Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Proof of Edel Man David Bret's Homophobia

I know today we are supposed to be sitting on some zen cloud nine or trying every second to be on one. Impossible for me. I grew up in a home full of fire-brands who were always up in arms over something. Civil rights, the county spraying pesticides on my Dad's land... the war in Vietnam...and the imprint of activism never ended in my childhood home.

So naturally I would embrace a cause and have many times in my life. Somehow most of my causes were stories I felt needed to be told. Stories have always found me, still do and I obeyed and obey.

When I began to write about Valentino, a story came to me and I obeyed. And in this I walked face first into trouble. Most activists run into trouble pretty quickly and as a Valentino activist I sure did.

You see... at the height of Edel Man Bret's torrent of threat and abuse targeting me for daring to say Valentino was not gay... I wrote a book with a close friend of mine and under an alias...and Bret found my friend a worthy collateral target. Something my dear friend did not deserve at all. The book we wrote is titled, “Buddha's Tooth and Morphine” by Lord Wilde. An alias I used for obvious reasons.

This book.. well let me say Edel Man David Bret killed the fastest of any other. Do you know why? Because it proves I am not homophobic. It is his worst fear anyone will know about this book (see below).

Imagine his nerve posting banners on his killing blogs crowing how he “hates homophobes” and my fury when he called himself a champion of gay rights. Because he was lying about this while he attacked my friend Wayne's story of being the victim of multi layers of gay bashing hate crimes by calling him a child molester, mocking his trip to Sri Lanka to find a cure... a mission to abuse boys. The worst kind of homosexual stereotyping.  David Bret... is in this regard...imo a champion of nothing.

Bret hates Wayne because Wayne, as a gay man wrote him a letter telling him off about his abusing me. Wayne stood up to Bret. As a gay man, Wayne really deeply hated Bret.

Wayne's story became this little book (see below), written by him and me... which has always been a huge source of fear for David Bret. Yes, I used an alias because I hoped to hide it from the Beast, Edel Man Bret. But he found it and did exactly as he does.. he launched his cruelty at Wayne for a book about gay bashing and Aids and a book which stands as a monument to Wayne's suffering and ultimately his end.

Consequently, this book also stands as a monument to David Bret's homophobia.

I imagine Edel Man Bret is thrilled to get a mention from me today. But maybe he deserves it as he works so hard everyday Tweeting about my death. “Death wishing” can really be exhausting work. And calling me his stalker. News flash to him... no one has ever or will ever stalk you Edel Man Bret. Perish the thought.

I am sure a post such as this will fire him up, get him inspired to write another terrible book/pamphlet which according to him and the papers he filed with the court... will be utterly worthless. As all the rest.

And I dont hear Tracy Terhune speaking much about “Buddha's Tooth and Morphine”. And he loves to claim I am homophobic while tick-tocking our deaths...and he providing the platform for Edel Man Bret's filthy little spewings about us. So it does not take rocket science to figure this all out.

The tome they sincerely do not want you to read... by me which is available on Amazon.

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