Wednesday, April 1, 2020

On the Subject of My Being Bullied Again by Tracy Terhune and David Bret

It appears to me Tracy Terhune is actually exploiting the horrors of the pandemic to produce his own Facebook show to promote himself and elevate his status as the King of Valentino loot. I am referring to his “Valentino Quarantine #4” post. Is he kidding? This is a series? How tasteless and unthinkably insensitive.

I remind him we, as the entire human race, are being quarantined for a reason and this is because we are all in extreme danger. This is not a marketing opportunity, an occasion to be relevant with a “tie-in” tagline. Just last night we lost a dear friend to this virus and I remain extremely offended by the likes of Tracy Terhune who would make light of “quarantine” to further his endless quest to garner the oohs and ahhs from his Facebook group followers.

In his effort to promote himself as some heroic god of the Valentino world because he was able to purchase a lot of stuff which he, himself alleges was originally stolen... he neglects to mention many things:

He neglects to mention or link to his years of abusive and cruel name-calling of me and my husband Renato Floris; such as “Child Star 72”, “Fool Zumaya”, his posting years of images of Satan, Bibles, pigs, toilet seats and threats in capital red letters... all of this and more on that hate blog he runs and has run for 8 years under my book's title, Affairs Valentino... in order to divert and deceive legitimate web traffic seeking information about our work.

He neglects to mention that he provides a platform for David Bret, who was found guilty of defaming me...where he allows Bret to continue to violate a court order with posts laden with lies, heinous insults and terrifying levels of harassment.

Terhune neglects to mention his organizing a campaign to maliciously ruin sales of our books and I have cited Cindy Martin about this campaign in previous posts and add this today:

On June 10, 2019 she wrote:

“ I never organized a syndicate of haters. That was Tracy and Bret.”

She adds...

“It just seems odd to me that the items Tracy got of Rudy's are all lumped into one category and not itemized. Tracy does not want anyone to know exactly what he bought for $12,000.00. What could he be hiding?”

On May 29, 2019 she writes:

“...there are now new individuals Tracy is using to achieve his nasty goal.”

Also in same message... “ I told him, (Tracy) a while ago that I refused to be his “bully-machine” against you and Evelyn.

So it seems he neglected to portray himself in the broader picture of his Valentino activities.

As Terhune has both my husband and I blocked from even seeing his Facebook groups, we hear about his posts from our supporters who forward them to us. Today I received the following comment along with the screenshots:

Under today's circumstances, this speaks of a lack of humanity, understanding and compassion if the only focus is on one's treasures. He does not speak of suffering and what the world is going through one bit. He is self-centered and apparently uncaring and only concerned by his status while fishing for applause and admiration to promote himself.”

I am not the only person who thought this crass and Valentino quarantine #5? Why does he not call it what it is.. Valentino “the world in lock down for fear of dying along with hundreds of thousands of people” episode #5?

This is not the Ziegfield Follies of Valentino relics... Shame on you, Tracy Terhune. Promote yourself all you want but not at the expense of people's real suffering and a global tragedy. How utterly tone deaf of you.

And today Tracy Terhune seizes yet another opportunity to refer to a selfie I posted on this blog by referring to my "thunder thighs" and my husband's "pot belly"... does he not realize this is body shaming and full force bullying by definition? And he is doing this on the blog he runs under the title of Affairs Valentino and where he has bullied us for almost a decade. And on this same post he permits Bret to call me, "Fool of All Fools".. 72 years old and "Mad as a Box of Old Frogs". 

Times are so very tough right now and this is who Tracy Terhune really is... look behind the sunny display I say. A real gentleman would not be bullying in such an overt and sadistic way. Do they really believe they will intimidate me into silence... scare me into not defending myself, my fine husband and our great work? Never!