Thursday, April 30, 2020

Truth Be Told

This is a small video I made in which I read the opening pages of an introduction I was forced to include as explanation in the first publication of Affairs Valentino in 2011. By the time the book was published after ten years of research, I had been victimized by a year of the highest possible levels of bullying and any hope I could promote or publish my book was in ruins. My online reputation dead, shattered on a cyber wasteland of outrageous lies. I was furious and despairing...and I heaved the book into publication and hoped this would stop the online horror in my honor by the team of Terhune and Bret and their minions. It certainly did not. 

But I wrote an introduction in that first edition of Affairs Valentino which I titled, "A Forewarning". It was long, it was thorough and it was a true account of the bullies attacks on me.  I never mentioned Tracy Terhune by name in that introduction, but he immediately identified himself and another person I chose to keep anonymous. 

I wrote the truth 100% as it happened and for that he is still frantically calling me a "madwoman" and a liar for writing that true story. (See previous posts)

I did not lie and that is the real problem. #truthbetold #stopbullying #rudolphvalentino