Friday, July 1, 2022

Mother and Son

A very beautiful photograph of Ada Guglielmi Del Mazzone and Jean Valentino. 


Year by Year

I have updated the website and am posting a year by year synopsis as overview of the actions. I included some court evidence which is public record and otherwise used excerpts to illustrate the narrative. As of now I have posted 2010 and 2011 as well as the official court translations of the filing, the verdict and the evidence. 

I will post the rest of  years as I complete them and carry it forward to the present. Eleven more posts to go. Somewhat overwhelming but I think it is important to record this for posterity because it happened and those who perpetrated it will be held accountable. 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

O'er the Hills of Gaslighting We Go

In April of 2014, Tracy Terhune, as “TRT96” posted the following (see below) on the blog he had then been running for about a year and a half under the title of my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino. It was obvious from his day one after he opened the blog, that his intention was to divert my web traffic to find his defamation of me and mine.

Images used as a Fair Use excerpts from the blog thread for the purpose of illustrating this narrative.

Bearing in mind Terhune posts this on a blog he runs which is designed to deceive people googling my book's title and where he tries to gaslight those finding the blog into believing I am the villain. As Renato captured years of screenshots which I did not read, it was only today I read this post for the first time.

A few points for Mr. Terhune's information and I say better late than never:

1. I never threatened to disrupt his memorial service, I said I should show up, maybe bring some books to pass out. As far as I know it is a public event.

2. We did not fake our books being sold in the Turin book shop as he claims. They were being sold there.

3. And I did not use my blog when it was “expel my hate”. I used it for the same reason I use this blog; to save my reputation from Terhune's savaging and defend myself, my husband and our work.

4. Terhune's saying he never criticized me except for the Forewarning is preposterous. He writes that on a blog where the first posts he made were impersonating me and saying my book was “Pure Fiction”. And it got way worse from there as you all know; the mocking, the satanic images, the pigs, the connecting to Bret, the lies about me having a criminal past, etc.

5. And he does not seem to understand the concept of karma. If someone gets beaten up in the street, it is not their karma. They are a victim of a crime. It is as if someone steals your car and drives by every day tooting the horn and waving. Is that your karma? No it is not. His gloating... that I have to disavow any affiliation with the blog his partner in crime David Bret terrorized me into closing, is not karma... it is pure evil.

6. And yes I called him a Valentino cult leader but now I change that and call him a Terhune Cult leader. As he knows little about and has little to do with Valentino. Imo its all about him. And if you search definitions of cult leaders you will find I am not far from the mark on that one.

But Terhune's taking the time to call me “evil” and make sure that word was in red and bold is a telling and truly childish touch. I guess he wanted extra, red, bold emphasis.

But he is posting in the wrong place to demand credibility. From the day he opened that blog in 2012, it has been a trash hit blog targeting me, Renato and our work. It always was and it still is only that... now eight years later and counting. Who is he kidding?

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A Letter Found

Regarding the subject of my previous post, I share the transcript of a heart-felt letter which was sent to me some years ago. I found the letter today and thought it articulate on the subject. I am not revealing the sender's name for obvious reasons. 

Victory Read!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Excuse Me...But Who Is the Liar?

In my previous post titled, "Those Letters To Florey", I mentioned how David Bret began pointing the finger about trying to convince me those "Valentino Diaries" were the source of gay material... actually claiming Valentino wrote about it himself. 

He first told me the Valentino Diaries were published by an Italian publisher and I fact checked that to find it was an Italian translation of the ghost written, PR piece, My Private Diary. And the book he is referring to was published five years after his book so it could hardly have been a source. 

As he later claimed he never said that to me, I post the following from his Facebook page in the spring of 2010. And fyi to Bret, "Edizioni" (as in Edizioni Lindau) is spelled with a "z" and not a "t".  And what a moment in history here... as he invokes Tracy Terhune. This excerpt used under Fair Use Guidelines to illustrate a point in this narrative. 

Monday, June 27, 2022

Mrs. Valentino

Evidence of the true love between Rudolph Valentino and the woman he would marry, not once but twice, Natacha Rambova can be found. Even the thought of proving their love was unheard of until recently. Snarky, misogynistic comments were made about her, but the honesty of their love as husband and wife was accepted as far as I could see until the great fiction writers, i.e. Chaw Mank, David Bret decided she was a ready target and began to sling their mud. Why? Partly because that is what those kind of people do and partly because they wanted Valentino gay and in order to make him gay, the fact he was in love with and made love to his wife, had to go. Hence the lies. 

A major part of the "Valentino was gay" hoax by Bret was the vilification of Rambova. He began as he does with all his targets to call her names and along with Terhune's taglines the attack was on. How antiquated of them to participate in attacking Rambova so unjustly, behavior which was considered offensive back in the 1920's. 

Natacha Rambova, according to all who knew her, had an infectious and pleasing laugh, was generous with her time and money. She recognized talent and advocated folks who became great stars. The article below was coverage of Natacha's trip east in the spring of 1922. And I am sorry for all the damage Bret and Terhune have done to this charming and lovable lady. She was the best thing that ever happened to Valentino. #rudolphvalentinosqueen

Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Promoter

Was Rudolph Valentino almost hospitalized for a nervous breakdown during the first weeks of the Mineralava Tour? Truth or fiction? The answer to those questions requires mention of the tour's managers, S. George Ullman as the manager for Mineralava and Jacques Armand Schuel, a.k.a. Jack Curley acting as Valentino's promoter/manager. As we know by tour's end, Jack Curley would be out and George Ullman in as Rudy's business manager. But for a while it was all up to Curley to book the venues, grab some press and in one case...manage the press. He was the advance man.

Jack Curley was a heavyweight in every way; a boxing and wrestling promoter/impresario and some say racketeer. By the end of 1922, his mighty income was compromised after professional wrestling was placed under the supervision of the New York State Athletic Commission. That really cramped Curley's booking style. The impresario was broke and accepting work as press agent.

I believe George Ullman brought Curley on to represent Valentino for the Mineralava tour because Ullman was a professional boxer for a while, was a true boxing fan and surely knew all about Jack Curley's situation. Curley became Valentino's promoter, representing him on the Mineralava Tour; booking tour venues and managing the events in the manner of a sporting event.

I think the body language says it all in this image, taken at the February 1923 contract signing (see below): Rudy absolutely sold on the whole idea and thrilled, Natacha looking fierce thinking, “Oh, do not mess with me.” And Jack Curley thinking big bucks as in, “Gotcha!”

Jack Curley's lifestyle was an advantage and nearly a disadvantage. On March 10, 1923, during the first days of the Mineralava tour, Edward Smith, New York mason contractor, was hit and killed by one of Jack Curley's cars. The driver was a mechanic but the headlines were not making Rudolph Valentino's new promoter look good at all. As we see in this coverage below, neither the driver of the car or the poor victim Mr. Smith had their photos included in the article; only Jack Curley. It seemed the death of Mr. Smith was on his head because he owned the murder vehicle. (from The New York Daily News, March 21, 1923)

Within the next few days, a rumor appeared in syndicated columns reporting Valentino was about to check in to John Hopkins Hospital because he was having a nervous breakdown. (from The Los Angeles Evening Express, March 30, 1923)

I have to wonder if someone was out to make Jack Curley pay for the death on that highway in Long Island, or if it was someone he crossed who planted the rumor to, as Curley said, “damage the Valentino tour.” I think Curley knew who was behind this attempt because his threatening a lawsuit in the amount of $1,000,000 seems a bit harsh for one rumor he could have easily just declared false.

It is probably safe to say Curley had his enemies. Being a promoter of wrestling and boxing events is scarcely the life of a Presbyterian minister; Curley had to deal with a lot of rough characters. Was he too tainted to represent Valentino? There is little doubt he knew the business of booking the sports arenas and running the events logistically, but did he have enemies? Did he put Valentino in some firing line?

Was there any truth to the nervous breakdown story? Was it just vengeance on Curley, a random rumor or fact. I would not doubt for a minute Rudy could have been on the verge of collapse at that point. Makes one wonder. Imo, I think it was a hit on Curley.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Those Letters to Florey

For many years, David Bret claimed he was in possession of a secret diary written by Rudolph Valentino in which the star's secret homosexual life was divulged. I thought the location of this secret diary should be made public and I asked him about that. And so it began... as Bret pointed in one direction after another to claim a source for what so far has turned out to be no source at all other than his imagination.

At first he called it the “unpublished diary of Rudolph Valentino”, which he claimed was published by an Italian imprint, Edizioni Lindau. I discovered this was the Italian translation of My Private Diary, a book published in 2004, five years after Bret's book on Valentino. 

Then he pointed the way to Jeanne DeRecqueville and built the fantasy that she revealed Valentino and Andre Daven were lovers. We translated that book to see exactly what DeRecqueville wrote and in fact she revealed the opposite. She conducted some of the first, authoritative research proving Valentino was heterosexual. So Bret moved on.

Then he claimed it was revealed in Robert Florey's installments published in the French fan magazine, Cinemonde in 1956. His proof, he said, that Valentino was gay was right there in the letters Valentino wrote to Florey. 

So Renato then took considerable time to find a complete copy of all the installments and translated them into English. Those letters? In The Rudolph Valentino Case Files, pp. 113-114 you can read some of those letters which Florey includes. Here are a few extracts from Installment #7, which was published in Cinemonde on November 22, 1956:

(Letter dated December 29, 1922, extracts)

“I have happily just received your nice letter which is the first one I received since your sudden departure for the beautiful Hollywood as you call it. I wonder if it's true that you wrote to me or if it's just to make me believe you did...Thank you very much, old boy for the good publicity you give me and I will order Abbe to print for me a set of new photos which I will send to you as soon as they are ready. At the same time I'm going to send you two speeches I gave on a radio show, which almost a million radio fans heard; the first against the bad method of producing films adopted by trusts like Famous Players etc. and another where I explain the mission of the cinema in the future of the world."

"I would like you to translate those two speeches and send them to your overseas magazines. I believe this is good publicity. Tell those two brave boys, Limur and Caracciolo, to write me a note, and tell Jean not to forget to exercise my horses with Caracciolo if they want to. Send me their addresses. I have to stop now since I have to leave for Philadelphia for a radio interview.

Greetings to all my true friends and many wishes from me and my wife too. Yours always your friend, Rudolph. "

(Letter of May 20, extracts)

"I also want to tell you that while in New York the other day, I posed for new photos of which I chose twenty-eight different poses, and I ordered two hundred glossy reproductions of these and different ones, so you will have enough photos of me to begin with until I get to London and Paris to check in. I also decided that the tenth of July may be a little late for your departure and I changed your passage for the first of July... "

**I am not sure what Bret is claiming now as his source. Those “love letters” in French written from Rudy to Florey were just business directives and travel arrangements; all sent in the course of conducting business.

I still get comments from the team and I am sure Bret, pointedly scolding me for forgetting that Florey and Valentino were lovers. On that I would direct them to the “Nacissistic Gaslighters” memo in my previous post and the item titled, “Outright Denial of Facts”.

This has nothing to do with the subject of anyone's sexuality. It is all about intellectual honesty.

For the Record

I found the image below which I think says it all in regards to the “team” or the “VSC” as they like to be called. According to this list I guess they can rename themselves the, "Narcissistic Gaslighters". I think their actions here, there and everywhere (for 12 years and counting) follow this listing perfectly, with the "shifting blame to avoid accountability" being top today; maybe tied with "indignant outrage" and "playing the good guy". 

For the record: