Saturday, April 29, 2023

March On!

When Renato passed away my daughter thoughtfully set up a Go Fund Me when we learned his Italian retirement, which was our income, was suspended for one year to endure some classic Italian bureaucracy. Seventy of our closest loved ones, friends and family pitched in generously and happily to carry me through and the fund was a lifesaver.

But over the entire time the Go Fund Me was up, David Bret (under a few painfully obvious aliases and under his name) attempted and failed to have the fundraiser taken down. Try as he did the website easily recognized his attempts for what they were and in his last email he even pathetically claimed to have contacted the FBI.

Here is Bret's last and most recent attempt:

A copy of my letter to GoFundMe and the FBI regarding your mother begging for money on their site.
'Evelyn Zymaya & Renato Floris spent $30,000 suing me at Wakefield Court (July 2020) and didn't get a cent. On her blog ( she persistently boasts of owning properties in Turin and of selling many books (screenshots and Court evidence can be provided), also that she is taking action against "The Valentino World". Her daughter writes that she has only enough money to live on for a few months. How can she be wealthy and poor at the same time? This needs to be investigated."

**Now any normal person would not bother with such transparent hater drivel but in David Bret's case there is this to consider. He is not a normal person. My point being he is an obsessed stalker and hater of the highest order and has had me in his demented hyper focus since 2009. Here is just a sample snap of the times he has visited this blog as of April 3. I should note these do not reflect the many, many visits under his “hide me” proxy accounts and other aliases. With this evidence, behold the embarrassing extent of his obsession:

Why does he troll me virtually every minute of every day of his sad, sad empty life as he heads towards 12,000 times reading my blog? 

Well, in 2016 an Italian court issued a verdict in my favor by handing down a guilty sentence stating that he defamed me. He was ordered to cease defaming me and pay damages. Those damages stand as of today because they are part of a court order and are due with interest plus all legal fees. I believe at last tally, these total somewhere around $80,000 and counting.

David Bret did not pay fifty cents on the court ordered damages because he claimed he was a penniless pensioner with no assets and this included claiming zero income from his hundreds of “books”(i.e. fictional porn pamphlets) which he alleged earned him an income in the “six figures.” Can't be wealthy and poor at the same time, right David? 

He avoided an initial effort to collect by declaring bankruptcy. So we can say he claims to be a bankrupt pensioner who makes six figures selling his books. He is hardly the person to think he can smugly mock my unfortunate financial situation when he lies about his own wealth and apparently has not a penny to his name.

I say to him directly, because as he reads this blog all day long, he is sure to see it within seconds of my posting:

Did you learn nothing after losing one defamation lawsuit? And by emailing Go Fund Me you think you are contacting them? When you click “contact” next to my daughter's name, that e-mail is automatically forwarded to my daughter. Do you really think that your petty, slanderous lies have anything to do with our personal family situation? In reaching out to harass her you have stepped into definitive criminal harassment territory- low even for you.

I am not sure where you got the figure of $30,000 we spent on the lawsuit I filed against you and won... because it did not even reach $10,000. Granted we spent these thousands in the hopes that you would actually be forced to pay what was legally ordered of you, but alas, you couldn't.

Once again, I must say it was worth every penny to have that verdict stating on paper that you by the legal definition harassed Renato and I for years on end. It is a masterfully written document. Find it here:

To counter the other ludicrous statements included in your pathetic GoFundMe messages, I have never owned property in Italy. I believe Renato still owns some worthless acres of woods and farmland which he tried to sell, could not and ended up paying the taxes on that land by allowing local farmers to harvest the wood for a fee. In any case, my past financial circumstances are entirely irrelevant to the veracity of my current financial predicament.

It is seriously sad and profoundly embarrassing that you have checked this blog over 11,000 times yet still find time to reach out and defame me again and again and harass my kindhearted daughter. 

Do you really think she is going to be convinced by you that I am a liar and a cheat? Everyone who knows me and the legacy of fine work Renato and I produced knows what a disgusting bully, liar and defamer you are.

What kind of person disrespects the deceased? What kind of person in this lowest moment in a person's life, attempts to ramp up their campaign of harassment and deprive someone in grief of the much-needed donations of their friends and family?

A person like you David Bret... a lonely, sad loser of a bankrupt pensioner who does not pay his debts and lies about absolutely everything. I would say get a life but it is no doubt too late for that for you.

Truly, it seems your life consists of checking my blog and not much else. Meanwhile even in this difficult time I am blessed by my lovely friends and family, surrounded by a rich life of love and comfort.

March on, my devoted reader! May you find an iota of meaning to your existence outside of hating me.

Friday, April 28, 2023

On the Censorship of Our Work

The truth is not subjective when supported by documentation and facts. For fourteen years Renato and I shared a treasure trove of documentation to prove facts about the subject of Rudolph Valentino, Natacha Rambova, S. George Ullman, Frank Mennillo, Robert Florey, etc.

But the Valentino “mainstream” as they like to call themselves plugged their ears. And they went even farther to deny the truth be told. (banning even the mention of us on their two Facebook groups, Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget)

They censored, they lied and basically they panicked. In their continued efforts to silence us, we were portrayed as lunatics, criminals who forged documents, dottering senior citizens and described precisely how this hysterical “mainstream” behaved and behaves themselves. Renato and I were anything but. We were working hard every day, sharp as tacks, full of energy and inspired to find honest answers to our many questions... which we did!

Fortunately there are many in the world of Valentino who have questioning minds, who read our books for themselves, checked our citations, listened to our podcasts and learned some truth along the way. To them I say bravo, you are heroes!....again and again.

To those who decided it was not such a big deal and better to suck up to the “mainstreamers”? I say wake up. Your complicity is sad and embarassing. By supporting them, you support their behavior which has been proven by them year after year to be deplorable.

To censor, to shun, to taunt and harass is to bully. This is what they do. They are bullies by definition despite their ridiculous shrieking to the contrary. Their peep, peep, peepings that they are the victims is pathetic. "Mainstreamers"? I call them bullies, censors and liars. 

I assure them no matter how distraught I am now as I grieve the loss of my great love, it will be for him that I will seek and have justice... “Fiat, Justitia Ruat Caelum” ! Below, Renato in 2014 when we visited Matera. 

Monday, April 17, 2023


In this small corner of cyberspace, I leave my tributes to Renato Floris' work in honoring the legacy of Rudolph Valentino. Renato was a man of many talents, lived so many fabulous lives... but was for the past fifteen years a decorated soldier in the cause of truth about the great silent icon. 

He was curious, eager to document and find the elusive answers. In this he accomplished a great deal in his brilliant quest. Our loving partnership continues despite my missing him desperately. How could I not? 


Friday, April 14, 2023


 Renato was so fiercely dedicated to capturing screenshots of every attack made on us and he accumulated an enormous cache of thousands and thousands of images of the very worst. Now they feign they are our victims because we dared to respond, and others dared to comment and vigorously so. But the body of screenshots collected by Renato tells the true story. 

From site after site, blogs, Twitter.... and messages they tell the true story seamlessly of their affiliations, their schemes and themes and modes of attack.

They deleted most of the worst but Renato, hero, saved it all. It is unbelievable they would dare to peep at this point with all of their years of unwarranted hate stacked so  incredibly high as evidence.

Renato, my hero, suffering through years of reading their cruel words and insults; categorizing, labeling and preserving that which we were responding to. 


Thursday, April 6, 2023


Beautiful Renato Floris as he worked on a project in his office some years ago. His legacy preserved forever in his fine books and commentary left on this blog. How noble his supportive words and intelligent defense of us and our work. I am and always will be honored to be his wife. 💓