Thursday, April 30, 2020

Truth Be Told

This is a small video I made in which I read the opening pages of an introduction I was forced to include as explanation in the first publication of Affairs Valentino in 2011. By the time the book was published after ten years of research, I had been victimized by a year of the highest possible levels of bullying and any hope I could promote or publish my book was in ruins. My online reputation dead, shattered on a cyber wasteland of outrageous lies. I was furious and despairing...and I heaved the book into publication and hoped this would stop the online horror in my honor by the team of Terhune and Bret and their minions. It certainly did not. 

But I wrote an introduction in that first edition of Affairs Valentino which I titled, "A Forewarning". It was long, it was thorough and it was a true account of the bullies attacks on me.  I never mentioned Tracy Terhune by name in that introduction, but he immediately identified himself and another person I chose to keep anonymous. 

I wrote the truth 100% as it happened and for that he is still frantically calling me a "madwoman" and a liar for writing that true story. (See previous posts)

I did not lie and that is the real problem. #truthbetold #stopbullying #rudolphvalentino

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Michael Morris' Surviving Notes

A beautiful page of Michael Morris' notes from a phone call with Mark Hasselriis. In the third paragraph he talks about Natacha Rambova's death and her friend Maude Oakes... a memorable passage. Michael Morris' handwriting is not so easy to read but I am happy some of these notes survived. 

More of Tracy Terhune's Satanic & Bullying Images

Throughout the past nine years and almost unbelievably still counting, Tracy Ryan Terhune has bullied my husband Renato Floris and I via a blog he runs under my book Affairs Valentino's title. This blog was mine for many years until one fateful day when Terhune's “team mate”, David Bret threatened to open blogs under my family's names. I panicked and closed the blog and in doing so hoped my family would be safe from their attacks.

It was then Terhune seized the opportunity to reopen my blog, pretending to be me and he has run it ever since in a sick manner to ruin us, our reputations and kill sales of our books. (see below for his admission to this and his claims of success as to the scope of the damage he has done). He changed the design, headers and home page images many times over the years; from dead black intimidating to a fake book shelf with what I guess would be all the other books he has attacked mercilessly?

He does this, and has done this...from the first post he made on the blog which he made in my voice, “My Book is Pure Fiction” purposely and maliciously make us suffer and to divert and confuse any traffic seeking information about Affairs Valentino. For what Tracy Terhune serves up there is a buffet of disturbed bullshit... (his Valentino table?) laden with vicious cutting criticism, name-calling, diatribes of rage, lies and insult... He ensures people find his own brand of horror which is conceived of and posted by Tracy Terhune. If his insults and mockery were not sufficient he provides a platform for David Bret and together with their fake aliases they snigger and bite at us in a tragically false and depressing narrative and all under my book's title. Is there a reason why he does this? I think in light of the images and content on that blog Terhune runs...his reason is obvious.

He has tried to fool the public into thinking the blog is now a “Book Review/Critique” but it is anything but. It does not take long for people to see this is a cruel act of a master bully. I have heard from people who say they actually bought and read Affairs Valentino after finding the blog because they wondered why these people hated it so much. 

Valentino was bullied during his lifetime and there are many instances where we know he suffered because of the cruel and malicious actions and insinuations made about him. I say he would be disgusted by what Terhune posts on the blog under my book's title... and more disgusted that Terhune actually brags there how successful he has been in ruining and bullying us online. (see below)

These are images which he has used at various times since 2012 when he began this bullying campaign. These are images he posted as home page images to greet people seeking information about my work, Affairs Valentino. And as is it Terhune's style, to...”throw the stone and hide the hand”.. he soon deletes the most aggressive posts for something more insidious.

Cindy Martin once wrote, “No one gets wigged out the way Tracy did because of a book, but he sure stirred us up and used the mob mentality on many of us.”

I wonder what Rudolph Valentino would think, if in some cosmic way he could be told about this and know that the person who hosts the celebration of his death before his final resting place is a master bully.

I know Tracy Terhune reads this blog because he responds to it and posts clips from this blog on that site... so I ask him to close that blog (for the one millionth time) and do so out of decency and cease in portraying us as we certainly are insane, dottering old, fools... a word he loves to use to describe Renato and I. I can tell him that as of today we are not dottering, not insane... we may be old but are certainly not fools. He can count on that.

His only response anymore is to mock and insult with even more aggression and feebly write himself into his twisted narrative as the victim. I think after seeing the kinds of images he posts on that Affairs Valentino blog, learning the history of the so-called “critique” and reading his banner headlines, etc. anyone with half a brain at all could see he was a master bully and not the victim.

*I add that his glee in posting about the (ancient) “Child Star” is made to attack my husband Renato Floris because he once worked as a child star on Italian Television.

More of Tracy Ryan Terhune's satanic and disgraceful home page images on the Affairs Valentino blog which he posts to greet my web traffic:

*Here Tracy Terhune boasts about how his hate Affairs Valentino blog has become number one in my book's Google search. This is an admission of his intent and an admission of the scope of his damages done. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Ciao, Rudy Publications

The image below was recently sent to us with an inquiry as to whether this was Rudolph Valentino. The answer is no, it is Alberto Lionello who in 1972 took the stage at the Sistina Theater in Rome to play Valentino in “Ciao, Rudy”.

Ciao, Rudy”, a musical by Garinei and Giovannini (below) was first produced in 1966 with Marcello Mastroanni playing Valentino and the opening on Jan. 7, 1966.

Garinei & Giovannini

The second production opened in 1972 with Alberto Lionello as Rudy. Two books of the play were published, the first in 1965 and the second in 1972.

Marcello Mastroanni - 1965

Alberto Lionello - 1972

Recordings of the production are also available on vintage record markets online with the musical score by Armando Trovajoli.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Some of Tracy Terhune's Affairs Valentino Images

Although Tracy Terhune likes to claim he is a victim and I am a bully, I have never, as he has and still does... run a malicious blog under his book's title where images such as these (below) are posted as home page images. Sincere people seeking information about Affairs Valentino have for years found this disturbed perversion of what my work is about.. and this has been and still is the goal of “the team” as they did indeed call themselves for many years.

All of these images were posted on Terhune's “Affairs Valentino” blog and posted by “TRT96”. I continue to defend myself, my husband Renato Floris and our books from this kind of attack and expose this unbearable situation. I will also expose Terhune's duplicity in displaying himself on the one hand as an upright and honest citizen of the Valentino world, boasting about his expertise and his Valentino collection and reading the 23rd Psalm before Valentino's final resting place... while doing this he has been and still is posting images such as the ones below to ruin our online search, to make us suffer and deter people from ever reading Affairs Valentino. I add I do have the full screenshots of the posts for all of these images.

More images to come. 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Logical Reaction

In my continuing effort to demonstrate how Tracy Ryan Terhune chooses to publicly ally with David Bret in torturing me, my husband and doing so because he did not like my book Affairs Valentino... I post a few more pages from my account. (see below)

Although Tracy Ryan Terhune is wont to post his disclaimers carefully stating how he does not wish us physical harm, he provides a platform for David Bret to do just that. Despite Terhune's recent and insidious countdown to our deaths... “tick tock, tick tock”... he does so vicariously through David Bret, by supporting David Bret's death rhetoric about us and has for more than a decade.

He has provided Bret with information with instructions as to how to hide his hand in their messy deeds, and while sniggering along side Bret's vicious name-calling and death wishes... or what did Bret tell his local police they were called? Oh yes...”Witty Death Wishes, officer.”

These two men have worked tirelessly all these years to discourage us, to ensure the lies about us and our books are spread online as thick as can be. And they know they are lies. They know I am not homophobic, they know the lawsuit I won against Bret for defamation was a legal one, they know our work is valid and not "trash fiction", they know they are the bullies, etc. etc. etc.

As long as Terhune runs that malicious blog under the title of Affairs Valentino..just to disparage us and our work, he reaffirms what I am saying here today as truth.

Some days I can ignore their idiocy, some days I can not. When I realize all the work, all the research and the effort we put forth to have Terhune and Bret trash it online in such a manner with impunity and for so long all while acting the victims can be pretty upsetting... to put it mildly. 

And if Tracy Ryan Terhune deigns to stop by to read this post, I will do him a favor and tell him I mentioned his name in it 6 times... he likes to highlight my posts to somehow prove I was violating some law against mentioning his name. It almost appears that to write his name constitutes defamation? If he is going to mention my name for a decade of my life and in a filthy way and cause us so very much heartache and suffering, I feel this is a logical and long over due reaction. 

Friday, April 24, 2020

A Few Words About the Reincarnation of Bathsheba?

Nicholas Roerich's history was one of the most fascinating things I discovered while researching Natacha Rambova. Within the Roerich story, Natacha's presence from 1928-1931 still remains somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Michael Morris did not write about Natacha's love affair and three year engagement to the elder son and heir to the Roerich throne, Svetoslav. He told me he was asked not to write about that and he agreed on the condition they would allow him to use Svetoslav's portrait of Natacha on the back of Madam Valentino.

He regretted doing so and in 2009, he and I went to the Convegno Valentino in Turin and he eagerly corrected his omission by speaking for the first time publicly about Natacha Rambova and Svetoslav Roerich's love. He alleged he was the love of her life and not Rudolph Valentino. We posted his speech @

As an artist I so greatly admire the work of Papa Roerich. Although Svetoslav was brilliant artistically, for me Nicholas was the master. Most of his paintings are high country snowy landscapes from the Altai Region... between India and Russia. For me these are his best.

Michael Morris passed away believing Nicholas Roerich called his son to India to be with him and Svetoslav obeyed, breaking off his engagement to Natacha. I would learn just a year ago from someone in the Spanish Roerich community that according to the newly released diaries of Mother Roerich... Helena... she was the one who demanded an end to Natacha Rambova. And this was because she believed, or was told through a vision, that Natacha Rambova was the reincarnation of Bathsheba. How Michael would have loved to know that! 

It was not always easy to work with the Roerich Foundation because there are two factions which seemed to be in some conflict. I was as careful as I could be but I am sure I made a few missteps. But they were very generous with images and materials and put me in touch with a gentleman in Moscow who is head of the Roerich Heritage there and writing a book on Svetoslav. He confirmed Natacha and Svetoslav's engagement. 

Despite the fact Rudolph Valentino's wife/widow, Natacha was engaged to be married to Svetoslav Roerich and despite her affiliation with the Roerich Foundation, my interest was piqued in discovering the Roerich art.
There is a great deal of it online and a veritable museum of paintings in New York @

A Sketch by Nicholas Roerich titled, "Last Night", 1909.

Natacha Rambova and Svetoslav Roerich

Nicholas Roerich at his most confident! 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Valentino As I Knew Him

An Original Ad for S. George Ullman's book, "Valentino As I Knew Him" 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Rudolph Valentino's Spaghetti Sauce - A "Q & A" with and Commentary by Renato Floris

Q:  Renato, as an accomplished Italian chef... and I will attest to that!...I would like to hear your thoughts on Valentino's spaghetti recipe as it is posted online @

A:  I did not know about this recipe until recently and when I saw it I was surprised. Because the ingredients have almost nothing to do with the Italian cuisine. So let's look at the recipe.

Q:  I know Italian sauces consist of very few ingredients to create a specific taste. Italians do not like to mix many flavors together and are very traditional. The great vocabulary of Italian sauces can not be messed with believe me. You mentioned to me you found some un-Italian things in this sauce recipe.

A:  Well first, the “mushrooms sliced”. We have a culture of mushrooms and we use different kinds of mushrooms and would say what kind to use. This is probably the mushrooms you find most in America which are the portobello mushrooms.

Another thing is the “Italian sausage”...which in Italy means nothing because every province and city has its own sausage and its own cheese and its own wine.

The Italian sausage in America looks like a kind of Sicilian sausage with fennel inside

Q:  So there seems to be some conflicting flavors.

A:  Yes... oregano and rosemary. They are very strong flavors and together they mean a mess of flavor.
The final touch here for me is anchovies... This creates a mix that I think no Italian would like.
Also what kind of tomatoes? Italians use different tomatoes for different dishes, such as paste, chopped, fresh.. usually in Italy to make a sauce we use peeled whole tomatoes.
And rosemary is used mostly for meat. Maybe some foccacia breads or potatoes but never in a tomato sauce.

One more thing I can add is to comment on the picture of Valentino cooking the long spaghetti. If he did this he knew nothing about the Italian kitchen...because it had to be a joke. The reason for spaghetti to be that long then was that the technology to produce pasta was not able to make the short pasta so it was sold longer... But it was always broken into pan lengths.
The recipe of my Grandma Elena's “Sauce of the Fisherman” or the “Marinara” is as follows:

Ingredients: oil, garlic, whole peeled tomatoes, parsley and salt


In a small saucepan you put several tablespoons of olive oil
Then peel two cloves of garlic and press them flat and put in the cold oil.
Heat this oil until the garlic is browned
Then while holding in one hand the cover of the saucepan...! and in the other a can of peeled tomatoes....
Pour the entire can of tomatoes into the boiling garlic and oil and slam that lid down instantly or it can be an explosion
after one minute reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes or so.
Then crush the tomatoes and you can leave the garlic or take it out.
Right before serving... add in some raw, well chopped Italian parsley..
And salt to taste.

A Note From Renato on Rudolph Valentino's Spaghetti Sauce:

Perhaps the secret recipe for Rodolfo Valentino's spaghetti was such a secret that even he did not know it but, apart from making easy jokes, as I know a little about Italian and Italo-American cuisine, I will try to understand how it was created. Italo-American cuisine began to exist when the first Italian emigrants landed in the United States. Generally they were mainly from southern Italy, and leaving widespread poverty there, they were used to being frugal with food. Because of the scarcity of some products, they learned to make the best use of what they had.

After an emigrant's first difficult moments, it became a sort of status symbol to serve rich and opulent dishes. It was then the traditional small Italian meatballs became the jumbo meatballs for spaghetti; a dish that never existed and still does not in Italy but was born in a Brooklyn kitchen.

The first thing to consider is where Valentino came from.. in the region of Puglia. This is a region with strong culinary traditions and for many, many years it was considered "the Grainery of Italy" because wheat was grown there with which to make flour for bread, pasta, desserts and so on.

From north to far south in Italy, we have very different cultures starting from the dishes of Austrian and French origin in the north to southern foods such as the Sicilian cous cous. Even the types of pasta differ according to the region and often the city. In Piedmont, the tajarin pasta is typical. This is very thin soft noodles of fresh pasta seasoned with succulent roast sauces. Further south we have in Naples, the "maccaroni" aka “spaghetti” with the name spaghetti due to the shape of the pasta being similar to the string or tie, called “spago”.

In Puglia, in addition to wonderful baked pasta, the typical format of the pasta is that of the Orecchiette which have nothing to do with the monstrous six feet long spaghetti Rodolfo Valentino was photographed with for fun.

In my opinion Valentino's recipe, is absurd for the Italian taste. It is an Italian-American deformation of the Pasta alla Carrettiera, as this is the closest to the one we are talking about here. Here is a brief recipe for the Carrettiera pasta, typical of Roman cuisine which I offer as a more authentic version.

Ingredients for four people:
400g. Spaghetti, spaghetti or guitar spaghetti.
400g. Peeled whole tomatoes
50g. Dried porcini mushrooms
100g. Canned Tuna
4 spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 clove of garlic
salt to taste and chopped parsley.

I believe this could have been the original recipe, with subsequent questionable additions, which became known today as Rudolph Valentino's recipe. It should be added that although I am knowledgeable in the cuisine of Puglia, I asked a chef from Taranto there, what he thought of the Valentinian recipe and he said laughing, “Now I understand why Valentino died so young, if he ate this crap.”

And that's it!

Renato making his Christmas Agnolotti

In Our Defense by Renato Floris

Tracy Ryan Terhune, in one of his recent and offensive posts, “reports” words which I never said and continues to protest how we dare to mention his name. We would like to no longer have anything to do with him but we are forced to continue to respond to his insults which are always backed up by his chum David Bret! Insults such as calling me one more time, “Child Star 74”.

Today a dear friend asked me why we do not just ignore the blatherings of both Tracy Ryan Terhune and Bret; well the answer is very simple. Until those two cronies stop insulting, mocking and defaming Evelyn and me on the blog they run under the title of Evelyn's book, until then... we will continue to defend ourselves.

Every single word Tracy Terhune posts on that blog and every word David Bret writes there is bullying us by default because it is being done on that blog, established in the most malicious motive and used for nine years against us in a sadistic and malicious way. It does not matter what is said there, because there they act as thieves of legitimate traffic seeking our book. It is bullying. Every single word.

How hypocritical for Terhune to tell us not to mention his name when he has done nothing but mention our names in a terrible and bullying way on that blog and for almost a decade.

And throughout these long years, few people have risen to defend us. We have received and still do receive many affirmations of sincere solidarity but for our supporters this presents a threat if they were to go public. This because most people express fear of both Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret's reactions because what they do to a critic is very obvious and public.

They openly recruit people to aid in their campaigns to destroy their perceived enemies and do so online by posting lies and inflammatory rhetoric. It is a serious threat. People also tell us if they critique them they are deleted and dropped from groups. Openly supporting us is not allowed by them. For this, as victims of an obvious bullying we suffer before many silent witnesses.

Think people think and good silence to all, including the Guglielmi family who silently assist these many iniquities committed in the name of their important ancestor! Perhaps they are too distracted marketing the many remains of Rudolph Valentino or applauding a fictional movie about him.

We're tired but not defeated and will never be silenced in defending ourselves!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Sharing Some Podcast Documentation

As a sort of follow-up on our latest podcast, I am sharing some of the documentation I cited in the episode we titled, "Rudolph Valentino, the Handyman & More" which can be listened to @

Both excerpts above from The Los Angeles Times, February 6, 1931

Both excerpts above from The Billings Gazette (Billings, Montana) February 5, 1931
(Note error in that they identify Teresa Werner as Jean Acker's Aunt!)

The Los Angeles Times, February 5, 1931

The San Francisco Examiner, February 6, 1931

The Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) February 6, 1931

Excerpt of Lou Mahoney's testimony, cite to the account #83678, of The Superior Court of Los Angeles, Executor's First Current Account, Reporter's Transcripts.

Excerpt of Alberto Guglielmi Valentino's testimony, same citation as previous excerpt

Excerpt from the Appeals Court Decision reversing the lower court order v. George Ullman in which the court recommends a lien be established. I apologize for all my colorful mark-ups. I think it is still readable. 

The Brooklyn Daily Times, April 29, 1924 

The Los Angeles Times, July 22, 1921

The Los Angeles Evening Express, July 22, 1921

Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California) August 22, 1965

Monday, April 20, 2020

Get the Facts Straight

I want to add in response to Tracy Ryan Terhune's latest “bash Ullman for the bowtie” post...that Alberto had no legal authority at all to remove anything from the auction of Rudolph Valentino's belongings. Everything was the property of the estate which belonged rightfully to Jean Valentino. As executor Ullman was charged with the task of liquidating the estate and paying Valentino's huge debt. Which he did.

Alberto was ordered by the probate court on several occasions to return some things he “removed” (Kabar and a car)... he had no right to the jewelry or the clothing either. Ullman should have been more aggressive in demanding all of that be returned. I think the fact that he was not more aggressive about this demonstrates his generosity towards the Valentino siblings then. These items were assets of the estate and Alberto was not a rightful heir. And sadly... the cash value of everything Alberto “removed” was added by Alberto to the sum Ullman owed the estate.

So think about that.. Ullman as executor allows Alberto and Maria to take a fortune in expensive things which once belonged to their brother. When the second page of the will was found, and it is revealed they are not heirs... they sue Ullman for the money and the cash value of those items he allowed them to “remove”.

In Tracy Ryan Terhune's post today he carries on this bizarre legacy of denial of the facts. In saying Alberto “removed” these things from the sale also contradicts what Lou Mahoney claimed. Lou claimed Ullman removed the jewelry and sold it all for a huge profit. In Terhune's post he disputes Mahoney 100% and admits Alberto had illegal possession of the clothing and jewelry which he had zero right to have at all.

And to Tracy Terhune I will say to please stop bashing innocent people.

Listen to our new podcast episode about this @

An Honorary Discharge for the "Advertising Solicitor"

Some archival history of S. George Ullman; his Honorary Discharge paper due to "dependent relatives"... the birth of his son Dan. I add that his name on his birth certificate was "Simon George Ullman". His son believed this was in error because he was always Samuel.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The "Politically Correct" Weapon by Renato Floris

Admitting that I care very little about the sexuality of others, I will for the record clarify my position on Rudolph Valentino's sexuality.

I state that my position is not governed by prejudices of any kind. For many years, I worked in the world of entertainment and yes, ever since as an adolescent in 1958, when I tiptoed into that world. On my contract, "Child actor" was written and that qualification is what Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret find so laughable. Perhaps their reaction is due to the fact that their adolescences consisted of deadly boredom and as we know, envy is always the worst motive.

Well in the entertainment world, it is rare for someone to feel they ever needed to hide their sexual orientation and this is a positive thing when one realizes the many areas where such freedom is not allowed or accepted.

In my years in the entertainment world, (going on to act professionally in theater and then work in video and television) I have had many friends with sexual orientations different from mine. This fact never influenced or invalidated our friendships. I confess that many times I declined sexual advances which were not homogeneous with my sexuality but this never generated conflict.

In my many years of analyzing the character of Rudolph Valentino, I have been able to form an image of who he was which I consider quite precise and reliable; therefore I want to share my thoughts on this.

Let's jump to that fateful February 26, 2009, when Evelyn, invited by the University of Turin, delivered her lecture on Rodolfo Valentino's sexuality.

Evelyn, as an excellent researcher of historical "cold cases", found that there is no direct evidence of a homosexual or bisexual Valentino, a theory purported by Valentino biographer Emily Leider. From Evelyn's research, it was revealed that some self-appointed Valentino biographers contributed their fantasies to create the most beautiful man, Valentino.. into a gay icon, certainly a fate denied to Danny de Vito, Fernandel, Luis Guzmán, Marty Feldman or Clint Howard, just to name a few.

Valentino's beauty and charm are the reasons he was promoted to Gay Icon.

And this without taking into account the personal history of Rudy who, at the "venerable" age of 15 years, tells a friend how he likes to have fun with female artists of the variety shows and street prostitutes... he had so much fun with them he contracted a venereal disease, it is not known if it was gonorrhea or syphilis but this is of little importance.

It seems to me that a fifteen-year-old boy fascinated by those charming and available girls, professional or not, doesn't have enough credential to become a gay icon.

And today as I was writing this, something happened to me.. a paper appeared as if fallen from heaven. Perhaps it was sent to me by the spirit of Rudy asking for ransom? It was a print-out of a post dated October 29, 2003 by Emily Leider, where she states that Valentino was not "incapable of being bisexual"... This is truly what we Italians refer to as a “Jesuit” statement...double talk.

Ms. Leider writes verbatim: “I realize that I am not likely to persuade anyone who believes that Valentino was incapable of bisexuality to my point of view but my conviction that he (VALENTINO) had a relationship with André Daven is based on more than they shared fishing trip. Jacques Hébertot's letters and telegrams to Valentino are a prime source. Another indication that Daven had homosexual relationships comes from a book on the Swedish Ballet which mentions Daven's relationship (after he had ceased to be close to Valentino) with Rolf de Maré who was openly gay.”

So following her logic, anyone with a working relationship with a gay person must be gay by default? This is really a prejudice of a disheartening banality.

Jacques Hébertot who, among other things, personally declared to Jeanne De Recqueville that Valentino was not gay, which Robert Florey confirmed. Leider, whose intellectual honesty I do not question, also develops a bold theory by writing that Daven, after having ceased his "relationship" with Valentino, and we now know the actual reason for that from a letter Valentino wrote to Hébertot, had an emotional relationship with Rolf de Maré who was openly gay. Madame Leider ignores the fact Daven was an employee of de Maré as he partially took over from Hébertot in the managment of the Theatre des Champes Elysées.

Rolf de Maré was a Swedish entrepreneur and art collector who in 1920 founded, in Paris, with his life partner the Swedish dancer and actor Jean Börlin, the Ballets Suédois at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. De Maré and Börlin had a great and lasting relationship without the need for Daven's intrusions.

That André Daven who, in those same years, had an intense relationship with Yvonne Legeay which was followed by the great love of his life, Daniela Parola who he took as a wife and stayed with her until separated by death. I kindly invite Ms. Leider to review her claims, and if she can give me clear proof and documentation that she is right, I will accept her theory.

Now it is given that Evelyn was unaware of what David Bret's response would be to her examination of his undocumented tall tale boasting Valentino's homosexuality.. and she was unconscious as to what his reaction would be to her proving his anecdotes were only "witty inventions".

The result for her has been and is more than ten years of continuous attack by David Bret who, taking advantage of the climate of "political correctness" about the subject of homophobia... portrayed Evelyn everywhere as a liar and flawed homophobic and he did so precisely by invoking political correctness. This was and is an unspeakable crime.

To this we must add that Evelyn was accused of unfair play by David Bret and Cindy Martin who pretend that an author can not criticize a fellow author... This despite the fact Bret was precisely doing this and still is in a terrible way to Evelyn. I think it should be a respectful exchange of fair play between honest authors but this would require a degree of intellectual correctness on all sides.

Evelyn has always demonstrated intellectual honestly while those who preach about a gay Valentino and with no documentation, demonstrate very little of that honesty.

In closing; if I declare Pope Francis is not Muslim this doesn't mean I'm Islamophobic. I simply state that the Pope is not Muslim and that's all... but this is exactly what happened to Evelyn when she said there is no evidence Valentino was homosexual which does not mean she's homophobic.

Political correctness is an important achievement of our culture but it can become a weapon, a double-edged sword if used in a way misrepresenting the reality of the facts, therefore we must pay a lot of attention when some people misuse political correctness in targeting a scapegoat.

Think people think and I wish a happy intellectual honesty to you all!