Saturday, December 5, 2020

In Witness Whereof

According to this precious document, (see below) the President of United Artists, Joe Schenck and Rudolph Valentino were not to be mistaken for being “partners”.... see line # 704. I wonder if this is a normal inclusion in a contract such as this and if not... then whose idea was it? Did Valentino include this to demonstrate to his wife Natacha Rambova how his power in the production of the United Artists' films was limited? Was this his acknowledgment he was but an employee? Or did Schenck include this to establish his role as sole authority?

I think I have made it well-known how I feel these documents merit all respect and attention. I will soon be archiving all 1000 pages online and hope they generate much discussion. These are the court records I discovered/recovered which vindicate George Ullman as filed with the California Court of Appeals in his case v. Alberto Valentino, et al. 

This past week I was made aware that more Valentino documents are being sold off into oblivion. I was contacted by the person who made the many purchases and as happy as they were, I felt certain sorrow as a researcher. A few more pieces of Valentino's history are essentially lost forever. This one stands tall however, as excerpted from Valentino's United Artists' contract,