Saturday, February 24, 2024


Fifteen years ago tonight, I met Renato Floris on a frosty night in Turin. I have told our romantic story many times but think in recalling it now it has so much more meaning. From that moment we laid eyes on each other our fate was secured and so was the fate of one Rudolph Valentino. 

I think anyone who knew Renato and I personally knows our story was one of great romance and we loved each other passionately. We waited a lifetime to meet and did not waste a second of our precious time together. 

Together we traveled to France, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and the Netherlands and lived in the U.S. and Italy. We produced and published fourteen books together and were in a constant excitement over new research and discoveries. I could not begin to do justice to all we accomplished here but suffice to say we worked hard. 

I am grateful, ever grateful for that meeting in Turin long ago because magic happened. Not to be trite about it but say that as fact. 

Love to you my dear Renato on this sacred anniversary. As we celebrated the life of The Great Lover... we lived a great, great love. 

Sunday, February 18, 2024

More From Professor Aurelio Miccoli!

Professor Aurelio Miccoli continues with his published narrative and in this installment he shares the account of Rudolph Valentino, his sister Maria and his wife Natacha Rambova's Aunt Tessie's travels long the roads of southern Italy. 

Aurelio Miccoli promises "More to come!" in subsequent installments of this fascinating time in Valentino's life. I am looking forward and thank him for his dedication! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 11, 2024

A New Article by Aurelio Miccoli! fbclid=IwAR335WBfdGQJH1PK1MohrR3XDcp22Ya3aOrFX6iRPMnPlJUCH5H0Hxsi6ZI

Aurelio Miccoli has published a fine and authoritative article on Valentino's return to Castellaneta, profiling Renato Floris' annotated translation of My Private Diary into Italian. I am sure Rudolph Valentino would be pleased that his legacy is so beautifully presented in his mother tongue.

I am grateful to my friend and colleague for his continued research and writing on Valentino. I look forward to more from Professor Miccoli soon!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Moral Courage

There have been times when I wanted to take this blog offline. Those were painful times when I was under attack from the cultists who submitted malicious comments to me via this blog, all day and night trying to harass me into closing this site. Whenever I mentioned closing it, Renato would argue it should be online as our public defense and response to the obscene attacks we suffered over the many years.

The Valentino death cult's efforts to defame our work and us and saturate our online searches with lies continues with new twists. Now this blog has become a source for their plagiarism. They download our images and posts and share them on the blogs and forums where we are forbidden to join while taking full credit for our work.

Shamelessly impugning us while they pose as us to gain kudos for our work as theirs. The beat goes on. I will not take this blog down and Renato was right. It is a great body of work, not only about Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova but about our truth and our defense. 

Meanwhile the cultists appear to enjoy their days clicking through their various proxy servers to do their trolling and rifling. 

I have been posting my Valentino commentary on my Patreon account and will continue to do so.