Wednesday, April 29, 2020

More of Tracy Terhune's Satanic & Bullying Images

Throughout the past nine years and almost unbelievably still counting, Tracy Ryan Terhune has bullied my husband Renato Floris and I via a blog he runs under my book Affairs Valentino's title. This blog was mine for many years until one fateful day when Terhune's “team mate”, David Bret threatened to open blogs under my family's names. I panicked and closed the blog and in doing so hoped my family would be safe from their attacks.

It was then Terhune seized the opportunity to reopen my blog, pretending to be me and he has run it ever since in a sick manner to ruin us, our reputations and kill sales of our books. (see below for his admission to this and his claims of success as to the scope of the damage he has done). He changed the design, headers and home page images many times over the years; from dead black intimidating to a fake book shelf with what I guess would be all the other books he has attacked mercilessly?

He does this, and has done this...from the first post he made on the blog which he made in my voice, “My Book is Pure Fiction” purposely and maliciously make us suffer and to divert and confuse any traffic seeking information about Affairs Valentino. For what Tracy Terhune serves up there is a buffet of disturbed bullshit... (his Valentino table?) laden with vicious cutting criticism, name-calling, diatribes of rage, lies and insult... He ensures people find his own brand of horror which is conceived of and posted by Tracy Terhune. If his insults and mockery were not sufficient he provides a platform for David Bret and together with their fake aliases they snigger and bite at us in a tragically false and depressing narrative and all under my book's title. Is there a reason why he does this? I think in light of the images and content on that blog Terhune runs...his reason is obvious.

He has tried to fool the public into thinking the blog is now a “Book Review/Critique” but it is anything but. It does not take long for people to see this is a cruel act of a master bully. I have heard from people who say they actually bought and read Affairs Valentino after finding the blog because they wondered why these people hated it so much. 

Valentino was bullied during his lifetime and there are many instances where we know he suffered because of the cruel and malicious actions and insinuations made about him. I say he would be disgusted by what Terhune posts on the blog under my book's title... and more disgusted that Terhune actually brags there how successful he has been in ruining and bullying us online. (see below)

These are images which he has used at various times since 2012 when he began this bullying campaign. These are images he posted as home page images to greet people seeking information about my work, Affairs Valentino. And as is it Terhune's style, to...”throw the stone and hide the hand”.. he soon deletes the most aggressive posts for something more insidious.

Cindy Martin once wrote, “No one gets wigged out the way Tracy did because of a book, but he sure stirred us up and used the mob mentality on many of us.”

I wonder what Rudolph Valentino would think, if in some cosmic way he could be told about this and know that the person who hosts the celebration of his death before his final resting place is a master bully.

I know Tracy Terhune reads this blog because he responds to it and posts clips from this blog on that site... so I ask him to close that blog (for the one millionth time) and do so out of decency and cease in portraying us as we certainly are insane, dottering old, fools... a word he loves to use to describe Renato and I. I can tell him that as of today we are not dottering, not insane... we may be old but are certainly not fools. He can count on that.

His only response anymore is to mock and insult with even more aggression and feebly write himself into his twisted narrative as the victim. I think after seeing the kinds of images he posts on that Affairs Valentino blog, learning the history of the so-called “critique” and reading his banner headlines, etc. anyone with half a brain at all could see he was a master bully and not the victim.

*I add that his glee in posting about the (ancient) “Child Star” is made to attack my husband Renato Floris because he once worked as a child star on Italian Television.

More of Tracy Ryan Terhune's satanic and disgraceful home page images on the Affairs Valentino blog which he posts to greet my web traffic:

*Here Tracy Terhune boasts about how his hate Affairs Valentino blog has become number one in my book's Google search. This is an admission of his intent and an admission of the scope of his damages done.