Wednesday, April 22, 2020

In Our Defense by Renato Floris

Tracy Ryan Terhune, in one of his recent and offensive posts, “reports” words which I never said and continues to protest how we dare to mention his name. We would like to no longer have anything to do with him but we are forced to continue to respond to his insults which are always backed up by his chum David Bret! Insults such as calling me one more time, “Child Star 74”.

Today a dear friend asked me why we do not just ignore the blatherings of both Tracy Ryan Terhune and Bret; well the answer is very simple. Until those two cronies stop insulting, mocking and defaming Evelyn and me on the blog they run under the title of Evelyn's book, until then... we will continue to defend ourselves.

Every single word Tracy Terhune posts on that blog and every word David Bret writes there is bullying us by default because it is being done on that blog, established in the most malicious motive and used for nine years against us in a sadistic and malicious way. It does not matter what is said there, because there they act as thieves of legitimate traffic seeking our book. It is bullying. Every single word.

How hypocritical for Terhune to tell us not to mention his name when he has done nothing but mention our names in a terrible and bullying way on that blog and for almost a decade.

And throughout these long years, few people have risen to defend us. We have received and still do receive many affirmations of sincere solidarity but for our supporters this presents a threat if they were to go public. This because most people express fear of both Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret's reactions because what they do to a critic is very obvious and public.

They openly recruit people to aid in their campaigns to destroy their perceived enemies and do so online by posting lies and inflammatory rhetoric. It is a serious threat. People also tell us if they critique them they are deleted and dropped from groups. Openly supporting us is not allowed by them. For this, as victims of an obvious bullying we suffer before many silent witnesses.

Think people think and good silence to all, including the Guglielmi family who silently assist these many iniquities committed in the name of their important ancestor! Perhaps they are too distracted marketing the many remains of Rudolph Valentino or applauding a fictional movie about him.

We're tired but not defeated and will never be silenced in defending ourselves!