Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Regarding Those "Keepers of the Myth"

This three page document (see below) is housed in the archive of Valentino biographer, Irving Schulman. This document is his draft of an "Author's Note" which he included in his biography which was published in 1967. It is an intriguing piece to me, not just because of its personal nature but as it hints at some much broader story which he does not quite tell. But boy I can sure read between the lines from my own experience.

In reference to his, “ keepers of the myth and their big fat mouths“, remark which I have outlined on page 2....I have to ask...

Has nothing changed? Is this situation without remedy in the Valentino World? I hope not. I really do.

This was written fifty-four years ago and I find it ever so thought provoking.