Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Rudy Gives A Party

From the Exhibitor's Herald  - 1923


Each and Every Valuable Record

Below, one of the thousand Valentino probate documents I recovered in 2003. The documents are official copies of Valentino's probate case file and stand as proof that the original file was once housed in the Los Angeles County Hall of Records. The story of the theft of the original case file is revealed in detail in Affairs Valentino.

In this document above, Valentino is assigning his United Artists' contract to the ownership of his corporate alter ego, Cosmic Arts, Inc. I learned from the recovered court records how Natacha Rambova held all ten shares of Cosmic Arts stock. In essence upon the assignation, she owned Valentino's (her husband's) contract. As you see (above)Valentino transferred ownership to Natacha on April 21, 1925.

Four months later they would separate and he would have her sign away her interest in Cosmic Arts, Inc. The court records explain he, “had become dissatisfied with the management”, namely his wife, Natacha. From that day forward, Valentino and his manager George Ullman conducted his business under his new corporate alter ago, Rudolph Valentino Productions.

I found the subject of Cosmic Arts, Inc. to be fascinating and as it became a topic of dispute in Alberto Valentino's frivolous lawsuit v. Ullman, there is a great deal about Cosmic Arts, Inc. included in the recovered records.

How valuable these records are!... as the originals were stolen and now have vanished, secreted away into oblivion by the collectors.

How easy it was all those years to spin their false narrative about many things; Ullman, Alberto, Natacha... with those stolen records in their hands, they were free to say whatever they wanted to.

While we have been working to share the true story as at last revealed in those records I recovered.... they, the keepers of the original documents... impugn, defame, mock, bully and lie to maintain their upside down version of Valentino's life.

Regarding their “kill the messenger” campaign; I would point out that records such as these do not belong in the “trash can of Valentino history” as Tracy Terhune recently and shamefully referred to me and my work: 

With each document brought forth... each and every valuable one.... Terhune's relegating our work to the “trash can” appears less and less like someone determined to be the King of Valentino... and more and more an act of someone desperate to maintain the years of lies passed off as fact and determined to exploit collecting Valentino memorabilia to push a personal agenda.

I do not fabricate or forge documents and present them as the valuable gems they truly are.

Monday, November 23, 2020

"Long Tall Glasses"

Yesterday someone sent me the video below (link) as an amusing “Rudy Valentino” mention. In case any one is brushing up on their Valentino trivia, they might want to take a listen.

Lyrics: "I did a two-step, a quick step and a bossa nova, a little Victor Silvester and a Rudy Valentino, you should'a seen me movin' right across the floor, hand me down my tuxedo, next week I'm comin' back for more..."

I was going to post the time when the mention occurs in the video, but then thought that would ruin any effect. 👍


And thank-you!


Sunday, November 22, 2020

This Story Will Be Told

*The documents shared in this blog are all public record. Passages, selected pages and clips of images are excerpted under the guidelines of Fair Use as they are posted in brief to support the narrative. All of these public documents are available to anyone accessing the court archives; in this case the Court of Asti, case file #RG n. 4130/2014

I imagine my posting proof that my lawsuit, which I filed in 2014 against David Bret, was valid and that I won this case...will be met with his predictable accusation I forged it all. I want to go on record saying it is absurd to think I would or could invent an entire lawsuit in Italy... and I am above all not a reckless person and would never forge legal documents. With these records being publicly available in the court archive, it would be easy to prove their existence and content. In my opinion, Bret makes this claim out of desperation because he wants this story, and me, buried forever. He has opened blogs devoted to telling the world the entire case was fraudulent and a figment of my imagination. I think he knows this insane argument has only made the situation worse for him. 

This said he continues with the same bullying behavior and primarily with the assistance of Tracy Terhune who provides an illegal platform for him on the hijacked blog Terhune runs under my book's title.

It is curious how the allegation of forgery persists in the Valentino world. In 1930, when George Ullman found a copy of Paragraph Fourth, the portion of Valentino's will which designated his entire estate to Jean Valentino... Alberto Valentino cried “It's a forgery!” He demanded the judge summon the typist and the typewriter to prove it was all a fake. It was not and the judge admitted the document as a legitimate portion of Valentino's will.

Tracy Terhune pounded his drums of war against us for years while we were accused of forging all of those court records we discovered... this until he slipped up and admitted he had seen the actual records and knew of several collectors who had them in their possession at one time or another. When I posted a few of Michael Morris' e-mails to me, the “team” also cried, “Forgery!” They were not.

The following pages as excerpted from the case as filed v. David Bret are not forgeries and are supported by the screenshots also submitted as evidence. The entire document, the evidence filed and the official English translation of the verdict can be read @ www.zumayawinslawsuit.com

The document filed stands as an accurate account of Bret's actions against us until 2014. Further documentation of his actions from then until the present will be forthcoming. Proof of Terhune's providing him a platform to violate the verdict can be found on Terhune's hate Affairs Valentino blog.

I will not be silenced and this story will be told. 

Excerpt #1
Excerpt # 2-3 ( begins in mid-citation from a Bret post)

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Freedom of Critical Thinking

Yesterday while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I noticed several notices posted alerting me that a Tweet was removed due to content. Now I knew it was not removed for any adult content because that is permitted whole-heartedly by social media. I knew it was not a religious censorship or that someone was being bullied, etc. because that is all allowed. So what was it I was not allowed to read? With the sheer volume of Tweets flying through cyber-space are we to believe someone is sitting somewhere reading these? I so doubt that.

With the subject of the actual censored content aside, I felt furious with the motive... the presumption by this social media platform that I had to be protected. I have a critical mind and I can certainly judge what I feel is true and not true. How insidious that a social media platform which is presented as freedom of speech is now anything but.

I find censorship offensive and dangerous and I can of course relate this to my own situation. Today I read an article about advertisement in the 1920's in which the author claimed ads should be censored to protect the “weaker” segments of the population. And the cited “weaker” segments of the population then...children and women. Imagine my reaction to that!

But on to the obvious point...the censorship in the world of Valentino is out of control if not overwhelming at this point. He... who has positioned himself as the great controller of Valentino information, Tracy Terhune... works hard to delete what he considers “unfit content”. He, like the mysterious over lords of Twitter... denies people their right to critically judge for themselves by issuing false statements and lies about our work and yes he and his sycophants do routinely delete comments about our work on his Facebook groups. Affairs Valentino has been and still is a great target of the censor... Tracy Terhune. We have known this for a very long time and this was explained/confirmed to us in detail by Cindy Martin during her all too brief hiatus from the censor's court.

Michael Morris referred to these people as a cult with his definition of a cult being a group of people venerating a common theme or subject. His definition also included one of the most stunning points to be made about this Valentino cult... the censorship of information. This very act of censorship defines a cult leader... in that the leader propagandizes their followers into thinking they must heed the leader's advice about reading material. Does Terhune not realize that in his bashing, banning and brutalizing of Affairs Valentino, he is defining himself as a cult leader?

While social media platforms permit such behavior as the obvious bullying of us by Terhune on that hate blog he runs under my book's title which he disguises as a “literary critique”, they censor out tweets and posts to protect what? Me? As a member of the “weaker” segment of the population?

Not much can be done to reign in control of the social media giants, but in the case of Valentino censorship as purported by Tracy Terhune something could be done. Just last week we heard from a woman who wrote to encourage us who added she agreed with most of what we proposed but not all. That was great to read because she admits to critical thinking. Does Terhune in his endless censoring of all of our books, with his ritual slaughter of them on that fake blog not insult Valentino's followers and fans? Does he think people are incapable of thinking critically?

Michael Morris once wrote me saying he felt that such censorship/banning of a book was deeply un-American. American or not, it is deeply offensive to me. At this point I can not say if those deleted Tweets were offensive to me or untrue... because they are gone. And likewise, those people who have no idea whether they like, approve of or dislike, etc. our books, might want to just read them for themselves and find out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Last Man in Natacha Rambova's Life

When Natacha Rambova organized her expedition into the Valley of the Kings in the early 1950's as funded by the Bollingen Foundation, she hired a young artist, Mark Hasselriis as her epigrapher. Mark would spend the next twenty years with Rambova and live with her in her home in Connecticut. After her death, he went on to teach what he called Natacha Rambova's theories, extolling her Egyptological and cosmic research.

Michael Morris interviewed Mark Hasselriis for Madam Valentino and met with him on one occasion. After Michael's death, I was charged with completing Beyond Valentino, his Madam Valentino Addendum and hoped to locate a photo of the elusive last man in Rambova's life. I was so proud I was able to accomplish this.

I located his nephew who was forthcoming in sending me letters, artwork and images of this great and extremely fascinating, talented and learned man.

I also found it interesting Mark mentioned to Michael Morris how he felt the movie, “Valley of the Kings” was based on his and Rambova's expedition. Robert Taylor's character is even called, “Mark”. The plot is similar to their quest and as the movie depicts them in a torrid, yet secret love affair... one wonders. If they were lovers, I am sure it would not have been public as Mark was some twenty years younger than Rambova.

                                                     The movie based on Natacha and Mark's story. 

Mark told Michael Morris he was not sure he was “in love” with Natacha but he did “worship her” and he added that this is not always the best kind of love.

I know they did share a household at times as he refers to “their dogs”. Find Mark and Natacha's story and more images in Beyond Valentino.

A watercolor by Mark Hasselriis

                                             Mark sketching at his nephew's home in his later years

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Rambova on Hollywood

Natacha Rambova was articulate about her experiences in Hollywood and her marriage to Valentino in a candid interview she granted to journalist and friend Herb Howe which was published as, “Her Years as Valentino's Wife – Natacha Rambova's Marriage to the Greatest of Screen Idols Came to a Tragic End”, which was published in The New Movie Magazine, December 1929-May 1930.

This passage (below) is particularly well-said. I included the entire article in Astral Affairs Rambova and highly recommend it as insight in the Valentino/Rambova marriage. Herb Howe asks Rambova:

“Do you think it possible for two people to succeed with marriage there (Hollywood)?” I asked, “not just ostensibly but actually? ...or even with great friendship?”

“The only possibility, I think,” she said, “would be if they kept entirely out of it all and recognized it for what it's worth. Ah! - that's it. You are young, appearances are deceptive; you do not realize you are losing perspective and being absorbed until you are swallowed up. Hollywood is a hot-bed of malice. It seethes and boils in envy. Never a good word is spoken of anyone unless for publicity or to gain some personal end. Sweet words of flattery have vinegar on their breath. Eyes of malevolence watch you and even as you feel the tearing tongues of back biters. People go places out of fear. Fear is on parade: fear of being forgotten if you are not in the procession, fear of being talked about if you stay away and fear of the ravening critical eyes when you are present. It's a terrible thing and thank God I'm out of it all!” She spoke with mirthful detachment even of Hollywood, with an amused mockery that embraced herself.

“It's like the war,” I said. “You can laugh at it all when it is over.”

“Exactly,” she said, “And particularly at your own ridiculous self for taking it all so seriously.”

“And will you ever return?”

“Well, hardly! I have not heard from anyone there and do not expect to hear...”