Thursday, April 9, 2020

No More "Witty Death Wishes" For Me, Thank-you!

Seems odd and disturbing to read one more denial by Tracy Ryan Terhune in which he claims he does not wish me death or physical harm.

In a statement he made to David Bret via Facebook on July 9, 2010 at 9:26 a.m., which he submitted to the court in Burbank rendering it public record, he writes:

I want to go on record here and now, that I do not condone, endorse, or wish any bodily harm to either of them (one of these people being me!) whatsoever. I don't like any calls for violence, death.”

And most recently he posted a wish for my husband Renato Floris and my deaths, he writes:

The world doesn't need you. Nor will it miss you when you're gone, Tick Tock... tick Tock...

In attempt to damage control this he writes,

No one, least of all, myself is wishing you or Evelyn death!.”

Why in god's name would Tracy Terhune have to ever deny wanting me dead or physical harm done to me? Seems like that is a subject that should never be on his, “Valentino table” for discussion.

Yet... it is and has been.

In a previous post I shared a comment sent to us and I will be sharing one more today. Of course I will not be mentioning the names of those who send these comments...because we know what happens to people who challenge he who claims to be master of ceremonies at this mythical “Valentino table”... My husband and I stand as shining examples of the treatment one receives for not being in complete obedience. I would not want to force Tracy Ryan Terhune to not be wishing death and/or violence on someone else. I add that this comment below has not been altered and is preserved on two e-mails servers. 

...Precisely how many years separate this venomous shrew from Mr. Floris and Ms. Zumaya? He flatters himself mightily to suppose he has anything to crow about. And why in God’s name doesn’t he do the right thing and restore Valentino’s effects to Jean’s daughters? Is he not aware how grotesque it is that he and others like him boast of being awash in Valentino’s toiletries, windows, mirrors, Beltran Masses paintings, and private letters from Rambova, while Sylvia Huber shares that she owns a clothing brush and attended the premiere of the restored version of Beyond the Rocks? And what of that most gentlemanly of gentlemen Bill Self? If he was the multimillionaire Terhune says he was, what possible reason would he have to direct the sale of his Valentino collection upon his death to the highest bidder? Wasn’t he a lifelong dear friend of generations of the Valentino family? Why did he stiff them of their birthright?”

When the police asked Bret why he was constantly writing about my death on his multiple blogs he told them they were just “witty death wishes.” I think in both Bret and Terhune's case, they can cease talking about my death and Terhune can cease saying he does not want me dead... kind of the same thing at this point.