled, was he just being ardent, maybe she smelled good and she was, of course, still young and beautiful.

I did a little checking to learn the custom of kissing a woman's hand originated in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Spanish and French courts of the 17th and 18th century. It was considered a respectful way to greet a lady and was a gesture of courtesy. It was considered rude to refuse an offer of a lady's hand.

Renato tells me the Italian protocol about hand kissing was as follows. It was acceptable for a man to kiss the hand of a married lady but if the woman was not married the men had to kiss the air above the hand and not actually touch it with their lips.

I am not sure young Rudolph grasped that fine point because it was something he did so freely and naturally. I can not imagine there was one instance in real life when a woman rebuffed his kisses on their hands. It only happened in the movies. (see below).

Elegant gesture of respect or somewhat violating?

What a quandary.

Some visuals for your consideration:

And a classic rebuff...only in the movies:


Ta Da!

Thank-you to an intrepid reader for sharing these two fascinating Valentino snippets. They sent these to me with the question, "So, is this proof there were Valentino collectors in 1932?" Ha. Maybe it was just a spectacular little box.  

I am proud to say that since I met Renato, 💖 I have been the recipient of many rings in those exquisite boxes. (See below) I can understand Justice Kemp's fascination. And I have zero doubt that the ring Valentino bought for Natacha came in a box worthy of the moment. 

Brownsville Herald - February 24, 1932

Indianapolis Times - February 24, 1932

One of my little boxes (below) from Renato... this one was a shiny silver heart with white velvet lining.

Ta-Da....! Inside my ring of gold and pearls. 


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

That Fateful Day

So this image would be (below) the house where Natacha Rambova lived when Theodore Kosloff shot her. This was one stop on the Valentino tour of Los Angeles which Michael Morris kindly gave to me one day sometime in 2008 or so. Imagine Natacha sitting on that porch with her bags packed ready to make her escape from the abusive Theodore, only to see him pull up with a shotgun in hand. Hence, the rest of that story.

I apologize for the glaring trash bin there but who knows maybe that is Tracy Terhune's "trash bin of Valentino history".

Michael and I had a memorable day and it was truly fun and eventful. I was amused that this impeccable man's car had apparently never been washed. We ate lunch at the Formosa just a tiny stone's throw from where George Ullman had his office.

Here on said porch, sat Natacha that fateful day...

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Raspberry Lipstick

How proud I was to discover Natacha Rambova did have her own make-up line. I am still not sure whether it was a line produced as a prototype by Richard Hudnut or if it went into actual production. While I was completing Michael Morris' Addendum to Madam Valentino and communicating with the woman in Mallorca who was Natacha and her then husband Alvaro's god daughter... she sent me a series of images of a lipstick with the name Natacha Rambova on it and clearly as a brand.

The image below is one of these photos I recieved from Mallorca and the lipstick is photographed on one of Rambova's turbans. The raspberry lipstick on the yellow turban is one of my most valued discoveries. Perhaps there is more to discover about her make-up line but the other images of the lipstick and the story of the recovery are included in Beyond Valentino

#Life is magic and you better believe it. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Rudolph Valentino's Women

Baltazar Cué elaborated on Rudolph Valentino's women in The True Rudolph Valentino on p. 102 - 

"Rudolph was again fully living the bachelor life and the public often witnessed the accompaniment of a lady actress he might be dating. But the women who would truly gain his attention were, of course, the ones the public did not see. There was one woman one day and another the next, countless women who disputed the honor of being intimate with him. Whether in Hollywood or in the surrounding area; in his house or in the ladies homes or his friend's homes, in hotel rooms, in cabarets, in his yacht of such sad history; here these affairs took place to fill him with joy...."

Here... a few of the women the public did know about... can you name these notables? 

Friday, April 9, 2021

Where Are Those Records Today?

Why were Rudolph Valentino's probate court records stolen from their rightful housing in the Los Angeles County Courthouse? Because they vindicated this man, Valentino's manager, S. George Ullman. Where are those records now? Who knows. Last I heard from Donna Hill and Bill Self, they were returned to the Valentino family in exchange for one of Valentino's shirts.

But collectors move things around behind their closed doors so they could be anywhere. In Tracy Terhune's infamous "trash can of Valentino's history" for that matter. I am grateful I found enough of that stolen file to vindicate the man but those still marching to the drums of war which were sounded long ago by Alberto Valentino continue their lost cause to impugn Mr. Ullman.

Alberto had a lot to lose if the truth came out and he spent his lifetime lying mercilessly about how he did not receive a penny from Rudolph's estate when that is utterly false. The records and his own testimony prove he received hundreds of thousands of dollars by today's currency exchange rates. And what about all those Valentino shirts.

Incredibly as I have oft mentioned, while I was studying those records I did recover, some 1000 pages... I was being accused of forging them by Tracy Terhune and his merry minions Cindy Martin and Co. when in fact they knew they existed and Terhune admitted to having known three collectors who had them.

S. George Ullman was exonerated on his appeal and the judge praised his performance as Valentino's executor. All else is sad innuendo and meager scraps thrown desperately together to build a case which has been so thoroughly dismantled... George Ullman was an honest man. But where are those records today? Why are they still be hidden? And why hide if there is nothing to hide? 

Rudolph Valentino & The Kit Kat Bars

Throughout the eleven solid years Edel Man David Bret has been torturing me online... from his endless sexually depraved posts about my father, from his calling me a homophobe, a coke head, a fat lezzy, etc. to his endless encouragement for me to kill myself, be killed, be poisoned, run over by a truck, murdered, etc. there has been one common theme with which he has done his best to program his terror in my mind... this would be the image of the Kit Kat bar.

It all began when he wrote a poem about me in which he wrote some really invasive sexual scenarios and one involved a crass joke about the, “ fingers of a Kit Kat bar”.

Then... I stupidly responded by saying publicly that this Kit Kat poem was the worst thing Bret had slapped at me to date. From that day forward he began to post images of Kit Kat bars with almost every post.

I will admit the sight of that candy bar over the years triggered me but now perhaps its time to serve up some sweet sweet karma.

The Kit Kat bar is now the symbol of my strength and a monument to my surviving Edel Man David Bret, Joey Jenkinson, Mrs. Trellis, Albert Morris, Alberto Morris, Derek Alexander & Co.

When I see the image of a Kit Kat bar now, I feel invincible because the sight of that candy bar he so used to make me suffer... is now a glorious icon of his abuse and my very survival...

I hope you all can appreciate the irony in that sick poem Edel Man Bret wrote to make me miserable lo those many years ago... because today when I post the image of the candy bar Kit Kat, it means victory and survival.... when he posts it... it is cruel beyond measure and a sign of just who he is. For me it represents my mental survival and health and for that I take life's standing ovation... for him to post it will just prove me right.

Victory Rising. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Guerilla Book

Rudolph Valentino activism. The minute I wrote that in my previous post, I had to pause and think. The story that became my to obey. Incredibly came down to the following:

That S. George Ullman was an honest man, a beloved Dad, a loved husband and a genius pioneer in celebrity management.

Frank Mennillo was a silent benefactor and sponsor of Rudolph Valentino whose presence was expunged for racist reasons.

Natacha Rambova was tarred and feathered and run out of Hollywood because she was Valentino's talented and head strong wife.

I add that George Ullman, Frank Mennillo et al were not Presbyterian ministers, not saints and how would they be... if they were they could scarcely have even related to Rudolph Valentino.

I could go on and on with the elements of one Rudolph Valentino's story which I addressed and which would send me out onto the battlefield to face some daunting foes.

But my enemy would mobilize basically over one discovery I made... Rudolph Valentino was not gay. In fact he was everything he portrayed on screen as far as loving women to the point where I wonder if he was acting in those love scenes at all. What a mind-boggling hoax was perpetuated exploiting some political correctness in that one...

Rudolph Valentino activism for me came to its full realization when I came under attack. My god the leader of the “campaign to ruin me” was the emcee of the Valentino memorial service. Good lord. How is that possible?

And the tenet that Valentino was gay became the fiercest line in the sand ever drawn. I crossed it with a certain armor of research discovery but still I ran into a tidy gang of ruthless sadists who could give a single shit.

Rudolph Valentino deserves better than their ruthless sadism, their lies, their censorship and their utter evil.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

For the Record and "A Futura Memoria"

For the record and in regards to my previous post:

It was some time around 2013, when Edel Man David Bret discovered I wrote a book, Buddha's Tooth & Morphine... with my friend Wayne about his journey to Sri Lanka to find a cure for his prescription addiction. His prescription addiction came about as a terrible result of his being gay bashed and left for dead. His head injury made his life complicated to say the least. His story was riveting, unique and I felt important. 

Bret spent the subsequent years writing and publishing a "spoof" about Wayne's book. Those spoofs (where he calls me Nancy) were a part of the verdict we won against Bret and in presenting the verdict to Bret's then publisher Lulu... they not only removed the spoofs from publication but closed his account. We have a copy of the spoof he wrote about Wayne and it is disgusting and homophobic in that he perpetuates endless gay stereotypes. And he used gay hate terms which in itself is shocking as Bret fancies himself some champion of gay rights. 

I cite below a few small excerpts from his campaign to impugn the book and Wayne in the most cruel manner. These are cited under Fair Use guidelines to demonstrate and prove my argument. They are taken from the public record body of evidence we submitted in the defamation lawsuit. This can be viewed here @ and these are public record.

Calling Wayne a "sick paedo".

Here he calls Wayne a "gay-bashed disabled paedo"

He interjects the name "Cecil" in the alias I used to write Buddha's Tooth and Morphine and uses this in his spoof about Wayne's trip to Sri Lanka.

David Bret writes about a photo of Wayne in a stationary shop.. and does so while perpetuating the gay stereotype of pedophilia.

 Bret's cover page for this disgusting and cruel mockery of Wayne

Bret connects his mockery of me and my work on Valentino with Wayne's story in a hateful and homophobic way. This is an excerpt from his promotion for the publication. 

I am proud we had these horrendous publications removed and banned by a court ruling. Bret expounded how I made Buddha's Tooth and Morphine up, that it was all my wild imagination. It was not and I post the following. Wayne wrote me many long and hand-written letters while he was in Sri Lanka from which we wrote the story. Sri Lanka (below). I did not lie nor fabricate a word of this honorable gentleman's epic story.

Proof of Edel Man David Bret's Homophobia

I know today we are supposed to be sitting on some zen cloud nine or trying every second to be on one. Impossible for me. I grew up in a home full of fire-brands who were always up in arms over something. Civil rights, the county spraying pesticides on my Dad's land... the war in Vietnam...and the imprint of activism never ended in my childhood home.

So naturally I would embrace a cause and have many times in my life. Somehow most of my causes were stories I felt needed to be told. Stories have always found me, still do and I obeyed and obey.

When I began to write about Valentino, a story came to me and I obeyed. And in this I walked face first into trouble. Most activists run into trouble pretty quickly and as a Valentino activist I sure did.

You see... at the height of Edel Man Bret's torrent of threat and abuse targeting me for daring to say Valentino was not gay... I wrote a book with a close friend of mine and under an alias...and Bret found my friend a worthy collateral target. Something my dear friend did not deserve at all. The book we wrote is titled, “Buddha's Tooth and Morphine” by Lord Wilde. An alias I used for obvious reasons.

This book.. well let me say Edel Man David Bret killed the fastest of any other. Do you know why? Because it proves I am not homophobic. It is his worst fear anyone will know about this book (see below).

Imagine his nerve posting banners on his killing blogs crowing how he “hates homophobes” and my fury when he called himself a champion of gay rights. Because he was lying about this while he attacked my friend Wayne's story of being the victim of multi layers of gay bashing hate crimes by calling him a child molester, mocking his trip to Sri Lanka to find a cure... a mission to abuse boys. The worst kind of homosexual stereotyping.  David Bret... is in this regard...imo a champion of nothing.

Bret hates Wayne because Wayne, as a gay man wrote him a letter telling him off about his abusing me. Wayne stood up to Bret. As a gay man, Wayne really deeply hated Bret.

Wayne's story became this little book (see below), written by him and me... which has always been a huge source of fear for David Bret. Yes, I used an alias because I hoped to hide it from the Beast, Edel Man Bret. But he found it and did exactly as he does.. he launched his cruelty at Wayne for a book about gay bashing and Aids and a book which stands as a monument to Wayne's suffering and ultimately his end.

Consequently, this book also stands as a monument to David Bret's homophobia.

I imagine Edel Man Bret is thrilled to get a mention from me today. But maybe he deserves it as he works so hard everyday Tweeting about my death. “Death wishing” can really be exhausting work. And calling me his stalker. News flash to him... no one has ever or will ever stalk you Edel Man Bret. Perish the thought.

I am sure a post such as this will fire him up, get him inspired to write another terrible book/pamphlet which according to him and the papers he filed with the court... will be utterly worthless. As all the rest.

And I dont hear Tracy Terhune speaking much about “Buddha's Tooth and Morphine”. And he loves to claim I am homophobic while tick-tocking our deaths...and he providing the platform for Edel Man Bret's filthy little spewings about us. So it does not take rocket science to figure this all out.

The tome they sincerely do not want you to read... by me which is available on Amazon.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Life's Goals

I guess I am still steeped in the Foxlair lore, but I absolutely love the Hudson River School...especially the art of Frederic Edwin Church. I have seen some of his enormous and highly detailed paintings in person and can say it is a mind-blowing experience to witness his genius.

This (below) is actually a painting he did of Königssee, Bavaria and is not one of his more iconic Adirondack paintings. It is one of my life's goals to visit Church's studio on the Hudson called, “Olana”. It has been preserved as a museum.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

"The Lot of Them"

Today I heard from someone who mentioned they were tired of “the lot of them”. I have to admit I was heartened hearing them refer to “them” as “the lot”.

...Yes, “the lot of them”...pushing their grossly false propositions about one Rudolph Valentino and his life story... promoting their years of publicly bullying Renato and I... lying about Affairs Valentino... all while shamelessly coordinating their efforts as if they were on some mission from God. How sinister and shady in my opinion.... the whole, “lot of them”.

It took me years to see the crystal clear picture of what is going on with the “lot of them” and who this “lot” is. But survival required me to do so and many more people are getting the picture too.

If you wonder what I am writing about, please refer to my previous posts on this blog. I think at this point I have pretty much said it all, again and again and again. I apologize for the repetition but nothing has changed at all and I will do what I feel I must do to defend what we do and who we are.


Until Tracy Ryan Terhune returns my URL to me, until David Bret pays the damages awarded to us in the defamation lawsuit we won against him, until Donna Hill acknowledges we wrote actual and groundbreaking books on Valentino and Rambova, until Eleanor Gribbin stops telling people I am stark raving insane and my books the “ramblings of a madwoman”, until Cindy Martin reveals who “she” really is (not Rambova's “cousin”) and until Simon Constable... well what can I say... perhaps until he wises up... I will, will, will reiterate...Enough... of the “lot of them”.

Rudolph Valentino was not gay, I am not homophobic and George Ullman was an honest man.

Peace and Love.

Stay safe and Buona Pasqua.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Rudolph Valentino, Powdered Diamond Dust & More

The Word is Appropriation - A Comment by Renato Floris

I was asked to comment on a long delirium written by a passionate admirer of Rudolph Valentino who compiles a blog titled: His Fame Still Lives - A blog focused on the life and career of Rudolph Valentino.

From reading the blog, the following is my opinion on that:

I was first of all reminded of some significant lines written by Michael Morris, which he sent to Evelyn Zumaya in an email of March, 2003, I quote:

Film Scholarship is right now ... and so much of Hollywood history is being appropriated by special interest groups. This is my theory in nutshell. Once mere humans get caught up in the apotheosis of Hollywood stardom, they appeal to a vast crowd which connects to them in different ways.

Like the image of Christ or the Virgin Mary ... seen in various aspects by different peoples (White, blond-haired and blue eyed to Anglos while Our Lady of Guadalupe is a dark-skinned Aztec to Mexicans, etc).

True too with Valentino. He is a Latin Lover to the Italians and Spaniards, has animal magnetism to millions of females and is a closeted gay man leading a double-life to countless gays who are doing the same thing.


All gods and goddesses undergo this process.

But the historical man or woman beneath the image, removed from Mt. Olympus, ought to be the subject of the historian. Everyone else is a myth-maker ... the fans, the cult followers, the "faithful" who keep the fire burning (often in spite of the de-mythologizing historian!)”

It is too bad this fan and blog administrator of His Fame Still Lives is blinded by profound heterophobia and misogyny. It is too bad he does not even try to read about the events he writes about with the cold eye of a serious historical researcher nor does he approach the events he writes about with sincere cultural and intellectual honesty.

Better to realize it is useless to try to reason with this person because, as they say in my Turin about any really useless effort:

As peul nèn lavé la testa a l'aso!” (You can't wash the donkey's head)

The gentleman who compiles the His Fame Still Lives blog, goes to great lengths to collect many newspaper clippings which he then assembles as pieces of his own fanciful innuendo mosaic.

He does not seem to care if the pieces do not fit together in any logical or truthful way and I think it's not worth wasting too much time analyzing his Frankenstonian canonical blabbing or his heterophobic and misogynistic pleonasms.