Wednesday, December 30, 2020

On the Subject of Mind Control

It is always really angering to learn that our research is being discussed on Terhune and Hill's forum, We Never Forget and Constable and Gribbin's, Madness About the Boy... with their members too often having no clue that these subjects were the result of my research. So they consequently turn to the administrators as experts and these administrators/cult leaders of course do not mention the source of that work and of course do not mention my name because I and Renato are banned from any discussion of our work on those Terhune/Hill forums so we can not speak up to say, “Oh, yes... that was my revelation, etc.”

I have now recorded my reading of the entire Affairs Valentino and I would suggest that things can be fact-checked to our work. There is also an index in the back of the book. I once heard from someone who excitedly told me every detail of how there was a rumor that Jean Valentino was Rudy's love child. When they were finished with their breaking news... I told her yes I knew because some ten years ago I first reported that and as a result of my research. It was surreal.

It is an angering situation because those two forums are in my opinion being run by a book-burning, out-of-control cult. I do not use that word lightly. I studied the subject of cult behavior so I could fine tune my thoughts about this all. It was enlightening. In my opinion, those two Facebook groups are the Valentino cult as defined as:

Cult recruiters, cult leaders who censor, cult leaders who are the holders of the sacred relics, cult leaders who step forward from the mists to thrill their followers with a sighting of a relic or a rare word from the leader. Cult leaders who go to insane lengths to silence critics, cult leaders who deceive and lie to protect their seat on the is 100% by definition a cult. And their censorship on those two forums in my opinion constitutes mind control.

I hope our videos, especially the videos as audios we recorded with me reading Affairs Valentino ( will continue to be listened to as an antidote to the Valentino cultists who forbid even two minutes of conversation with me or about me. This, while they steal my work.

Meanwhile: Durga with Her Ten Divine Weapons