Friday, April 17, 2020

At Our Age

We have been abused and mocked for a very long time by Tracy Ryan Terhune and David Bret because I wrote Affairs Valentino and because I have not ceased to defend myself from their rude and gross assaults...and I could spend time here today itemizing the various themes of their abuse.. but I am not about to. Because today I want to take those two, “to the virtual woodshed” to give them the thrashing that is long, long overdue... and this for mocking our ages. I will not be silenced and will respond.

No form of online bullying is better or worse than any other but as of late their “tick-tock” sniggering gleefulness over our being in our 70's and that our time on earth is nearly up is particularly and wildly sadistic and this is what I will address.

I address them directly, as I know now they are reading this blog... this because David Bret submitted several screenshots of this blog to our attorney in an attempt to say I am bullying him..I say the following.

Death and age have little to do with each other. At least in my experience. In 1986 and 1987 I lost many dear friends to Aids and they were all in their 30's. Death, at least for those left behind is not something hilarious that should be seized upon by a couple of bullies to sadistically scare and terrorize a couple of seventy year old people. Who would do something like that? I will tell you who... Tracy Ryan Terhune and the person he now provides a platform for...David Bret.

David Bret has written about my death and our deaths for more than a decade (see the screenshot below as to how it affected my Google search). And he wonders why we live in hiding. That's a no-brainer. Now Tracy Ryan Terhune has to qualify he does not wish our deaths upon us when the day before he wrote, “No one would miss us”, along with the familiar... and ominous, tick tocking...

It is challenging enough to be our age, and even more so knowing we are in the most vulnerable portion of the world population right now... so who needs to have two snarky bullies/POSs posting about our deaths online? Exactly no one does that's who.

I think in the very least these two could own up to their behavior and not go around squealing how they are being victimized. No one believes that.. even them. Defending ourselves against their severe cyber bullying is exactly that. And how old are they anyway?

In his fast back tracking last week, Tracy Ryan Terhune said there was room enough at the Valentino table for everyone? .. positioning himself somehow as if he is in charge of any “Valentino” table other than that post crypt fest spaghetti throw down... And really...Why in God's name would we dine with two people who call us such names as “The Mad Woman of Turin and Slobbering Sam”, "Horrible Hilda and Mr. Mumbles”....etc.

An Update: I received the following comment after my post went online and feel it insightful to include.

"I continue to be appalled at what an abomination it is that 62 year old Terhune mocks the age of people scarcely 10 years older than he is. Septuagenarians are the lifeblood of the Valentino sphere. Alberto's granddaughters are deep into their 70's. Eleanor Gribbin, another 70 plus individual, single handedly keeps Terhune's forum on life support by copying and pasting her posts from her own forum dozens of times a day. Would Terhune dare jeer at these people for being in their 70's and looking it? And what does he think being 62 buys him in terms of bragging rights?"

My father had a little wooden plaque on his dresser which read, “Do not regret growing old for so many are denied the privilege.” It is a privilege. And one we are content to enjoy despite all the worst efforts of those who do not want you to read any of our books!