Monday, July 6, 2020

Eleanor Gribbin & David Bret/Albert Morris Together Again

Today I respond to a Tweet made by David Bret on July 2, 2020, in which he praises one Eleanor Gribbin for her deterring a prospective reader of my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino by saying the book was, “the workings of a mad woman”. Calling me a “mad woman” is one of Bret's favored defamatory lies about me.

On July 2, he tweets:

“Eleanor Gribbin.. Whoever you are, wherever you are. I kneel to you. xxx"

I dispute Bret's feigning he does not know who Eleanor Gribbin is, because she once kicked him out of her group along with the following statement which she posted on February 3...a blaring meme headline (a graphic with flames) on her forum.

“Dear members, Anything written by David Bret is not welcome. Thank you, Eleanor.”

There are then twenty-three comments under this post. I reference but a few:

“There's only one place for DB's books.. the trash heap.”

To this response, Eleanor Gribbin posts an image of Snoopy in a movie theater seat eating popcorn enjoying the show.

Bret's work is then referred to as, “high octane fiction”, while Eleanor Gribbin responds with hearts and thank yous while adding how Bret writes with no research and bases his books on unsubstantiated rumors.

When someone comments Bret is a “boil on the ass of humanity and a vicious little trouble maker”, Eleanor Gribbin responds with a kiss emoji and “love it lol.”

Comments continue, as she moderates, with various comments saying Bret is a bully and a liar and a “big liar”.

So I have to ask:

Why would Bret pretend not to know the woman who kicked him off her forum? If he indeed does not then he might want to rethink his public notice of homage to her.

And why would she still allow him to be a member of the forum under his known alias, Albert Morris? Last I heard this was the case.

Why would Bret ever want to kneel before this woman who holds him in such low regard as to publicly post “love it lol” to her followers on her Facebook forum when they were debasing him and his books.?

Might ask Eleanor Gribbin and David Bret why.

I respond to them both and refute that my books are as Gribbin stated, “the workings of a mad woman” and I refute Bret's claim he does not know Eleanor Gribbin. Ridiculous.

I want to make it perfectly clear I am not randomly “attacking” innocent people by posting a defense of myself and our work. I post to respond to the vicious, defamatory lies made about me, my work and my husband's fine work... by these known bullies and their continuing and very public effort to impugn our integrity and impede our right to conduct business.

I respond to these people's unwarranted attacks against us and believe anyone would do the same if such lies were being spread about them online and for years.

I will never be bullied into silence.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

My Eternal Inspiration

My friend and companion Roger Burnett died thirty-three years ago yesterday. He was forty years old and he died of AIDs. Befitting the spiritual stature of this greatest of men, he died during the fireworks.

At his wake, his dear other, wore a t-Shirt from a New York City Independence Day celebration. The shirt had a graphic of fireworks and the word “Independence”.

We listened to Mahalia Jackson and then had an endless buffet of food made with love by his friends and family.

The world has ever since been a lesser place because he died. He was beloved and thirty-three years could be thirty-three minutes as far as my heart goes.

I share this because I am in awe that I have lived so many years beyond Roger, that at seventy-two years old I am writing this. I have now documented the soul of my soul, the angel who saw me through the desolation trail, my eternal inspiration and deepest sorrow.

Thanks for reading.
Love to you all.

His flower in celebration of his life... the Matilija Poppy

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Renato's New Facebook Group

I am happy to announce that Renato has opened his own Facebook Group. Although most of the posts are in Italian, "translators" can come in handy! Enjoy! And find it here:


Friday, July 3, 2020

Renato Floris Defends His Wife Against Tracy Terhune's Hate Speech - Update!

I seem to be living in a film, worthy of Luis Buñuel's purest surrealism or in a creation of René Clair, such as his Dadaist “Entr'acte”, of whom I place an image here below with Rodolfo Valentino and Rolf de Maré.

When I happen to read the delusional post of Tracy Ryan Terhune, who from a blog he kidnapped from the legitimate owner and from a blog having the title of the book she wrote, says he is bullied by his own victim. Terhune also accuses her of being motivated by hatred towards some "innocent" creatures whom he lists as "victims" of Evelyn Zumaya.

Of these supposed victims, just for the record, I report here the list made by Tracy Ryan Terhune: David Bret, Helen (?), Donna Hill, Cindy Martin, Dallas Martin, Simon Constable, all the Valentino...former Guglielmi, family, and now Eleanor Gribbin.

Nothing could be more surreal and absurd!

Evelyn Zumaya does not hate, but defends herself.

Evelyn Zumaya is unable to hate and is not a wild fool, as stated by Eleanor Gribbin in her recent post aimed at dissuading a person from reading Evelyn's book.

Evelyn Zumaya does not disguise herself in order to spy on groups in which she is not welcome.

Evelyn does not send herself anonymous messages. 

These statements are only the result, in this case, of deep hatred on the part not only of Tracy Ryan Terhune but also the blatant silent support of the other people on his “victims” list.

The thing that baffles me most is the deafening silence of Valentino's descendants who, with absolute apathy, observe the nefarious and shameful attacks on Evelyn while they crouch like hens roosting on the precious relics of their ancestor. I hope that someday another eagle will be born in that nest of owls who will restore a healthy dynamic in Valentino's cultural heritage.

It would be good if Tracy Ryan Terhune and his minions, before daring to pronounce the name of Evelyn Zumaya, rinse their mouths out well and do so with due respect. Evelyn is a sensitive and kindhearted person, unable to hate and lie. I have known her for over eleven years, and I can well say that rather than lying she bites her tongue.

Hiding games are not part of her modus operandi just as they are not part of mine. Both Evelyn and I never lie because we do not need to and because it is repugnant to us, everything we say responds to the absolute truth and I do not compromise on this.

Evelyn and I would like to be able to proceed serenely in our research activity and enjoy the serious possibility of being able to share our discoveries. However, the truth frightens those who have established their credibility on a heap of lies, so many that they have become indefensible.

I am sure that some honest mind hides within this horde spreading hatred towards Evelyn and me and that, in a time, which I hope is soon, they come forward and all lies will be revealed and the truth restored.

However, I advise every person on Terhune's “victims” list to read and understand Evelyn's book without dwelling on the typo or the trifles. The brightness of thought lies in reading and understanding without prejudice. Wake up, choose the light and stop living in the narrow darkness of insane prejudices.

On Valentino's right, Rolf de Mare and on his left, Rene Clair

Please Note: UPDATE

I open this update with a few important lines from “IF” by Rudyard Kipling, the lines are in French because it was in French I learned them long ago.

Si tu peux supporter d’entendre tes paroles
Travesties par des gueux pour exciter des sots,
Et d’entendre mentir sur toi leur bouche folle,
Sans mentir toi-même d’un seul mot.

It is necessary for me to share a short explanation regarding the image with Rolf de Maré, Rudolph Valentino and René Clair (above) with Rolf de Maré at the right side of Valentino and René Clair on the left side of Valentino.

I add that I did not write that this image was taken on the set of Entr’Acte.

Regarding the fact that this person on Valentino's left is René Clair; this has been verified by the Icono section of the Cinémathèque Française.

This is the response to my request for clarification on the identity of the person at Rudolph Valentino's left. The curator of the image sector replied with the following message:

Bonjour Renato,
Après vérification des différents portraits que nous avons de René Clair nous vous confirmons que c’est bien lui qui est sur la photo et non André Daven.
En espérant avoir répondu à votre demande…

Restant à votre disposition,
Bien cordialement,

(English translation of the verification e-mail)
Hello Renato,
After checking the different portraits we have of René Clair, we confirm that it is him who is in the photo and not André Daven.
Hoping to have answered your request ...
Remaining at your disposal,
Best regards,

That’s all folks!

Tracy Terhune Thinks I Should be Canceled

In response again to Tracy Terhune's latest post on that blog he runs under the title of my book Affairs Valentino to deceive and divert my web traffic, I say first of all I will not be bullied into silence and I was and am again here responding to unthinkable levels of abuse by him and his minions. Unthinkable.

I wrote a book he did not like and have had to endure a decade of his wrath and bullying. I do not have any aliases and do not “lurk” on Facebook groups. I have supporters who send things to me when they feel it deserves my response. This was how I learned about Eleanor Gribbin informing someone not to buy Affairs Valentino because it was the “workings of a mad woman”. There are many intelligent folks who appreciate Valentino who support our work. So I am “not alone” as Tracy Terhune so wishes I were. Far from it. In fact, I am less “alone” almost every day now and that makes me very pleased indeed.

There is little to respond to in Terhune's latest screed and continued attempts to bury my book... because the over riding issue which can not be the incredible hypocrisy he demonstrates in posting on that blog at all. I am being accused of hate speech and bullying by someone who is posting this on a blog which, since its inception 8 years ago, has been Tracy Terhune's personal and deceitful effort to divert my web traffic and threaten me with images of Satan, pigs, toilets, etc. while providing a platform for someone who was found guilty in a court of law of defaming me. This is incredible hypocrisy.

I will never be bullied into silence and until my dying breath I will stand up proudly to defend myself and my work and my loved ones. My response is just that and I was responding to be called a “mad woman” again and to the very public action to lie about me to impede my right to conduct a fair business.

I do not write hate speech, I do not attack these people's family members, I do not run blogs under their book's titles.

These are the tactics of Tracy Terhune who again has posted on his bully pulpit blog under my book's title.... to accuse me of exactly what he is doing and tell the world once again I am someone I am not and never have been and say I should be “canceled”. Who does he think he is... he is not the King of Valentino... So yes, I respond. I respond again and again and I will continue to do so.

I wonder if Eleanor Gribbin knows what it feels like for me to have had my very hard and honest work desecrated by sniggering liars who feel it is some kind of satisfying blood sport to write extremely offensive, false and often sexual and death-laden posts about me, my friends and my family members for over a decade.

I wonder if she knows, that in telling someone inquiring about my book Affairs Valentino, that it is “..the workings of a mad woman..” that she is now supporting those who I consider some of the most homophobic, misogynistic and cruel people on earth. I wonder if Eleanor Gribbin knows the pain of having to endure this kind of torture from those very people she appears to parrot.

Does she know what it was like for me and my loved ones to have to endure all those images of sexual and perverted scenarios which are still spread everywhere online about me... and most sadistically all of those hateful posts demeaning and insulting me personally, contorting my identity and the identity of my Rudolph Valentino biography...on a blog under the title of Affairs Valentino which is run by Tracy Terhune?

I read once that a defining aspect of a cult is the leader's control of literature. Cult leader's do not want their followers reading what they consider subversive literature which might undermine their authority and control. At all costs, this literature exposing them must be destroyed. Books get burned as they have done with ours.

If the cult leaders and their minions did not fear Affairs Valentino's powerful truth so very much, they would not be telling people lies about me or the book for a decade to prevent them from reading it. And yes they have been trying to stop Affairs Valentino for eleven years and counting. All of those folders Terhune shows on his bully blog which he likes to claim are full of my “hate speech”? They are just more of the same things I am writing here today and proof of just how long this has been going on. Those folders are full of my defense and my effort to salvage some truth about myself and Affairs Valentino.

In repeating the cult mantra that I am “a mad woman”, Eleanor Gribbin dove head first into the roiling vat of ten year's worth of putrifying, misogynistic, homophobic, sadistic, voyeuristic, violating and hateful posts made about me and Affairs Valentino and my husband... all made by her counter parts on a blog which I closed out of fear hoping they would all go away. She might think it is amusing to lie like she did, but I do not.

In light of the fact that most of the people who these sadists have targeted, were and still are women, it saddens me that any woman would have a thing to do with their endless misogyny.

I am a proud wife, mother, grandmother and I am proud of Affairs Valentino, I certainly am. And I am proud of my defense of myself no matter how wretchedly Tracy Terhune attempts to contort my words and responses into something they clearly are not.

Quite frankly, Tracy Terhune can not be credible at all while posting on that blog. That is pretty obvious.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Eleanor Gribbin Lies About Me and Affairs Valentino to Impede My Right to do Business & My Right to Tell the Truth About Rudolph Valentino

I respond:

It has come to my attention that Eleanor Gribbin posted on her Facebook group that Affairs Valentino is the "workings of a mad woman". In doing this, she participates in the defamatory lie that I am insane... waged against me by those trying to prevent people from reading my work. 

I dispute this 100% and say this statement is not made as an opinion as in "I think".. or "Perhaps"... but she makes this statement as fact which constitutes defamation. 

Those who have actually read my book, Affairs Valentino have had nothing but praise for the long and meticulous labor which was involved in its creation. 

I think all of our books are testament to my sanity which I do not have to defend. If anything Gribbin's calling me insane... says more about her than me. It is not a nice thing to do. It is a bold face lie and extremely mean-spirited. And in these times, I find it highly offensive that she would use the subject of mental illness as a means to demean and bully someone. 

Eleanor Gribbin takes another cheap shot at me and Affairs Valentino when she very publicly impedes our right to do business. She openly discouraged someone from reading the book based on her insult that I am insane. Who does things like this?

I call for her immediate retraction of that crass low blow. She might not like Affairs Valentino, but as someone who claims an interest in Valentino she can certainly recognize the sources and the ground-breaking documentation, as well as the thorough testimonies of the Ullman and Mennillo families... as being definitive and solid. I personally doubt Gribbin even read Affairs Valentino. 

I add to all readers that we are now posting audio files of me reading Affairs Valentino, chapter by chapter on our You tube channel.. So Gribbin's efforts to convince people interested in Valentino from reading the most "well documented and well written" book on the man (I quote Michael Morris) are ultimately as pointless as they are deplorable. People can now listen and judge for themselves. 

I can assure readers that I am not insane and the book... yes it took a long time because it was that important. Read and listen for yourselves to find out just out ridiculously hell-bent these people are, including Eleanor Gribbin, to lie and defame me and our work just to prevent anyone from knowing how important the Affairs Valentino story is. 

Her calling me "mad" to deter a potential reader is now part of the collective body of evidence which stands as proof of a campaign to lie about me and our work and impede our legal right to do business in a fair way. Shameful behavior. But as the saying goes... haters gonna hate... but when the hater is openly and quite publicly deterring our right to do business it becomes a different matter entirely. 

Here is the link to the audio Affairs Valentino:


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Few Stories Went Untold

The two young people in the image below, Bob and Bunny Ullman would collaborate with me on Affairs Valentino. They worked hard in this effort as they pored through documents and met with me many times to answer my one million questions. 

There were a few personal stories I heard from them which they asked me not to include in the book. One of these was a touching account by Bunny describing her father caring for their mother after her surgeries to have a lung and then ribs removed due to her tuberculosis. I found it powerful but she requested I leave it a private story. 

Bob Ullman also requested I not include a story he told me... This involved his telling me that his father carried a gun. The story continues... when George Ullman came home one day, he  set his gun on the dining room table. Of course without his father knowing, Bob's older brother Dan removed the bullets from the gun and replaced them with blanks. He then had his little brother Bob put on a heavy overcoat and positioned him against a fence in the back yard... he then proceeded to shoot him. It was a different time I guess and Bob said his father was furious when he discovered this happened. Another story which did not make it in Affairs Valentino. 

I think the photo below was probably taken around 1948 because Bunny was born in 1928 and appears to be about 20 here. I owe a great deal to these two thoroughly engaging and entertaining people.