Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year to you all! Salute! Cin Cin and Cheers! #fliegenpilz

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

On the Subject of Mind Control

It is always really angering to learn that our research is being discussed on Terhune and Hill's forum, We Never Forget and Constable and Gribbin's, Madness About the Boy... with their members too often having no clue that these subjects were the result of my research. So they consequently turn to the administrators as experts and these administrators/cult leaders of course do not mention the source of that work and of course do not mention my name because I and Renato are banned from any discussion of our work on those Terhune/Hill forums so we can not speak up to say, “Oh, yes... that was my revelation, etc.”

I have now recorded my reading of the entire Affairs Valentino and I would suggest that things can be fact-checked to our work. There is also an index in the back of the book. I once heard from someone who excitedly told me every detail of how there was a rumor that Jean Valentino was Rudy's love child. When they were finished with their breaking news... I told her yes I knew because some ten years ago I first reported that and as a result of my research. It was surreal.

It is an angering situation because those two forums are in my opinion being run by a book-burning, out-of-control cult. I do not use that word lightly. I studied the subject of cult behavior so I could fine tune my thoughts about this all. It was enlightening. In my opinion, those two Facebook groups are the Valentino cult as defined as:

Cult recruiters, cult leaders who censor, cult leaders who are the holders of the sacred relics, cult leaders who step forward from the mists to thrill their followers with a sighting of a relic or a rare word from the leader. Cult leaders who go to insane lengths to silence critics, cult leaders who deceive and lie to protect their seat on the is 100% by definition a cult. And their censorship on those two forums in my opinion constitutes mind control.

I hope our videos, especially the videos as audios we recorded with me reading Affairs Valentino ( will continue to be listened to as an antidote to the Valentino cultists who forbid even two minutes of conversation with me or about me. This, while they steal my work.

Meanwhile: Durga with Her Ten Divine Weapons

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Opinion or Not Opinion... That is Not the Question

I feel I can address Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret collectively in this post, as just yesterday Terhune provided another platform for Bret to post about us in complete violation of a standing court order not to do so. Terhune in this way endorses Bret and as the evidence I have collected over the too many years proves... Terhune has endorsed and supported Bret in his attacks on us for many years.

I get varying advice on how to deal with Tracy Terhune, David Bret and their minions. Some people say to ignore them and rise higher and others say I must respond every day with others reminding me to make sure and “use their names”. I concur on all suggestions and try to strike a balance. But there is one bit of advice I have received now and then which says to let them have “their opinion”. To that I say the following:

It is not an opinion to post all over the internet that I have a history of cocaine abuse with an arrest.

It is not an opinion for them to chuckle at my misery as I was accused of having an incestuous relationship with my father.

It is not an opinion when my father's corpse is described in sickening detail with sexual references.

It is not an opinion to call me a “madwoman” and post countdowns until our deaths.

It is opinion to call me homophobic, a forger, a fabricator, Hitlarian.

It is not an opinion to work actively to have our books removed from sale, running savage accounts of my death and the condition of my corpse. This is not opinion.

It is not opinion for me to be perpetually enticed into dying and/or killing myself.

And etc. etc. etc. x ten years and counting. 

Terhune and Bret's attacks on us present a situation which I must address. Their ten years of stating lies as fact about us, our work and their engaging in an open effort to impede our legal right to do business while harassing us to no end... has had its effect. Not a good one.

I can not excuse the ruination of our livelihood and our good names and allow this to go unaddressed and I will defend us as best I can. I also think there is a whole lot of fence-sitting on this issue being excused as “opinion”. How can anyone have an opinion about what these two do to us online and have been doing for a nightmarish ten years? Does someone really have an “opinion” that this is ok? And does any one really think what they do to us is their opinion? I sure don't.

And if anyone needs more evidence they can visit @

Monday, December 28, 2020

Oh! The Hypocrisy!

Today, on that designated hate blog Tracy Ryan Terhune runs and has run for eight years to bully and threaten us and under my book Affairs Valentino's title.. in my opinion he demonstrates incredible hypocrisy. In my previous post I shared a letter which I found in my archive which apparently struck a nerve with Terhune. He felt compelled I guess to speak up in his angry, hateful way to again cast his tired old innuendo of “black market” in a smear against the fine legacy of the greatest of all heroes in Valentino's story, S. George Ullman.

If Terhune honestly believes Ullman was stealing these things from the Valentino estate, I would point out to him how ludicrous to believe Ullman would write to the person he was dealing with on Rudolph Valentino Productions, Incorporated stationary with the office's physical location included. I also add that if Terhune truly knew a thing about the course of the settlement of the estate, he would understand what Ullman was engaged in at the time.

January 1927 was one of the most intense periods of his executor labors and how silly of Terhune to imply Ullman would be taking time then to write such letters while breaking some law to make a few dollars on some neckties. He was then engaged in such endeavors as challenging United Artists' Joe Schenck placing a claim against the insurance policy the studio held on Valentino. These were Ullman's negotiations in January 1927, which involved tens of thousands of dollars. So, Terhune looks ridiculous to try and portray Ullman at that time skulking about in some alley selling a few neckties for a couple of dollars.

The hypocrisy here in Terhune's latest “hit piece” on his bully blog is this. Because of what I learned from my interviews with Valentino collector Bill Self, I think “black market” exchanges, as Terhune calls it and as he seems to have some intimate knowledge of, is precisely how a great deal of that collection was secured originally. Conning trusting honest people out of their personal Rudy relics, exchanging them without record of sale or purchase, stealing them from public archives, and recently offering honest public officials bribes to remove public documents from their housing. This is the “black market” of the Valentino collector's world. 

So this all presents the logical conclusion, does it not? If Terhune has these neckties which he claims to be stolen, then he has just admitted today he is in possession of stolen merchandise. Should someone not summon the authorities here? By his own lame argument, Tracy Terhune admitted he has no legal right to have these artifacts, so why then does he not return them to the Valentino family?

After decades of horrific and inaccurate defamation of Ullman's performance as Valentino's executor by the Valentino family as launched by Alberto Valentino...I discovered the truth as revealed in the court records I uncovered. The originals of these records would have handily proven Ullman the hero as executor but they were stolen from their rightful housing location in the Los Angeles County Hall of Records. Consequently it was for a very long time, impossible to fact-check that defamation. I discovered copies of that stolen case file and at long last Ullman was vindicated... to everyone but Tracy Terhune who denies the very content of the documentation to continue in his fundamentalist attachment to a now very outdated knowledge base on Ullman.

I add, Terhune admitted publicly, the case file of those stolen court records which would have vindicated Ullman was passed between collectors (black market) until they last ended up in the hands of the Valentino family. Donna Hill told me this years ago when she volunteered the information that Valentino family spokesperson Jeanine Villalobos exchanged one of Valentino's shirts for the entire stolen case file. Bill Self also confirmed this (black marketing) to me in writing.

And in regards to the “neck tie letter”, I did recall who sent that letter to me. The woman who bought the ties told me she was not a great collector but these were special to her. So unless she sold these to Terhune, I doubt he has them or this letter. And to his angry objection that I watermarked the image of that letter...of course I did because I have no choice but to watermark everything as Simon Constable and Eleanor Gribbin steal images and claim them as their own.

***And as to some first hand insight into the actual provenance of those neckties, I refer to Robert Florey's articles in the magazine Cinémonde, issue #4, published on November 1, 1956, in which Florey writes the following about that precise subject:

“The list of Valentino's clothes to be liquidated included, among other things, three red hunting jackets, thirty street suits, thirteen gentleman‐rider vests, seven light suits, six flannel pants, eight sweaters, sixty pairs of gloves, one hundred and twelve ties, one hundred and twenty‐four shirts, one hundred and forty‐six pairs of socks, one hundred and ten handkerchiefs, twenty pairs of suspenders, sixty pairs of shoes, twenty‐two white jackets, seventeen hats which were almost all of white felt, thirteen canes, six pairs of boots, ten coats, ten tuxedos and suits, ten saddlebags, one hundred and ten hard collars, twelve belts, twenty-eight pairs of garters, seventy flannel tank tops and underpants. To all of this many other objects were added: cigarette holders, bracelets, watches, cufflinks, chains, rings, pins and more or less precious stones. George Ullman reserved the collection of daggers and sabers. He also bought most of Rudy's clothes. The poor man had tears in his eyes and I did not know what to say to console him.”

So I respond to Terhune's daily mud-slinging...if Ullman bought some of these one hundred and twelve ties, he owned them and could do whatever he wanted to with them. The implication he was buying them in some alley illegally to turn them over for a few dollars profit is absurd defamation by Terhune.

So the “black market”? Bill Self was 100% hesitant to ever share the provenance of his collection with me and I did ask...but over time my research would reveal the (black marketing) story of many of the items he had in his possession which are now in Terhune's hands.

Oh! The hypocrisy for Terhune to rage on over there in his school yard bully blog he runs under my book's title. It does not matter what he posts there, the very existence of that blog and its sickening and obvious history would render even his saying “hello” bullying.. So today again he snarls on the attack there appearing frightfully angry and mean. If he is so up in arms about the ownership of those neckties...again... why does he not return them to the family?

In my opinion, Terhune's abject, and woefully uninformed hatred of Ullman reveals more about him than S. George....who was, according to those lovely court records I discovered... the great hero of Valentino's story.

"...and with best wishes for the coming year..."

 I am not entirely sure who sent this to me long ago but appears someone bought some neckties. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Oh, The Hubris


Yesterday, I was in receipt of a screenshot from Tracy Terhune's Facebook group, We Never Forget. The screenshot revealed Terhune boasting about his Christmas card which was a reproduction of one belonging to Rudolph Valentino. Terhune had inserted his name with that of Valentino's in the same font to make it look original. 

I guess after all this time, I should not be surprised to learn it is incredibly still possible for Tracy Ryan Terhune to surmount even his own staggering heights of conceit. Yet, the length of time he has been bullying and publicly torturing my husband and me in the hopes he can drive us and our books away forever, never lessens the impact of news he has again desecrated the good name of Rudolph Valentino.. the long, long history of his well-documented and very public attacks on us makes the impact of each revelation profoundly worse.

This, because I despair now as I have for a good decade of my life... sinking in disbelief that this man, who bullies us mercilessly every day, is permitted to parade about as an expert on Valentino. I am morally outraged.

I pondered whether to address the issue of his Christmas card. How would I express my shock in seeing the name "Tracy Ryan Terhune" tucked neatly under the name of Rudolph Valentino? 

Would I again post those threatening and disturbing images Terhune posts on that deceitful blog he runs under my book's title to divert my web traffic and attack us and our work?

Would I share his vicious comments about how all our work belongs in the trash can of Valentino history? Should I cite his homophobic, transphobic and oh so misogynistic remarks aimed at wounding me and my husband Renato? 

How would I let his followers know that this man, who brandishes his collection of Rudy's earthly wares as his means to gain their absolute awe... how would I let them know he commits without apology, what in my opinion constitutes criminal acts against me, my husband and our business?

Should I again point out how for a decade Tracy Ryan Terhune has coordinated attacks on us with David Bret's killing blogs, and post proof of his passing information secretly on to Bret? Should I highlight Terhune's specific instructions to Bret to not reveal he was the one providing the fodder? Should I again quote Cindy Martin's revelations about Terhune's role as the censor and his organizing a “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn”? I had to think.

Valentino can obviously not say anything because he is without a voice. And those who could and should speak for him do not... they do not recognize and denounce Terhune's awful behavior nor correct the endless factual errors he metes out as his gospel truth about the life of Valentino. Either those who could speak for Valentino are unaware in their complicity with Terhune or even worse...they do know and do not care.

Some follower on Terhune's group chirped that Rudy would be pleased with the Christmas card defilement. Actually in my opinion I think Rudolph Valentino would be outraged. 

And where does this kind of behavior end? Can we now expect to see the name Tracy Ryan Terhune added to, let's say the letters Rudy wrote to Jean Acker? Will we see them signed as “Rudy and Tracy Ryan Terhune”? Since he now owns most of those documents, what is to stop him? Would his followers praise him saying Rudy would be so pleased? Would the Valentino family thank him for the gesture?

And on that document where Valentino assigns Power of Attorney to George Ullman, will we now see the name Tracy Ryan Terhune inserted?

The mere fact that Tracy Ryan Terhune feels it is acceptable to add his name to an historical document of Valentino's...reveals to me that these are not important relics but are just toys for him. And Valentino's final resting place, the crypt is, in my opinion but a doll house for him to decorate. And the Christmas card but a whimsical party favor.

Perhaps in acts like this we see the real reason Terhune finds it all ok to banish our legitimate research and essentially burn our books. In all of these acts, in my opinion, he manifests no sincere interest in Valentino historically. Again in my opinion, Valentino is just a status symbol for him and it is all about his collection. For logic seems to dictate to me that without that collection I feel he would not be given the time of day. 

I learned today that the online archival site is banned in China; this just as I am about to begin uploading all of my and Michael Morris' archival materials on that site. I had to think instantly that Tracy Terhune and Communist China have a good deal in common then regarding those archives being available. I just think Terhune might want to rethink his dictatorial hard line in banning our work and cease issuing such sweeping statements as his stating as fact that all of our work belongs in the trash can of Valentino history.

I think I can safely say what does in my opinion belong in that trash can of Valentino history... his Christmas card from that 100%, totally illusional and completely implausible couple, “Rudy and Tracy Ryan Terhune”, all tied up in a bow with the Valentino family's blessing.

Oh, the hubris! The only person who had the perfect and God-given right to sign their name on that sacred old card is Rudolph Valentino himself. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

On Rudolph Valentino's First Christmas in America

It is now fact that Valentino's sister-in-law Ada's Uncle Ernesto Filomarino hosted Valentino on his first arrival in New York just before Christmas in 1913. It was with great pride we brought this story forth. I am sure Ernesto Filomarino's wife Rose babied the newly arrived Rodolfo mercilessly and waited on him hand and foot... just as all Italian women do to the men in their lives. Not to overly generalize, but I feel fairly safe in saying Italian women treat their men like kings. Italians have their strong points and one of them is certainly this lavish hospitality.

Italians are so hospitable that they would make up a comfy bedroom for any visitor and that visitor could stay as long as they wanted to. And while they were a guest in that home, they were treated like family and the food presented to them would be never-ending and godlike delicious. Such is Italian hospitality and food.

So when as an Italian...Renato was questioning the theory that Valentino spent his first Christmas in New York alone, poor and hungry, there was a collective gasp of horror to the very idea from the Filomarino family. Uncle Ernesto was not, not, not that kind of person they said. He was a man of social status and a proud member of the Italian community.

In light of Ernesto Filomarino's financial position, the household most probably had a maid and a cook. A man of his status would never have his wife cooking and cleaning all day long. So with a full time cook, the food would have been plentiful and fabulous. And lest we remember that at the time Frank Mennillo operated a wine import business. So between the two, young Rudolfo hit the ground running as the saying goes. Neither man would have permitted their new guest in America to feel a single hunger pang.

There would not have been many presents for Rodolfo that Christmas because the stacks of gifts are not part of the Italian tradition. But stunning quantities of food and wine sure is. There would have been platters of freshly made agnolotti, panettone to eat by the fistfuls, the best chiantis and evening dinners would last for hours on end.

I am so thrilled this story of Ernesto Filomarino arrived at long last to light up Valentino's true first American Christmas story. How happy Renato was to put the pieces together of this important revision. I think by now almost everyone in the Valentino world realizes how fiction has and still does impact the Valentino legacy, which makes these great discoveries about his actual story all the more welcomed and valuable.

To think of Rodolfo happy, enthusiastic, full of food and energy during his first days in New York is wonderful. And what was the deal (and still is!) with that tired old Hollywood myth portraying rags to riches versions of events as being superior. It is all so Calvinistic, so pre-code and it reeks of false morality and Hollywood's efforts to enforce decency. And the overt racism in it all... implying those Italian immigrants had to be poor to be liked; a rich Italian being a sinister force to most Americans... how deplorable. 

Yet I can not fathom why there is such a persistent, maudlin attachment to the, “Rudy arrived poor and alone” scenario. According to two respectable families, news articles and more documentation...this was not the case at all. 

I find it shocking Tracy Terhune, Donna Hill, Simon Constable and Eleanor Gribbin, etc. have not been excited about this, choosing to ban this and all of our new discoveries. 

And I can imagine Simon Constable, upon hearing the name of Ernesto Filomarino...churning feverishly through his newspapers online archives trying to find dirt on Uncle Ernesto. And I can imagine David Bret, upon hearing the name of Ernesto Filomarino churning out a new book in an hour, claiming it is based on some secret, secret new document, revealing Ernesto was also one of Valentino's lovers...Well, Merry Christmas, you hard-working mud-slingers... good luck.  

But I say to Ernesto and Rose Filomarino... thank you for feeding the boy way back then! And sorry it took so long to give you the credit for your fine Italian hospitality.

Merry Christmas all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A Nativity Moment


In Italy the Nativity is presented as a commercial Christmas image far more than in the States. You don't typically find Santa Claus and the reindeer in Italia. Instead, you find every variation on the manger scene. I am not a particularly religious person but I am drawn to the Nativity because it is always fascinating to see the individual artist's interpretations. 

In this painting by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre the cow looks bored, the sheep could care less and Joseph is just checking it out over Mary's shoulder. But everyone else is focused on the event. The manger here seems spacious but for an artist who was the "Premier Court Painter for the King of France", this was no doubt his vision of "lowly".

Thanking you all for reading and for your support. And wishing you all a safe holiday. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

On Burning Books

This past week my name and all of our work was brazenly banned from Simon Constable and Eleanor Gribbin's Facebook group they call, Mad About the Boy or MATB. The surprise for me was not in the banning because that has gone on for a decade now. It was that this open and very public statement left no further doubt. Ever since I first published my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino and exposed this situation in great detail, the “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn” has been waged aggressively as orchestrated by Tracy Terhune, the censor.

On May 20, 2019, Cindy Martin wrote to us explaining Terhune's role as censor saying, “Tracy has always been the puppet master. No one else has ever pulled the strings. Even David (Bret) would read his entire statement for him before posting it.” On May 29, she went on saying... “Tracy is calling the shots and he is also controlling Simon and Eleanor on Mad About the Boy.” 

To quote,

“.. censorship today generally is regarded as a relic of an unenlightened and much more oppressive age.” 

No two words could describe this behavior better than, “unenlightened and oppressive.” Both Facebook forums controlled by Terhune are steeped in censorship despite the feigned attempts at being otherwise. Unsuspecting followers do not realize this is the case but I believe with such open statements as were posted this past week, more and more people are seeing this malicious censorship more clearly.

I post today to expose this censorship because they, Terhune and his acolytes...have apparently created a Valentino list of prohibited literature (consisting of all of our books) paralleling the Roman Catholic Church's list of prohibited reading material called the “Index Librorum Prohibitorum”... I guess we could call this the Valentino Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

In the library of their Valentino literature, there is a gaping, empty shelf... a shelf they guard with their lives... 14 historically important books are missing. All of our books, sharing our research discoveries are censored from their followers discussion and as of last week...have been tossed from the shelf with even the mere mention of my name now forbidden. (Unless you happen to be Beverley Mason).

The reasons for the censorship of books in general mostly revolves around fear and control. Who do they control? Those unknowing followers and what do they fear? Nearly all of the discoveries we made which, to name but a few... include the following:

S. George Ullman was a man of high integrity who spun straw into gold and the Alberto Valentino family should be forever grateful to him.

Frank Mennillo and Ernesto Filomarino were Valentino's welcoming and wealthy patrons. And the entire saga of how Valentino roamed the streets of New York City poor and knowing no one is a studio invention.

Valentino and Mae Murray had an affair and even the meekest sincere research reveals Valentino's stunning and unambiguous heterosexuality.

Andre Daven was not Valentino's lover and ripped him off for tens of thousands of dollars.

Alberto Valentino's statement, repeated for decades, that he only received pennies from his brother's estate is 100% false as he, by today's standards received and squandered a fortune.

By the process of elimination, handyman Lou Mahoney destroyed a critical portion of Valentino's will which would have saved Ullman.

The entire case file of Valentino's probate records was stolen.

And I could go on and on....

So the effort to censor and ban/burn our books is, in my opinion, a manifestation of their/Terhune's last hope at keeping that tired old Valentino false narrative relevant. It no longer is. Progress has been made. 

But surely the winner of the most ridiculous bull shit issued from the Valentino flat earthers as of late...was made by Simon Constable when he stated on his forum, “ shared on Mad About the Boy is to be based on fact/evidence.” If it was not such a wicked lie, it would be almost laughable. Does he not realize you can not just say things to make them true? You must “walk the talk”. And this hokem from someone who bans all of our books and even the mention of my name. (unless you are Beverley Mason)

They are the Holy Warriors defending ignorance and this (see image below) goes on every day on Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget:

How Ingenious a Technique

This photograph below has so many layers of memory; Renato at the time we met, two of the most loved and magical puppies who are both now angels and our dear friend Donatella's gracious home.

The paintings on our friend's walls were all Yugoslavian naive art and painted as reverse painting on glass. They were mesmerizing. How ingenious a technique to envision to the smallest detail, the precise outcome before you made a single brush stroke.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

A Reminder

One thing which is consistently lacking from Bret, Constable, Terhune and their one hundred fake aliases is content. Their content is mean, focused on injuring whether a critic or their unfortunate subjects. I will not be addressing much of their content from now on because it gives it a shred of credibility. It has none. 

The images for today (see below) I feel require publication because David Bret, a.k.a. Albert Morris, Joey Jenkinson is sadly attempting to woo Simon Constable and Eleanor Gribbin and be permitted to join their Facebook group "Madness About the Boy" and join under his own name. These documents below reveal where he currently stands with them so godspeed David. I excerpt the following passages from a longer thread. 

Rudolph Valentino & The Andre Daven Hoax

Friday, December 18, 2020

Eleanor Gribbin is Wrong & The "Weak" in Review

Update on this issue: Eleanor Gribbin has posted that I "added" things to Ullman's 1926 memoir and in this way I created the 1975 memoir. This is not a revision of his previous memoir. I state that I worked with Ullman's two children, worked from their only copy of his new memoir he penned before his death in 1975. The 1926 memoir and the 1975 memoir are separate documents and they authorized me with the sole licensing of the 1975 document and approved of the entire final manuscript. I published his work with pride and dignity and Gribbin is slandering me and the memory of Ullman's two children with her absurd and offensive claim. I included the 1926 memoir in the book as a separate document and perhaps Ms. Gribbin should read the new memoir to know it is also a great historical document written by the man who knew Rudy best. I await news of her retraction and am disgusted by her open admission she refuses to read this ground-breaking work because I am not "welcome in her group". 

I direct Eleanor Gribbin to page 68 of the 1975 Ullman memoir. This in response to her telling a member of her forum that the incident George Ullman refers to regarding Mae Murray and Rudy is “unsubstantiated rumor”. 

It is not "unsubstantiated rumor" and this story has been in the public domain since 2011 when I first published Affairs Valentino. The forum member was far more informed than Gribbin in relating the details. Rudy did passionately kiss Mae Murray in the parking lot after a boxing match and this was something George Ullman witnessed. ** I add if Gribbin thinks Valentino kissing a woman passionately does not "sound like Rudy", she needs to watch a few of his movies. 

It is mind boggling to me that Gribbin feigns knowledge of Valentino when in boycotting all of our books she has missed enormous amounts of exciting new information about Valentino. This stunning misstep, for me, represents the culmination to a week of horrific blunders on behalf of those doing their worst to ruin us and our work. I hesitated to post these blunders but feel it all needs some calling out. For example to name a few:

This past week Tracy Terhune did not know the difference between Valentino's sister Maria and Valentino's sister-in-law, Ada. He posted a photo of Ada labeling it as Maria when the two women do not look at all alike. Think about that.

A Valentino family spokesperson then weighed in on the subject of Maria to reveal she knew almost nothing … as in zero!...about her.

Tracy Terhune engaged in a conversation with Simon Constable about Maria in which they revealed they still knew nothing about the loan to Frank Mennillo and the subsequent court decisions in that regard; redressing their same arguments and points which were proven by yours truly to be without merit long ago. And Simon Constable proved he still knows nothing about the truth of George Ullman when he referred to his “failure”.. Ullman was never a failure. The absolute contrary is true. 

This past week I was banished by Simon Constable with a blaring headline on his forum declaring my name was not to be mentioned. Constable then called me a “bad smell” which was followed by some snarky banter from his side-kicking sycophant Eleanor Gribbin; who issued some disturbing innuendo about Renato and me by saying, “...if only they knew”. I ask...“knew what”? How ominous.

And Bret tried his level best to turn back time to 1998... but I remind him that during the decades since then, since he launched his great hoax way back then by publishing his Valentino book claiming it was nonfiction and all sourced to ground-breaking sources..... his 1998 tome has been proven to be fiction and his exclusive sources non-existent.

His sharing this week of some good reviews of his book from way back then... predating anyone then knowing it was all lies and more...was but the manifestation of his remaining hope; hope that his great hoax, his great lie still has a hint of life left in it. In my opinion it does not and it is dead as the proverbial door nail. 

Far more disturbing was finding Cindy Martin chatting it up with a Valentino family representative; yes the very same Cindy Martin who bragged she had our books removed from sale, who accused me of forging court records and told her world on her forum that I never knew Michael Morris and that his posthumous book was my fraudulent attempt to capitalize on his death, etc. etc. I found it repulsive to see that apparently such behavior is Aok with the Valentino family... and shocking they would so casually affiliate with someone who in the very least... and without apology... killed the long-awaited launch of Michael Morris's final work.

So the week in review provided some stunning but not surprising news...revealing that the people banning our work have yet to read a word of it. They might want to get busy on that because they are looking less and less like experts. In my opinion they have a lot of homework to do.  

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Valentino e il Professore!

Congratulations to Professor Aurelio Miccoli for his latest book! Discussions are underway to have this fascinating book available also in English in the coming year. Professor Miccoli's new revelations are ground-breaking and I am proud to call this great Valentino scholar my friend. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

This Is Documented and Not a Fabrication

If I could construct a mile high bill board big enough for the world to see, I would post some of Tracy Terhune's vicious, terrifying eight years of blog posts about us and accompany that with David Bret's death-laden, sick sexual images about me which he has churned out non-stop with Terhune's support for over ten years... and my purpose in doing so? 

Well it would be to ensure every last person in the world knows that these two men are exactly what they accuse us of being... liars, bullies and snarky under-handed, conniving sadists. (no exaggeration according to ten years of screenshots) 

I would ensure the world knows how they chuckle while counting down to the day of our deaths with their “tick tock, tick tocks"... while they conspire and plot to remove our books from sale and convince trusting people to hate us; and all while convincing people they are sharing their Valentino expertise and telling the truth. Well here is a news flash for my mythical billboard...They are not experts and do not tell the truth. (according to ten years of screenshots).

I guess I would have to regularly change that billboard image, perhaps it would have to be a slideshow of images on a very long loop... because Terhune and Bret have posted ten solid years of lavishly illustrated and vile abuse about my husband Renato and I.

So why the billboard? Why do people not know this is going on?

Because Terhune and Bret hide their hands in their dirty deeds. Renato refers to Tracy Terhune as...”Throw the stone and hide the hand”... so consequently those followers on his forum, We Never Forget...believe Tracy Terhune is telling them the truth. In regards to us and our work and many, many things about the life of Rudolph Valentino... he's not.

How can he act the expert when he denies and suppresses our exciting and new Valentino documentation? And how could any of his followers know he is telling the truth at all about us or the life of Valentino...when he deletes any mention of our work on his forum and selectively metes out self-serving snippets from his ton of Valentino artifacts? Why does he not share it all? I allege because a great deal of it is contrary to his and Bret's tired, old agenda. Do his followers not realize that he most probably does this to gain and retain favor with the Alberto Valentino family and is just a loyal servant to their false narrative which we have so changed. To mention just a few changes we have made to that heavily-guarded false narrative:

We discovered Valentino did not arrive in the U.S. poor and fact...he was welcomed by two wealthy benefactors. This has been documented and is not a fabrication.

Our research confirmed Valentino's heterosexuality and this has been documented and is not fabrication.

We proved that Valentino hired a trusted business manager in George Ullman who was exonerated on all charges and was an honest man of high integrity. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

That Frank Mennillo, the stalwart godfather... was an honest man, highly respected. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

That Andre Daven was not Valentino's lover, but fact...he was a con artist who ripped him off for tens of thousands of dollars. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

And here are a couple more factoids for that billboard which I feel relevant:

Evelyn Zumaya is an honest woman. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

Renato Floris is an honest man. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

Sometimes I feel pity for people as Terhune and Bret as they  must be miserable to behave like that and terribly insecure. But those are fleeting moments and most of the time I feel no sympathy for them in this at all and this because of the pain they continue to inflict on us every day.

Thank you for reading this friend.

Stay safe.

UPDATE: I believe Tracy Terhune is wrong in identifying the woman in the image he posted as Maria. To me this is Ada, Valentino's sister-in-law. Same woman. And I add that despite my carefully citing to the actual court records about the Mennillo, Ullman and Maria note issue... Terhune and Constable continue to contort the truth into their false narrative. Their allegations were not true when they cited it all a few months ago and those allegations are not fact and are still false. I say Ada and not Maria. 


Saturday, December 12, 2020

I Respond to Simon Constable's Moratorium Against Me

May I ask what is that drip, drip, dripping I hear? Could it be beads of sweat sliding off the forehead of Simon Constable? I would say that is exactly what it is... What is the expression... “Never let them see you sweat”... oh brother he sure forgot about that old adage this past week when he posted this blaring headline (below) on his Facebook forum which he calls affectionately, “Mad About the Boy”:

Well in my opinion it does not take a rocket scientist to fill in the blanks here on that hateful equation....and see what he was responding to. It really seemed quite obvious members of his forum were mentioning my name! I wonder what would be The Constable's limit as far as having my name mentioned...ten times? Or one? How snappish was he in this sweeping order issued as a moratorium on me!

The Constable's scream for order in his court... “Stop saying Evelyn Zumaya's name!!”... was proof of everything I have been saying for years. There it was; the open admission of censorship, the hateful banishing of not only a book but it's author and the demand to his followers dictating exactly what they could speak about. There it was, courtesy of The Constable and in living color (actually green) and for the world to see & download & for free; absolute proof of what I have been saying is going on with these strange people.

I have to wonder how thrilled The Constable's followers were to realize their conversational input in a discussion had been shut down. I would leave a place like that and slam the door on the way out. Who needs oppression these days... at all? There are plenty of civil and informative and intellectually honest forums dedicated to Rudolph Valentino which would be far more welcoming I am sure. When Renato sent a request to join The Constable's group he snarled back at him saying, “Your fame precedes you. Go Away!” He then threatened to report Renato to Facebook if he did not go away.

And I would be remiss if I did not respond to The Constable saying I am the, “smell that won't go away”? I say to him directly:

Young man, a gentleman never comments on or insults a lady by saying she smells. Do you know why? Because in doing so you demonstrate a willful intent to hurt the lady and in the process you reveal yourself as a tremendous asshole. In response to your insult of my being a bad smell, I post the following for your consideration:

                                             Oh and this too.

Calling a woman/ in this case me...a smell... a persistent and bad smell... is a sexist, physically invasive, vicious, pitiful insult which was in very poor taste and wildly misogynistic.

And in regards to your slapping your hand across your forum members mouths to keep them from uttering my name... (once, twice?) to suppress the absolute truth about Rudolph Valentino...Let's just say that adults do not appreciate being told what to say.

And people who censor ruthlessly and ban books are always, always, always on the wrong side.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Vanquishing the Horror

The documents I share below are public record included in the defamation case I filed v. David Bret and won. These documents are excerpted from my original case filing petitioning the Court of Asti, case N. R. G. 4130/2014. The entire case as submitted, the evidence filed and the Court's complete verdict in my favor, in Italian and in English are available for view at .

I add that this is a court translation and every word is verified by supporting screenshots. It is true.

I do not share this to rehash something long past because it is still going on. I post this to vanquish the horror that continues to befall me and mine as a result of my publishing Affairs Valentino.


Long ago... me with my hippie hair (see below) around 1973. My dog and his "wife" had a litter of puppies and these were the last two to be placed. The "Mr. & Mrs.", whose names were Tata and Rosemary... were Airedale Terriers and the puppies were adorable. #nicememories #mytruth #longhair

Monday, December 7, 2020

Thoughts on the Subject of a Castle, Rudolph Valentino & Natacha Rambova

 Well for those who harp on and on how Natacha Rambova was bad for Valentino, ruined his career, etc.... I would ask them to contemplate this “home” she provided for him on the French Riviera. 

Natacha provided Rudy with a backdrop of extreme luxury, a castle in fact, the family chateau at Juan les Pins...dripping in class and prestige. She set the stage and how she elevated him in doing so. George Ullman admitted Rudy owed Natacha a great deal in this regard and her style, her education, her worldliness brought him an added allure and sophistication which he did not have pre-Natacha. Michael Morris articulates this in Beyond Valentino. He referred to her as the “Woman Behind the Myth”.

From the section of Beyond Valentino he titled, “The Creation of a Hollywood Icon”:

Of all her lovers, Natacha Rambova exercised her greatest influence on silent film icon Rudolph Valentino. She would transform him from the mustachioed villain of his earliest films, prior to their meeting in 1920, into the pomaded leading man he became. Natacha's influence over Valentino catapulted him into the paragon of style and costumed elegance thereby defining his legacy and ensuring his role as a Hollywood icon. Valentino's polished image and screen pageantry was an inevitable consequence of his passionate relationship with Natacha Rambova.”

And how did she ruin anything? When he died he was making a fortune. I believe his weekly paycheck from United Artists during Son of the Sheik was around 18,000 a week (by today's currency exchange rate this would be @ $239,000) and with his new contract signed he was set to become a millionaire in the next year. What was ruined professionally because of Natacha? He was on the top of his game. When Tracy Terhune carries on how she ruined Valentino and was the worst thing that happened to him, ask him for specifics, as in numbers. He has bashed Natacha for years and in my opinion because she does not fit into his fabricated and false narrative of Valentino's life.

And Rudy and Natacha did reunite in his last days and hours. This according to Ullman, Baltasar Cue, George Wehner and those in the Juan les Pins chateau when Valentino died. More on that aspect of this story in Astral Affairs Rambova.

The trenchant vilification of Natacha for me is not just analysis of their marriage and divorce and reunion but represents a heavy sexism and misogyny which actually destroyed her career.

She was the bigger star in Hollywood when Valentino met her. When they met she was working as an art director for Cecil B. DeMille and Alla Nazimova. Not bad for a woman in her twenties.

I was not a huge fan when I began researching her to complete Michael Morris' book, Beyond Valentino and then to write Astral Affairs Rambova. But I was astounded by the scope of this woman's ambition and intelligence. It is no wonder she was and always will be, Rudolph Valentino's Queen.

I add in an unrelated note; Liam Jaspers is Cindy Martin... who filed her disgruntled dig recently about me and my work. She has a right to her opinion, obviously, but I would say the following to Liam J./Cindy Martin in my defense: 

If you are so eager to slam me and my work again and again and again, this time by calling my voice “screechy” and my book nothing really new... in my opinion you are just faithfully lock-stepping to your masters' ever so familiar talking points... so perhaps Tracy Terhune will give you a pat on the head for your “nothing new” and Bret will call you on the phone to thank you for the word, “screechy” because he has used that exact word to describe my voice, non-stop and for a few years now. Maybe he will give you an update on his intestinal problems and reminisce about his porn career. 

When you listen to my “screechy” podcast voice, Ms. Jaspers/Martin perhaps you should realize I am not some hired professional voice reading Affairs Valentino... I am the person who discovered this true Rudy story.... tromping through airports, making my way on scary freeways in cities I did not know and before GPS... setting up my appointments, my interviews and reading and writing and rewriting until I was nearly blind. So if you are so superficial that the tone of my voice is what puts you off from listening to me read the book...the very book which you bragged about having removed from sale.... then just don't listen, go discover your own story and write your own book. And perhaps you can enlighten us as to just how many copies of Affairs Valentino you had removed from sale?

And I hear through the Valentino fan forum grapevine that Simon Constable, who you, Ms. Jaspers/Martin called a real “snake”... is back hefting his shovel to heave a few more lumps of coal onto the dying embers of David Bret's tired old hoax and that you are planning to open a Facebook group devoted to Natacha. Do give me credit for my discoveries as you have not done in the past. 

More thoughts on the subject of Rudy and Natacha @ and

A Worthy Read

A very well written review of David Bret's bio on Errol Flynn. Worth a read IMO.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Rudolph Valentino's Women

Vilma Banky died in 1991, the year Michael Morris published Madam Valentino. She was ninety years old. Michael often lamented he did not get to interview her in time before she died and said he was told she was bitter in her old age because she felt forgotten; no one came to interview or visit her. I share this photograph of her which was sent to me some time ago and just found in my files. I would say it was taken in the 1940's and find it fascinating.

Perhaps from an ageist's point of view she is dowdy and middle-aged. For me this lady was always on fire and I am sure she was her entire life. George Ullman played it safe and wrote that he did not think Vilma and Rudy were lovers but he said then again they could very well have been. It is obvious watching them together as co-stars, their chemistry is legendary and I include Vilma Banky as one of Rudolph Valentino's women.

This woman was electricity around Valentino and he gave every impression he enjoyed being zapped.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

In Witness Whereof

According to this precious document, (see below) the President of United Artists, Joe Schenck and Rudolph Valentino were not to be mistaken for being “partners”.... see line # 704. I wonder if this is a normal inclusion in a contract such as this and if not... then whose idea was it? Did Valentino include this to demonstrate to his wife Natacha Rambova how his power in the production of the United Artists' films was limited? Was this his acknowledgment he was but an employee? Or did Schenck include this to establish his role as sole authority?

I think I have made it well-known how I feel these documents merit all respect and attention. I will soon be archiving all 1000 pages online and hope they generate much discussion. These are the court records I discovered/recovered which vindicate George Ullman as filed with the California Court of Appeals in his case v. Alberto Valentino, et al. 

This past week I was made aware that more Valentino documents are being sold off into oblivion. I was contacted by the person who made the many purchases and as happy as they were, I felt certain sorrow as a researcher. A few more pieces of Valentino's history are essentially lost forever. This one stands tall however, as excerpted from Valentino's United Artists' contract,

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Regarding Those "Keepers of the Myth"

This three page document (see below) is housed in the archive of Valentino biographer, Irving Schulman. This document is his draft of an "Author's Note" which he included in his biography which was published in 1967. It is an intriguing piece to me, not just because of its personal nature but as it hints at some much broader story which he does not quite tell. But boy I can sure read between the lines from my own experience.

In reference to his, “ keepers of the myth and their big fat mouths“, remark which I have outlined on page 2....I have to ask...

Has nothing changed? Is this situation without remedy in the Valentino World? I hope not. I really do.

This was written fifty-four years ago and I find it ever so thought provoking.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

In the mean time...

In recent posts I mentioned how I have been receiving messages from people for years about Tracy Terhune's banning them if they question his tenent that Valentino was gay. I have redacted the sender and share this one as it proves this is his long-standing agenda and not just something wielded to attack me. Again I add that e-mails are preserved on both sender and recipient's servers. 


Some Good Tidings

Into the festivities of this strange season, top left to right: Fur babies #1, #2 and #3, bottom left to right: dinner with a crystal ball, aboard the Grandi Veloci Navi and a crystal heart and loved ones. Thank you for reading my blog. Greatly appreciated & best wishes! 


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tracy Terhune & David Bret's Obvious Agenda

It is obvious Ms. Donna Hill has, to date, maintained her fury at me for telling one story in Affairs Valentino; something she told me long ago when we met after the premiere of Valentino's movie Beyond the Rocks in San Francisco. In her response, she has shunned even a mention of any of our books. But it was the first time I met her when she volunteered the tale which I recounted in the book without mentioning her name. She told me Valentino's court records, which I was looking for, were in the hands of the Valentino family because Jeanine Villalobos exchanged one of his shirts for the case file. But she told me something else in that meeting, again unsolicited... which in hindsight I feel she felt needed to be told. She told me that as far as Tracy Terhune having any proof that Valentino was gay, “He has nothing.”

Ms. Hill knew then I was writing a book and I always felt her telling me those things to be rather heroic; at least within the context of Valentino's true story. They were important things to share.

I have told the story of why I researched the subject of Valentino gay or straight and this can be found @ . I had no real point in looking into the subject other than to have some answer. My literary agent at the time insisted I have an answer because at the time I did not. It did not take me long to realize a couple of things about that subject and get really upset about what I found.

One, the entire premise Valentino was gay was purported in a couple of salacious and fictionalized books... Ms. Hill stated, I found nothing but innuendo presented as source and faced being labeled as homophobic if you dared to question the premise or say otherwise.

Tracy Terhune and David Bret have pounded away at this... their... completely bogus premise for decades. As far back as 2003, people were sending me evidence of this. Terhune raging against anyone in his chat room who questioned Valentino was gay, deleting their membership, etc. Two women sent me entire chat threads to show how he called them homophobic. And chiming in with his complete lack of authority, Bret has been using the homophobic attack strategy for some thirty years and long before I stumbled into his cross hairs.

While Bret blasted his, “The only good homophobe is a dead one” mantra everywhere and emblazoned his blogs against me with graphics of how he hated homophobes, he was calling me and mine endless homophobic slurs. (Below, as excerpted under the guidelines of Fair Use ! from my manuscript , Die Evelyn Zumaya Die)

It is a criminal action to incite hatred towards someone in a slurry of insults... i.e., that I am satanic, hitlarian and even dead with their silver bullet being calling me homophobic... but this is precisely what they do. I find Terhune and Bret's appropriation of homosexuality to not only market their innuendo and push their tired old agenda but to attack perceived enemies... highly offensive and very homophobic. Simply because I, (oh so naively), took that stage in Turin to read my research paper, they have not ceased to contort anything they possibly can into their, “anyone who says Valentino was not gay is homophobic”, agenda and produce their hateful diatribes. 

They argue that I “want” Valentino to be straight and that this is my agenda. Do their actions not prove this is exactly what they do in forcing their fiction on Valentino? They perpetuated a hoax, a giant lie based on innuendo and worked feverishly to defend it when I came along. Donna Hill was a hero when she told me they “had nothing.” Because she would know.

Terhune was once interviewed by a reporter for the L.A.Times for an interview about this subject. The reporter called me after the interview to tell me that when he asked Terhune if he believed Valentino was gay, he dodged the question saying something to the order of his not being sure. I add the article never appeared because the reporter told me the paper feared a gay back lash. 

Saying someone is not gay is not homophobic and it is not done to follow some agenda. It is the result of research and making a knowledgeable assessment based on that research which included a great deal of new, first hand testimonies. Terhune and Bret forcing Valentino's history to be altered in such a manner based on “nothing” is following an agenda.

I came to Turin against my will somewhat. I could not afford the trip but Michael Morris was adamant and he funded my journey and my appearance on that day. But as Renato has pointed out, because of Terhune and Bret my work came to a halt that day as they launched their ready and familiar agenda.

Granted if you agree to say... maybe Valentino was bisexual... you could so pander and avoid their wrath and punishment. I feel this is what author Emily Leider did with her issuing of their surmise saying that “bisexuality is always an option”. Well so is murder for that matter. But including that....guaranteed for her... their undying support. That is running an agenda.

I did not, do not and never will care if someone was gay or not gay. If something credible as proof is discovered.... then that would be amazing historically. This said, in Affairs Valentino I devote but a few pages to the subject and based on my research I found Valentino's heterosexuality to be obvious and unambiguous.

He contracted syphilis at fifteen from having intercourse with the ladies of the night in Taranto, spent his brief life making love and being in love with women and was married a few times... his love life and obsession with and adoration of women was not something closeted and is extremely well documented. Perhaps if I found evidence he was gay, his marriages shams and arranged, etc. as Terhune and Bret espouse as fact... my life would be a lot easier right now. I could have lied, thrown in a fast, “bisexuality is always an option”.. but I did not. 

When I began looking into this subject, I was outraged. Not outraged at someone being gay or straight but outraged that someone's truth can be so contorted based on “nothing”. And then to learn this "nothing" is enforced by two men running amok with their agenda of unparalleled ruthlessness. Does not Terhune running that sick blog under my book's title stand as living proof of his agenda in this? I think so.

Tracy Terhune and David Bret have had their day in bashing people for daring to say the obvious and have had their day running their misogynistic hate rhetoric. I call them out. Thank you Donna Hill for contributing to the truth about Rudolph Valentino in this regard and for exposing a deplorable situation which needed, and still needs to be exposed.

As of the date of this blog post and based on all existing credible evidence...I found that Valentino was not gay and I am not homophobic for saying that. And Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Spurr Bret need to shut the hell up and accept and respect this man's truth.