Friday, April 3, 2020

Bringing One Moment in the Hearing to Life

For me some of the most riveting content in the appeals court records I recovered in 2003, can be found in the testimony recorded.We hear from Valentino's closest friend and trusted business manager S. George Ullman, Rudolph Valentino's lawyer, W.I.Gilbert, Valentino's sister and brother, the accountant who executed the audit of the estate books and Valentino's handyman, Lou Mahoney... who curiously then had nothing but good to say about George Ullman from the witness stand. 

I hope soon to organize the testimony into a document and bring this hearing to life. I was, as I have mentioned, accused of forging these records and also accused of fabricating the entire story. Imagine what a genius I would have to be to recreate the spoken words of all of these people and so long ago, recreate the business records of the Rudolph Valentino Production Company, Cosmic Arts, Inc., recreate the details of the sale of some of Valentino's real estate and real property, etc.? It was an extravagant lie on my haters behalf and one which they, themselves recently debunked in admitting they had seen those records. 

Here... an excerpt from some of George Ullman's testimony. Live from the courtroom...