Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Staying Tuned


I will keep posting more videos on the Rumble account. Remember the blue "A" circle icon will take you to the full play list.

I also plan to figure out how to set up a Channel there where I can read my unpublished book or excerpts thereof. Stay tuned. 

Sunday, September 10, 2023

New Account

I have set up a rumble.com account where I will be sharing videos Renato and I made over the years. There are a few on there now with many more to come.

You will be able to see the videos without a Rumble account. If you click on the link to this video and then click on the blue “A” icon below the video next to “Affairs Valentino”, the list of available videos can be seen.


If you want to subscribe, follow or comment you will need to set up an account with Rumble which requires verification through an e-mail but it is free. Soon I will have a direct URL. 

Renato took many little videos which I will organize there so they can be enjoyed. I will also be posting installments of audio files of me reading an unpublished book I have written. Soon come.

Monday, September 4, 2023

A Word From Professor Aurelio Miccoli

I share the fine commentary from Professor Aurelio Miccoli about Renato's new book. To read Aurelio's original Italian please visit my Affairs Valentino Facebook page. 

"I had the good fortune  to follow the personal story of Renato Floris to the end, strengthened by our friendship which matured over the years because of our common interest in the character Rudolph Valentino. Renato was a Valentino scholar-researcher and this was facilitated by the fact he held an excellent command of the two languages, Italian and American.

After the publication of many of his studies on the subject, almost always conducted in collaboration with Evelyn, he decided to work on the Italian translation of "My Private Diary". This would be a new and different work from the existing ones, associating a literal translation of the text to the history of the diary itself but also to the historical context in which it was published. 

When he realized the seriousness of his illness, Renato felt the urgency to finish his work and so our discussions became more frequent despite the distance (and thanks to WhatsApp) we discussed everything and analyzed all the possible hypotheses on the statements Valentino left, including typos and inexplicable inaccuracies. In short, I a modest scholar of Rodolfo's Italian affairs, had become Renato's consultant. 

I admired his great culture, (he worked in the Turin theater school), his subtlety of analysis but above all his intellectual honesty. So when Renato passed away, Evelyn became determined to complete his work and make a further effort for publication, co-opting me as a consultant for the Italian language.

The result is an enjoyable and innovative work because among other things,  it reveals previously unknown facts about the true authorship of the various versions of the publication. 

Renato also inserts, in the volume, 227 authoritative personal annotations on the text. He expands the analysis of the Diary with thirty-one images of the honeymoon of Natacha Rambova and Rudolph Valentino and thirty-four pages of images taken from the version of the diary which appeared in the film magazine Pictures and Picturegoers in 1925. 

All Rudolph Valentino enthusiasts and silent film scholars should know this work." 

The book can be found here: bit.ly/3smXxqm

Below: Renato and Aurelio - two great friends in Castellaneta some years ago. 



Saturday, August 26, 2023

Enough is Enough - Reposted

I realize there might be a certain honor in even having active haters who work every single day of their lives to try their hardest to bury us and our books forever. It goes with the territory it seems. 

If I had written some insignificant book on Valentino, they would have laughed it off and carried on. This did not happen because I wrote the truth, Affairs Valentino was and still is a book filled with great content which they will never be able to bury. 

It all could have been so different way back when, if they had embraced my new discoveries instead of spreading their false and malicious information about us and the books. 

But they have never made their roles in this a secret, being public about it year after year. 

No matter how much Valentino memorabilia Tracy Terhune buys, no matter how thoroughly he crams every inch of his life with Valentino trinkets, he does not impress me because he is forever bonded with David Bret and their collaborative and  hateful public campaign against Renato and I. All of Terhune's mocking tick-tocking to our deaths and years of posts as ageist cruelties, images of pigs, Satan and toilets, etc., designed to make us suffer, still ring loudly in my mind. His providing a platform for Bret to continue his evil ways targeting us seems to be something some people can excuse. I will never excuse that awful behavior. 

Donna Hill has made her role in the collaboration clear by shunning even the mention of any of our books on her "so-called" extensive listing of all Valentino publications. When Renato sent her a legitimate query about this, she passed it off to Bret and Terhune within hours. This because I shared her tale of the stolen court records being exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts. Maybe instead of traipsing off with the thieves, she could have taken the high road and worked towards justice there, i.e. recovery of those records. And fyi, "shunning" is considered bullying.

Cindy Martin, Eleanor Gribbin, Simon Constable, etc. and the various other aliases who work their agenda on their two groups are imo just mean, propagandized subsidiaries of the above...doing their daily bidding to gain favor within the ranks. 

Haters arrive when you reach a certain point of achievement imo and as offensive as they all are,  I will never be bullied into silence. And today as I perused my files I found the following and thought I would share it with them in regards to the subject of our work. 

All of our new Valentino content is now being shared on our Patreon account. Subscribe here: https://www.patreon.com/AffairsValentino

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Renato's Victory

I am bursting with pride to announce Renato's posthumous book which is now available online. 


He worked passionately on this project during the last difficult years of his life and completed his final edits in his final days. The book is in Italian and at some point I will publish an English version. For now he has his final word on Rudolph Valentino in his native language which he spoke so beautifully.

I would hope anyone entertaining a thought of throwing a stone, would pause and realize the heroic effort which went into this volume. Renato Floris gave every book he published 110% and this is no exception.

I thank Aurelio Miccoli for his brilliant editing and support for without him I could never have completed the work.


Sunday, August 20, 2023

Their Blatant Admissions

We have never stalked those who stalk us. Over the years I personally hid from them as best as I could. I was so traumatized by their sick actions targeting Renato and I, that yes I hid, to avoid even thinking about them or looking at anything they put online about us. Renato was the hero who suffered through paying attention to the stalkers loathsome actions.

But do they realize that in their very act of obsessively stalking me now, they humiliate themselves over and over. Even their meekest stalking-of-me gesture, becomes a belittling and blatant admission that they are possessed by me and mentally unstable by most people's standards.

There is an undeniable desperation and illness in their stalking which comes across as very sad.

Frankly I have more than enough sad these days. So I reject sad music, sad thoughts and sad stalkers.

If these stalkers were loners with no lives of their own...that would be more concerning. But they stalk me as acolytes of the cult and tools of the state endlessly devoted to the leader. I know they are scoffing to read these words and angry at the insights they afford me and others.

I am a cynical person and practical to a fault. It has taken me some twenty years to recognize and accept that in researching, writing and distributing my Rudolph Valentino biography titled, Affairs Valentino, I became the bulls-eye for a cult … the Valentino death cult.

Our truth bombs threaten and expose their true intents.


* I promise to complete the chronology on the above link...and continue on from 2018 to the present. It became too triggering for me to work and with Renato's passing it became impossible.

Thank you for reading.

Hero  👇💓💓💓

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The Beat Goes On and On

I guess the answer to the question, "What do they fear?" is pretty obvious. They fear the truth. If Renato and I did not discover and share so much truth about Valentino as we did and do... they would not care at all. But they do care and a great deal. That speaks volumes wouldn't you say?

Recently I invited them to debate me on Zoom... and live stream the debate. I had no takers. Perhaps they feel debating me would lower them in some respect but I say that is 100% false. The opposite is true. If they debated me they would be hard pressed to share documentation for their absurdities. 

Meanwhile they assault, demean and carry on trying to silence us and I write that in the present tense because it is still going on incredibly. One would think they would tire of their hateful ways and censorship of all our fine work on Rudolph Valentino. 

But loyalty to the cult leader is paramount and the followers know there is no grey area in that at all. The meekest public appreciation for us and our work is met with a swift banishment. The beat goes on and on. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently pointed out that those who censor are never the good guys. 

Renato heroically saved years of their worst posted about us but I have given up looking. It feels toxic and pointless. I do hear from people who tell me, "This has to stop." That would be nice but not holding my breath for that either. The Valentino Death Cult is still thriving and feeding on the prospect of seeing, holding or owning Rudy's earthly stuff. Onward. A few past tidbits...and for more of the story: https://www.zumayawinslawsuit.com/

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

No Pity

It never fails to blow my mind when I hear about more character assassination of Renato and I on the Valentino forums, primarily those run by Tracy Terhune. 

What a racket he has going all in all on those forums... as he hides behind the curtain. He forbids anyone to mention us and has historically refused to let Renato and I be members so we could defend ourselves. So its a really one sided narrative. Totalitarian if you will. 

In my opinion it seems the height of hypocrisy to outwardly portray oneself as being morally upright and Christian, as he does... when the seamier reality is that I can not defend myself on the forums where our work is being censored and bashed. 

How ridiculous the argument Terhune's front people/forum admins make saying no one even speaks about our work on their forums. Hello? They are not allowed to mention us or our work. End of that. 

Its kind of curious that he does not realize that all of his efforts over the years censoring us, mocking us, demeaning us in all ways... all of his efforts failed. I still hear from wonderful, intelligent folks who appreciate what we contributed. Thank you, thank you to them! 

It is an honor for me to continue the work on Valentino which Renato and I so passionately embraced. I could pity Mr. Terhune for his continued resistance of the new discoveries we made and our books. It is his loss. 

And if he has something bad to say about us, or anyone does for that matter... he and they can say it to my face. Let me know where and when and I will be there to let them say what they will. It is really chicken shit to say it all behind my back and not let me have a moment to defend us... and no I extend no pity at all. 

Love. love. love. 💓

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Too Much Truth

During the thick of the Italian lawsuit v. David Bret, we hired a body guard at times who called himself Rambo. I never believed that was his real name but it made no difference, he did his job and we paid him a flat 200 Euros each time he showed up.

During a book signing in Turin, he stood at the door like a secret service detail and it made me feel bad. I knew he had children and I just became so angry that it was even required to put him in a line of fire so to speak. 

Part of me always felt like I was insane to be that fearful... but I ask... if a cult of lunatics were obsessed with your location, posting every day in tangent about your death, the condition of your corpse in detail, images of skeletons and coffins, etc. etc. you might think twice. You might pay a Rambo to keep an eye out. 

Not a whole lot has changed. 

The battle for Affairs Valentino rages on. 

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Its No Secret

Censorship is in the news right now and I am all ears. It stands to reason this is a topic I have a great deal of interest in because for more than a decade Renato and I have been victims of censorship. I do not think any single person in the "Valentino World" would dispute that statement. It is no secret and it is painfully obvious.

The gathered evidence is pretty staggering; i.e. all those warnings issued to the censor's Facebook forum's followers... blaring in bold letters with emojis attached that our names and books were not to be mentioned. Someone sent me a long exchange with one censor in which said censor admonished and explained why I was never to be mentioned. 

The gaslighting is also pretty staggering; claiming no one ever mentions our books. They forget to mention that every time they do, the mention is instantly deleted. 

I recently heard the comment that those doing the censoring are never the "good guys". People should be given all the information and allowed to make their own assessments and debates should be a regular event. 

Why were and are we the targets of this endless censorship? Well it is an individual instance. 

It is not a mystery that Tracy Terhune gives the commands on this. In my opinion his ego was threatened and our work challenged his personal version of Valentino's story. He likes to say he is protecting the Valentino family... I ask from what? I think they can speak for themselves and they have never disputed a thing we reported.

It is not a mystery that David Bret is the hired junk yard dog in the censorship campaign; sad pathetic troll that he is. Hated universally and still trying to be more hated. 

It is not a mystery that Donna Hill was and still is a tremendous disappointment to me. But the evidence piled up; she was not my friend. 

Cindy Martin, Simon Constable, Eleanor Gribbin and their many aliases... just loyal shills of the state, feverishly working to bolster the lies about us.

It is nonsensical really... all this cruel behavior over a movie star who passed away so long ago. I reiterate that the documentation of my statements about this cabal of censors has been collected dutifully for years on end and is no secret. The screenshots Renato captured, and the evidence sent to us over the years, goes on and on, year after year and spills out of hard drives, taunting me to organize and share it all. 

Maybe its time for the censorship to stop. Invite me to the groups for lively debates. Discuss our discoveries and respectfully listen. This said... not holding my breath waiting for that day.