Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Opinion or Not Opinion... That is Not the Question

I feel I can address Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret collectively in this post, as just yesterday Terhune provided another platform for Bret to post about us in complete violation of a standing court order not to do so. Terhune in this way endorses Bret and as the evidence I have collected over the too many years proves... Terhune has endorsed and supported Bret in his attacks on us for many years.

I get varying advice on how to deal with Tracy Terhune, David Bret and their minions. Some people say to ignore them and rise higher and others say I must respond every day with others reminding me to make sure and “use their names”. I concur on all suggestions and try to strike a balance. But there is one bit of advice I have received now and then which says to let them have “their opinion”. To that I say the following:

It is not an opinion to post all over the internet that I have a history of cocaine abuse with an arrest.

It is not an opinion for them to chuckle at my misery as I was accused of having an incestuous relationship with my father.

It is not an opinion when my father's corpse is described in sickening detail with sexual references.

It is not an opinion to call me a “madwoman” and post countdowns until our deaths.

It is opinion to call me homophobic, a forger, a fabricator, Hitlarian.

It is not an opinion to work actively to have our books removed from sale, running savage accounts of my death and the condition of my corpse. This is not opinion.

It is not opinion for me to be perpetually enticed into dying and/or killing myself.

And etc. etc. etc. x ten years and counting. 

Terhune and Bret's attacks on us present a situation which I must address. Their ten years of stating lies as fact about us, our work and their engaging in an open effort to impede our legal right to do business while harassing us to no end... has had its effect. Not a good one.

I can not excuse the ruination of our livelihood and our good names and allow this to go unaddressed and I will defend us as best I can. I also think there is a whole lot of fence-sitting on this issue being excused as “opinion”. How can anyone have an opinion about what these two do to us online and have been doing for a nightmarish ten years? Does someone really have an “opinion” that this is ok? And does any one really think what they do to us is their opinion? I sure don't.

And if anyone needs more evidence they can visit @ https://www.zumayawinslawsuit.com/