Sunday, December 13, 2020

This Is Documented and Not a Fabrication

If I could construct a mile high bill board big enough for the world to see, I would post some of Tracy Terhune's vicious, terrifying eight years of blog posts about us and accompany that with David Bret's death-laden, sick sexual images about me which he has churned out non-stop with Terhune's support for over ten years... and my purpose in doing so? 

Well it would be to ensure every last person in the world knows that these two men are exactly what they accuse us of being... liars, bullies and snarky under-handed, conniving sadists. (no exaggeration according to ten years of screenshots) 

I would ensure the world knows how they chuckle while counting down to the day of our deaths with their “tick tock, tick tocks"... while they conspire and plot to remove our books from sale and convince trusting people to hate us; and all while convincing people they are sharing their Valentino expertise and telling the truth. Well here is a news flash for my mythical billboard...They are not experts and do not tell the truth. (according to ten years of screenshots).

I guess I would have to regularly change that billboard image, perhaps it would have to be a slideshow of images on a very long loop... because Terhune and Bret have posted ten solid years of lavishly illustrated and vile abuse about my husband Renato and I.

So why the billboard? Why do people not know this is going on?

Because Terhune and Bret hide their hands in their dirty deeds. Renato refers to Tracy Terhune as...”Throw the stone and hide the hand”... so consequently those followers on his forum, We Never Forget...believe Tracy Terhune is telling them the truth. In regards to us and our work and many, many things about the life of Rudolph Valentino... he's not.

How can he act the expert when he denies and suppresses our exciting and new Valentino documentation? And how could any of his followers know he is telling the truth at all about us or the life of Valentino...when he deletes any mention of our work on his forum and selectively metes out self-serving snippets from his ton of Valentino artifacts? Why does he not share it all? I allege because a great deal of it is contrary to his and Bret's tired, old agenda. Do his followers not realize that he most probably does this to gain and retain favor with the Alberto Valentino family and is just a loyal servant to their false narrative which we have so changed. To mention just a few changes we have made to that heavily-guarded false narrative:

We discovered Valentino did not arrive in the U.S. poor and fact...he was welcomed by two wealthy benefactors. This has been documented and is not a fabrication.

Our research confirmed Valentino's heterosexuality and this has been documented and is not fabrication.

We proved that Valentino hired a trusted business manager in George Ullman who was exonerated on all charges and was an honest man of high integrity. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

That Frank Mennillo, the stalwart godfather... was an honest man, highly respected. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

That Andre Daven was not Valentino's lover, but fact...he was a con artist who ripped him off for tens of thousands of dollars. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

And here are a couple more factoids for that billboard which I feel relevant:

Evelyn Zumaya is an honest woman. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

Renato Floris is an honest man. And that has been documented and is not fabrication.

Sometimes I feel pity for people as Terhune and Bret as they  must be miserable to behave like that and terribly insecure. But those are fleeting moments and most of the time I feel no sympathy for them in this at all and this because of the pain they continue to inflict on us every day.

Thank you for reading this friend.

Stay safe.

UPDATE: I believe Tracy Terhune is wrong in identifying the woman in the image he posted as Maria. To me this is Ada, Valentino's sister-in-law. Same woman. And I add that despite my carefully citing to the actual court records about the Mennillo, Ullman and Maria note issue... Terhune and Constable continue to contort the truth into their false narrative. Their allegations were not true when they cited it all a few months ago and those allegations are not fact and are still false. I say Ada and not Maria.