Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Throw the Stone and Hide the Hand- A Commentary on Intellectual Honesty by Renato Floris

Following up on my post about the "Sincere Report", a.k.a. the "Forewarning" which Evelyn wrote over ten years ago, Tracy Ryan Terhune, as he usually does when he realizes he was wrong or posted something foolish, removed the offending post but left however another post which more or less expressed the same things, indeed much more. If you go to check all the posts by Evelyn and myself here, you will not find that even one has been removed as we proudly stand by what we say and write.

In a perfect world a story like this could never have occurred and I have asked myself several times what could have triggered such a terrible aggression against a person, Evelyn, who only wanted to be intellectually honest? This terrible aggression was unleashed by Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret.

They joined in trying to silence Evelyn's free and honest voice by putting in place their perverse actions ranging from defamation to bullying, to appropriating her identity; such as using a blog under the title of her book, which they so hate and where they define us as: The Mad Woman of Turin, and Mr. Mumbles, Horrid Hilda and Slobbering Sam, Count and Countess of Claptrap, the Patron Saints of Homophobia, the Turin Tergamants (the word in English means a violent, overbearing, quarrelsome woman, a shrew) And adding that Evelyn, "only attacks gay and bisexual men and women", I can say here that nothing could be further  from the truth about Evelyn and her reality. 

They go on with their name calling on that blog with: "Evelyn Fool Zumaya Strikes Again - As Her 73 Year Old Child Star Claps with Glee". I will stop here in relating their names they call us because the list is too long and boring.

It takes a cold, cold heart to define us in these ways and even worse ways as it seems for Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret, reaching a remarkable age is something to mock and almost a crime to them. In my home we call this "age shaming", just as when they call me a "pot belly", (even if my belly does not yet have that aspect), this becomes another form of bullying called, "body shaming". Now I ask you... who are the bullies?

What is the reason for all of this?

For Tracy Ryan Terhune the biggest offense perpetrated by Evelyn was to explain to the Valentino fan world how S. George Ullman was a good person and the victim of Alberto Valentino; a person who held no title or right to the name Valentino but who threw himself on the remains of his late brother Rodolfo. This because he never wanted to return to his previous monotonous life as a bureaucratic official in one of the most depressed Italian provinces. Hollywood search lights are much more attractive than life in one of the most depressed Italian provinces of the 1920's. Few people can imagine the poverty and monotony of Campobasso and the Molise region in the deep south of Italy in the 1920's; desolation and profound social isolation and widespread poverty. Alberto Guglielmi Valentino seized all he could from his brother, from money to the name Valentino itself which for Rodolfo was just a stage name. 

In her research, Evelyn highlighted these various complications and dynamics of these events and since her discoveries annoyed the "Valentino" survivors... the best thing they could do was to throw the mud of lies to debase her important discoveries.

Here, this commentary points out the marked difference between the intellectual honesty of Evelyn and the intellectual dishonesty of those attacking her and sorry to say of the surviving Guglielmi/Valentino family who sits by their window watching with utter indifference the ruination of a person who only searched and found... the truth!