Sunday, September 26, 2021

Fur, Frocks & Frohman

Rudolph and Natacha attend an “Actor's Fund Benefit” planning meeting, (see below) on Staten Island in January 1923. Natacha is really pushing the envelope with that outfit and what a wall of fur coat. 

The gentleman is Daniel Frohman, who was a partner of Adolph Zukor and would produce some 70 films with Famous-Players.

The two ladies are:

Left to right (above): Frohman, Natacha Rambova, Nora Bayes, Blanche Bates and Valentino. (Below)...the fabulous frocks underneath those coats.

More of Rambova's Art In Situ

Natacha Rambova's bedroom in the Chateau Juan le Pins. Notice the artwork over the lamp on the far table. It is one of Natacha's costume design sketches. I also like the framed pictures of her on the table in the forefront...from her Aztec Dance days. 

More From "Page Z"

 There is a minimizing of the abuse inflicted on Renato and I from some in the Valentino world, i.e. those administrators on Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget. I say this because the word “adversary” is creeping in and I have to respond. It is insidious. It is not a tit-for-tat thing. They are predators of the worst kind and I am no adversary who would frivolously play the situation in some simplistic social media way.

Bret lies as he breathes, concocting impossible scenarios which do not merit the dignity of a tiny response. Yet fact is he spent the past 12 years attacking me and Renato...with sick posts about my father within hours of his death, he published my actual obituary with accompanying articles about my death, he explained how any one who would, “Slit my worthless throat” would be “rewarded by him forever”, he posted my personal information (doxing) with an enticement of “We are Almost There Folks!", and he posted how one day we will meet face to face and “only one of us will walk away” and added it "would not be you Evelyn".

Some people say to ignore it, that he is nothing to think about...but if someone is walking down the street and they see two big goons beating up an old lady... would they laugh at it, cheer the goons on and call the goons her adversaries? I would hope no one would.

It kind of sickens me when people minimize what they do to us and other people, their perceived “adversaries” who quickly become their prey.

It has never been an authors war and I am not and never have been in competition with them. It is abuse that can not be tolerated, not made fun of and they are not my “adversaries”.

The alliance in this between Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret has been a "thing" in the "team",  since about 2010. Bret pining for Terhune and Terhune, for a long while hiding his relationship with Bret. But not anymore. Now they openly preen on that blog Terhune runs to bully us under the title of my book Affairs Valentino.

Here as far back as 2010:

And Bret pining for Terhune about the same time:

FYI about Bret's claim to Michael Morris' e-mails to me: I never forwarded Michael Morris' e-mails to anyone. I once posted the entire emails on my Tumblr account and he downloaded those. 

Terhune and Bret have been running the show against us in tight formation for eleven straight years and counting. And I add there is a long, long trail of documentation of that statement. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Natacha's Favorite Painting?

Over the years I began to notice the art in many of Natacha Rambova's images.  This one painting, as one of a set, appeared in several of her homes. Did it travel with her?

It appears to be one of a set of Chinese 19th century reverse paintings on glass called Églomisé.

The painting first appears on the right side of the door at the Valentino's Whitley Heights living room:

Here it is installed, as the set, in the library at the Hudnut Chateau at Juan les Pins:

Natacha poses in yet another setting with her favorite painting:

*The two ceramic heads on pedestals in the Whitley Heights image also appear in her home in Mallorca.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Some Words On It All From Michael Morris

I thought I would let my friend and mentor Michael Morris weigh in on some things being discussed and commented on recently. (see below) 
Here he refers to Bill Self and the letters written by Natacha Rambova to Rudolph Valentino. As the mention was ambiguous whether they came from Ullman or Alberto, I found this reference relevant:

Further commentary:

Here (below) Michael refers to his editing Affairs Valentino. He made editorial notes and a few brilliant suggestions. For a while Terhune and Bret tried to claim he wrote the Forward to the book. He did not but he sure read it and supported my every word.... and added four words: "Magus of the Cult". 


Thursday, September 23, 2021

The "43 Club" Today

This photo below was sent to me from London a few sunny days ago. They snapped the image as they passed "40 Gerrard" Street, which once housed the "43 Club" where Rudolph Valentino partied whenever he was in town. The photographer said the top of the building remains the same. Thanks for sharing this!


"What Books?"

*(see update below) In a discussion on this blog about Andre Daven, I left a comment expressing my opinion that David Bret did not have personal godfather connections to Daven. He wrote the following to me today requesting it be published so here it is:

I was informed he was telling people Andre Daven was his “godfather's godfather” and here is my source from Cindy Martin as she told Renato about this, extracted:

I add that the reason Bret has not given me a “penny” on the court awarded damages is that he told the court he had zero assets. I told the court he had many books in print and they asked, “What books?” So logically I sent them a listing and the links for over one hundred titles he has in print. I guess one must presume he never sold a copy of any of them if he can not declare a single one as an asset.

And I did get much more than a penny from him... the judge awarded me some 30,000$ which by now with all the added legal fees and interest has nearly doubled. This is his court-awarded debt to me.

I have received several comments for this blog from David Bret which I have not published because they are open threats in which he always mentions, and wishes for, my death. 

*** David Bret sent another comment (see below)  I do not lie, post his latest comment submitted for this blog and say "Yay" to his comment we will not hear from him again... and I intended to post the verdict link:

The Chicca Guglielmi Morone Interview

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

New Document Regarding Maria Guglielmi Strada

*I have added information from Renato (see images below)

Renato filed a request with the City of Turin Historical Archive to see what information was still on file about Rudolph Valentino's sister Maria Strada. This is the e-mail response he received with translation below. This is a typical "Family Form" which to date we have found missing, in several archives, for Alberto, Ada and Jean Valentino. However we have not surrendered the search.

I think Maria Strada deserves more focus than she has been given in the Valentino story and hopefully this is a beginning.

Dear Mr. Floris,

As a result of the search carried out in the Individual Registry Cards housed in the Historical Archive of the City of Turin, we inform you that no Card relating to Strada, Maria born Guglielmi, nor any Card relating to the daughter Gabriella, has been found, while there is a Card relating to the husband:

Strada, Eugenio, freelance engineer, who was born in Turin on July 1, 1887, (act no. 2032) was son of the late Ernesto, engineer and Rocca Cesnola Eugenia; marital status, husband of Guglielmi, Maria; Marriage recorded in Turin October 18, 1926 (act no. 1524);

Strada, Eugenio deleted from the Register on July 25, 1903 due to emigration to Volvera; reentered on September 29, 1905; eliminated by death in Turin in the Mauriziano hospital on July 12, 1947, record no. 1874.

Residence: Via C. Giordana 5, then on August 1, 1935, Corso G. Ferraris 99.

The family record of the 1921 Census n. 1926/104242 reads:


Eugenio, son of the late Ernesto, residence at Via C. Giordana 5, Gallo Abello villa. (from page 6231 O)

Strada, Eugenio, engineer, was son of the late Ernesto and Eugenia Rocca Ceresola, was head of the family, born in Turin, July 1, 1887, married Maria Guglielmi, previously residing in Milan

Strada, Maria Grazia, was Guglielmi, daughter of the late Giovanni and the late Barbin, Maria, wife, Castellaneta September 1, 1897, married, housewife.

Strada, Gabriella Eugenia, daughter of Eugenio and Guglielmi, Maria, daughter born in Turin July 19, 1927.

On the family record of the 1936 Census section, page 1126, line 29, the same components are recorded without variations.

From the Ten-Year Books of Births, it is noted that the birth certificate of Strada, Gabriella di Eugenio bears the n. 2345 of the year 1927.

If interested, you can request a copy from: archiyiostatocivile @ comune

In the Ten-Year Books of Deaths, which the Historical Archive maintains recorded until 1965, the name of Guglielmi Maria, widow Strada, has not been found.

With best regards


Historical Archive of the City of Turin

**Further information from Renato regarding Maria Strada's famous sister-in-law:

"Emma Strada, sister-in-law of Maria Guglielmi, graduated from the Royal Polytechnic of Turin in 1908.

She was the first female engineer in Italy and was 24 years old when she graduated with full marks, coming third out of 62 enrolled.

The world in which she was raised and educated also contributes to Emma Strada's choice to be an engineer: an open and liberal family environment, in which her father Ernesto, a civil engineer with his own studio, had always encouraged her to pursue her own interests.

Emma received strong stimuli from her father who was certainly an 'example' to be emulated by the young Emma, also her brother Eugenio, husband of Maria Guglielmi, was a professional civil engineer.

Ernesto Strada was very dedicated to his family, certainly with a progressive spirit, he was to stimulate the young woman, and to support her daughter's decision to undertake the course of studies in Engineering.

Before the Polytechnic, Emma attended the Liceo Classico D'Azeglio, an unusual choice for a girl of that time, because it was usual that the university would follow her high school diploma.

Her first work was the design of a tunnel to drain the water from a mine, in Ollomont, in the Aosta Valley; then she went to Calabria, where, between 1909 and 1910, she planned the construction of the car-moto-funicular railway of Catanzaro and the construction of the Calabrian branch of the Apulian aqueduct. In the years 1909-1915 she was the extraordinary assistant of prof. Luigi Pagliani, professor and director of the Industrial Hygiene Cabinet at the University of Turin. In 1925 she was entrusted with the task of designing and directing the excavation operations of a gold mine near Macugnaga, near Monte Rosa.

To promote the work of women in the field of science and technology, in 1957, together with other architect and engineer women, she founded the Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architect ( AIDIA), of which she became the first president."

A few photos of Emma Strada (with her father below):

The Andre Daven Hoax

I just wanted to make sure this material does not get buried.