Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Empty Stalls

And for the record, Alberto "bought" the car on credit from Rudolph's estate. And as he later held Ullman responsible for the disbursement, in essence he tried to get Ullman to pay for the car. Just kind of an odd twist. A poignant commentary from legendary publicist Russell Birdwell. 


An Explanation Why

I take this opportunity to address, David Spurr Bret to tell him that I no longer open his comments for this blog. Neither Renato or I read them, giving them no meaning, no audience and they fall on our deaf ears as the expression goes.

I am saving his many comments, unopened and perhaps will share them at some point... the perfect opportunity has yet to present itself.

He is sending comments every day. The first few we did read were vicious name-calling, insults, hysterical lies, frantic accusations and his usual delusional cruelty.. all in the hopes I will share them with you. I choose not to because this blog is not his bully pulpit.

It's a new day, with a new direction. 

The Fishing Trips

I always liked this eulogy (see below) and as I read it again today, I realized something. On his death bed, Rudy invited Dr. Meeker on a fishing trip.

I got to thinking about Rudy and his love of going on a fishing trip with a pal, a buddy, someone he wanted to converse with and know more. He wanted to sit and cast his line into the water and hang out with a friend. 

So it seems more evidence he loved to go fishing and considered it an honorable and enjoyable thing to do with comrades.

It really emphasized to me, how sad it is that Rudy's love of a fishing trip has been contorted into something farcical and false. Of course I am referring to the innuendo ridden accounts of his fishing trip with Andre Daven. The fishing trip with Daven imo was the same gesture as it was with the invite for Dr. Meeker; something Rudy enjoyed doing with a comrade.

If Rudy had lived and Dr. Meeker accepted the invitation to that fishing trip... oh let's say to Florida...would this also be presented as a sex-fueled orgy between Rudy and Dr. Meeker by those ever projecting porn fantasists/serial liars? How absurd.

It would have been an honor to be invited to go fishing with Valentino. It sure seems he considered it an honor.

I do not have a date or citation for this one:

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

"Won't Share 'Valentino' "

I found this little bit (see below) and had to wonder what Rudolph Valentino would have thought about his own brother doing essentially the same thing. This is from The New York Times, November 19, 1922. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

He "Argued Her Into It"...

This quote (see below) from Natacha Rambova is excerpted from a longer article, but I found this comment insightful. She says Rudy “argued her into” taking credit for her work in his films. What a contrast to the cruel portrayal of her as a grasping woman using the situation to her professional advantage. As has been discussed and commented on here previously she was the star when they met and their marriage destroyed her career entirely.

If Valentino's possible insecurities have been discussed here, I think Rambova was 100% confident and needed no feeding of her ego. I think she had an executive type personality which really is obvious in her Egyptian expeditions. But this was because she was highly organized and not because she wanted glory.

Did Rudy argue her into taking credit for her work? And the last line where she mentions her being known for the work “independent of her marriage”, reveals the problem I think. That became impossible.

Monday, October 11, 2021

A Commentary From Renato Floris

Recently Donna Hill, on her site, added some sort of clause to what she claimed initially to be an exhaustive list of everything written and published about Rudolph Valentino.

She qualified her first statement by declaring her list is not so exhaustive as she previously claimed and I excerpt her qualification verbatim:

The list here is not a wholly complete list of all books published worldwide about Valentino. "

Here she qualifies that she does not include books which are not to her liking and does this without an explanation.

This, in my opinion is an intellectually dishonest approach by someone who claims to be an expert on the life and works of Rudolph Valentino and books which have been written about him.

So Ms. Hill takes pains to point out that the books I have published over the past nine years are not worthy of being on her list and she does so without even giving a reason.

As a reminder of Evelyn and my honest and onerous work, I list below the books which are banned by Inquisitor Donna Hill, to ensure she cannot claim she doesn't know about their existence:

2 Day Dreams by Rudolph Valentino with a foreword by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 4/23/2013

3 Affairs Valentino A Companion Guide, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 7/ 4/ 2013

4 Affairs Valentino – A Second Edition, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on, 8/26/2013

5 The S. George Ullman Memoir, by George Ullman, with annotations by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 10/21/2014

6 The Infancy of the Myth, by Aurelio Miccoli, published on 12/8/2014

7 L'infanzia del Mito, by Aurelio Miccoli, published on 12/12/2014

8 L'affare Valentino by Evelyn Zumaya, Italian translation by Renato Floris, published on 2/18/2014

9 Affairs Valentino - A Special Edition, by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 4/1/2015

10 Beyond Valentino - A Madam Valentino Addendum by Michael Morris & Evelyn Zumaya, published on 7/15/2017

11 Astral Affairs Rambova by Evelyn Zumaya, published on 12/3/2018

12 The True Rudolph Valentino by Baltasar Fernandez Cué, English translation by Renato Floris, published on 5/6/2019

13 Rudolph Valentino - In English by Jeanne de Recqueville, English translation by Renato Floris, published on 4/27/2020

14 The Rudolph Valentino Case Files -The Research Discoveries of Evelyn Zumaya & Renato Floris with included the English translation of “Inoubliable, Inoublié Rudolph Valentino Survives his Legend” by Robert Florey, published on 6/16/ 2021

15 Looking for Valentino by Leonard De Fonte, published on 5/6/2021

1 Buddha's Tooth and Morphine by Lord Wilde (pen name of Evelyn Zumaya), published on 10/ 2/2012. This was the very first book I published which is a lovely dedication to a dear friend of ours who was victim of a hateful attack because he is homosexual.

I did send Ms. Hill a kind and professional message, in which I asked her the reasons for our exclusion from her list. She did not dare to answer, leaving the task to one of her malevolent buddies, Tracy Ryan Terhune, who responded on the blog he runs under the title of Evelyn's book.

What a shame for the world of Valentino, this painful situation!

The Facts As I Know Them to Be

Since the subject of my reporting how Donna Hill told me the stolen court records were exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts by Jeanine Villalobos, has been misrepresented and questioned....

I file my report as the facts as I know them to be.

I did not solicit this specific information about the missing Rudolph Valentino probate case file from Donna Hill. I never asked her if the court records were exchanged for a shirt by Jeanine Villalobos.

I did ask collector William Self about the case file's location and because of an e-mail he sent to me, (see below) by the time Donna Hill confessed this to me...I knew the file had already been returned to Jeanine Villalobos from the collector who had them in their possession. According to Self and Donna Hill, the collector was Jim Craig. Self did try to negotiate my access to the records when Jim Craig still had them, but it did not happen. Self did not tell me about the shirt exchange.

Donna Hill volunteered the information to me, in front of a third party, admitting that the case file was exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts.

She never asked me not to report what she said, never said it was classified.

She knew I was searching for those missing records at the time and of course this was a very important bit of information which she certainly knew I would include in the book.

I did not use her name in the book and felt this was a wise thing to do then.

I did not cost Donna Hill “friends she had for 20 years”. She did. Oddly, Cindy Martin has accused me of the same thing when I know for a fact she was not around in the Valentino world 20 years ago.

Reporting on this as factual is not bullying but reporting on a story and defending myself. Over the years, Donna Hill has actively aided Tracy Terhune and David Bret in their campaign against us.

While Donna Hill knew about the existence of the stolen case file, I was being accused of lying about its existence and even forging it. She said nothing in my defense.

I did identify Donna Hill in a blog post sometime in the fall of 2011, when she began to openly contribute to the bullying attacks by Tracy Terhune and David Bret. Recently when Renato sent her a formal request asking why she refuses to include any of our books on her extensive Valentino book list, she did not answer but instead passed the request on to David Bret and Tracy Terhune who posted about it on the hate blog they run under the title of Affairs Valentino.

Donna Hill told me about the deal between Jeanine Villalobos and the collector willfully and with no qualifications.

I think it was a very important thing for her to share and at the time I admired her candor. But as she has proven again and again she wants to destroy the “messenger”.... I have lost respect for her as would anyone in my position.

Maybe those “friends” she lost were not so worth the keeping. In my opinion, they are all a band of shady and cruel people whose egos have long since replaced any sense of decorum and decency.

She might hide her involvement with the lot of them, but she has never fooled me. It was never necessary for her to vilify me because of their horrible behavior.  I share Self's e-mail to me about this (see below) and I add that when he tells me he was not interested in buying the shipping case...fact was he already owned it. I excerpt this specific e-mail to illustrate my point made here.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

A Great Connection Made

While I was writing Affairs Valentino, I worked with a literary agent in New York. He was an exceptionally influential person in the creation of the book and the development of my research. He called me one day to say he was at a party in Manhattan the previous evening where he told people he was working on a book about Rudolph Valentino. Someone overheard him and gave him a story. The eager contributor was the then owner of the Gotham Book Mart, Andreas Brown.

Andreas Brown knew Frances Steloff, the iconic owner of the book store,

Steloff was a fascinating woman who knew Rudy and Natacha well and I believe was the source of most of their book collection. In telling me about their friendship, Steloff's friend and successor as owner of the Gotham Book Mart, Andreas Brown made an important contribution to Affairs Valentino. Frances Steloff told him how she helped Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova find quiet time together in her store while they were being stalked by detectives in the winter of 1922-23.

Mr. Brown referred me to the book, Wise Men Fish Here: The Story of Frances Steloff and the Gotham Book Mart by W. G. Rogers, and sent me a letter which I treasure. I am grateful to Andreas Brown for our conversation, for being there at that moment in that party many years ago and for overhearing my agent talking about Affairs Valentino. So what were Rudy and Natacha doing while hidden in those mountains of books? Oh the trolls hopped on this story when Affairs Valentino came out, but I say what prudes! Leave these two lovers alone. 

The Gotham Book Mart is no longer in existence.

I excerpt Affairs Valentino:

Natacha and Rudy's friend, Frances Steloff in the 1970's. She lived to be 101 years old. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

What the "Stars" Thought of Him

Renato has discovered and translated a quip from the 1923 French press as it appeared in:

The Hard Liner - August 18, 1923 by George Fronval

It reads:

"What do our artists think of the handsomest man in Los Angeles?

Rudolph Valentino, idol of all American women, arrived among us, in the company of his charming wife, Natacha Rambova, the day before yesterday and by plane. He certainly passes for the most beautiful man in the cinema. We asked several of our "stars" what they thought of this reputation.

Here is what they told us:

Geneviève Félix - “Rudolph Valentino is not only handsome by himself but he is also by the way he acts.”

Gina Relly - “Rudolph Valentino well personifies the young first Hispano-American.”

France Dhelia - “What I like about Valentino is his gaze.”

Ginette Maddie - “I only saw him in one movie, Blood and Sand. I was thrilled by him and he is a talented actor.”

As we can see, Rudolph Valentino already has many admirers with us.

George Fronval

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Natacha Rambova Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Rudolph Valentino

Natacha Rambova was the best thing that ever happened to Rudolph Valentino. People who knew them said the same and agreed for a few years they were happy and very much in love. What went wrong, of course, is the subject of endless debate. In my opinion, they would have had more life together as a couple had he not died. I think I provided some new and compelling evidence to that. (see Astral Affairs Rambova and The Rudolph Valentino Case Files)
The weak and jealous may try to demean their love. They fail. One of my favorite photographs...