Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Logical Reaction

In my continuing effort to demonstrate how Tracy Ryan Terhune chooses to publicly ally with David Bret in torturing me, my husband and doing so because he did not like my book Affairs Valentino... I post a few more pages from my account. (see below)

Although Tracy Ryan Terhune is wont to post his disclaimers carefully stating how he does not wish us physical harm, he provides a platform for David Bret to do just that. Despite Terhune's recent and insidious countdown to our deaths... “tick tock, tick tock”... he does so vicariously through David Bret, by supporting David Bret's death rhetoric about us and has for more than a decade.

He has provided Bret with information with instructions as to how to hide his hand in their messy deeds, and while sniggering along side Bret's vicious name-calling and death wishes... or what did Bret tell his local police they were called? Oh yes...”Witty Death Wishes, officer.”

These two men have worked tirelessly all these years to discourage us, to ensure the lies about us and our books are spread online as thick as can be. And they know they are lies. They know I am not homophobic, they know the lawsuit I won against Bret for defamation was a legal one, they know our work is valid and not "trash fiction", they know they are the bullies, etc. etc. etc.

As long as Terhune runs that malicious blog under the title of Affairs Valentino..just to disparage us and our work, he reaffirms what I am saying here today as truth.

Some days I can ignore their idiocy, some days I can not. When I realize all the work, all the research and the effort we put forth to have Terhune and Bret trash it online in such a manner with impunity and for so long all while acting the victims can be pretty upsetting... to put it mildly. 

And if Tracy Ryan Terhune deigns to stop by to read this post, I will do him a favor and tell him I mentioned his name in it 6 times... he likes to highlight my posts to somehow prove I was violating some law against mentioning his name. It almost appears that to write his name constitutes defamation? If he is going to mention my name for a decade of my life and in a filthy way and cause us so very much heartache and suffering, I feel this is a logical and long over due reaction.